Pennsylvanians Need to Instruct Their State Lawmakers To Permit Democracy in Pennslyvania!.  

Robert Patrick "Bob" Casey, Jr. was born April 13, 1960. Right now, he serves as the senior U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. He was elected in 2007 as a Democrat, having solidly defeated Rick Santorum in the General Election. But some very dark shadows loom over his legitimacy. The Press in Pennsylvania is so kind to the Democratic Senator, however, that many people may not even know Casey has some dark shadows. Casey is a local hero.  

In mid May 2011, for example, Students for Life and the Cardinal Newman Society sent a letter to the president of Villanova University, Father Peter Donohue. Casey was scheduled to receive honors at Villanova's Commencement. The letter urged the Catholic university to rethink honoring Casey due to the his pro-choice voting record. Casey insists that he is pro-life but his record indicates that is a lie.  

In fact, there are a number of shadows about Senator Casey that are not very well known. Many Pennsylvanians for example, are unaware that besides Rick Santorum, Mr. Casey had another challenger in 2006. A Wilkes-Barre native from the Green Party named Carl Romanelli decided to run in the 2006 general election.

Are you sure Robert P. Casey is a good man?

He sure looks nice... but....

Robert Patrick "Bob" Casey, Jr. was born April 13, 1960. Right now, he serves as the Senior U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. He was elected in 2006 as a Democrat, and began serving in 2007. He solidly defeated Rick Santorum in the General Election, no ands or ifs about that. 

But, because he so aggressively worked to remove a green party candidate from the ballot using funding from the State of PA when he was the Treasurer, there are many who speculate his allegiance to Barack Obama has less to do with their bowling prowess than it does with Obama being able to offer a Presidential Pardon if the Senator finds himself in the "Bonusgate" Big House. 

Many do not know that Mr. Casey had another challenger from the Green Party named Carl Romanelli. The story of Casey’s poor treatment of Romanelli is available in another article on this site. Casey’s contumelious treatment of Romanelli is certainly cause for any freedom loving Pennsylvanian to throw Senator Robert P. Casey Jr. out of office at your first opportunity. To permanently stop the challenger from the Green Party, Casey threw Romanelli under the bus’s big wheels while the bus was still moving.

For Pennsylvanians, Robert P. Casey Jr., Is the "Unknown Senator."

We're all sorry about that!

Robert P. Casey Jr. is pictured in the beginning of this article because he is the antithesis of what is good for Americans and what is good for Pennsylvanians. Other than a few scattered photo ops over the last six years, Casey has been absent from local PA events. For example, he was a no-show at the Plymouth Twp. Annual Kielbasa Festival. I know because I was there.

Unlike his father, who was a fine statesman, and a great Governor, Mr. Casey Jr. has been against just about everything that would help regular Americans, and for our state, plain ole Pennsylvanians. The Senator did perform very well, however, as one of many water carriers for Barack Hussein Obama but few in PA can suggest he did anything more. Unfortunately, for the Citizens of Pennsylvania, Senator Casey had little time, and so he shall be remembered when he leaves office this fall as an unknown around Pennsylvania.  A very high ranking unknown for sure, Mr. Casey Jr. is the “unknown senator.”

How bad would it be if we let the bums stay in office to do more damage to America?

It is a silly question because all Americans who are awake know that the Congress has stopped taking direction from the people, and the President has stopped enforcing American laws. Congress and the president are responsible for the jobs situation because businesses do not want their earnings redistributed to people who choose not to work. And, so the economy is rotting, and the people are barely surviving while Congress and the President feast on caviar and bon-bons. It's time we sent them all looking for a job.

This little section of this article was orignally written for Congress and the president and not for you. But, if you are looking for an OK to throw out the whole Congress, this is where you want to be.

When I wrote this, it was for the 435 Representatives in the 111th House of Congress who were up for reelection in 2010 and it was also for 1/3 of the Senators who were also up for reelection. 

These were all part of a Congress, the 111th, which was the most corrupt Congress of all time. This Congress sold out America to please a socialist / progressive President.

Some of the folks in NEPA may remember in the Congressional campaign of 2010, Brian Kelly came up with an easy solution to the squabbles that Paul Kanjorski and Corey O'Brien were having over campaign financing.  The two were fighting about who was the better fundraiser, and which of these two long-term politicians was the most ethical in squeezing those dependent on them for a livelihood?   

The incumbent and the other challenger are shown below:

In the Primary for the 111th Congressional district, Brian Kelly won the lottery for the # 1 name on the ballot and the # 2 man was Corey O'Brien, a Lackawanna County Commissioner, who ran for Commissioner again in 2011, followed by Paul Kanjorski. Since Kelly took no contributions and spent just $4500 of his own money on his campaign, he felt that the field would be almost level if these two politicos decided that they should give the money back

Sing to Woodie Gurthrie's Famous Song!


A Big Hello to the Regular People Out There in Electorate Land!


Now This is your chance. And this is my chance

From Pennsylvania --- and to all its borders

From New York State to Ohio Western sightings

To West Virginia, and those New Jersey Highlands

This chance is so that you and I  can be free

This land was made for you and me - to be free


As I went sniffing the electorate highway

I found scoundrels, scum, slugs,  and no-way

Were they meant to bug the haigues out of you and me

Or were they sent so we could not be free


I foamed and ambled and I checked history

I couldn't believe traitors could be everywhere

I saw so clearly things that nobody wanted

In a land not made for you and me


But what had happened, I learned of people trolling

It was disgusting, but they got some answers

The result enchanting, but nobody was laughing

This land had forgotten you and me


And, that's about as far as most can see!


How about a break for you and me!




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This one is from my financial adviser.  Now this is really scary.  Eleanor

We all know how Senator Robert P. Casey is in lockstep with President Obama, so technically this could have been written about Casey. When you read Chuck Green’s piece below, simply substitute Casey for Obama and it should work.


Excellent read..........  Here's an opinion piece by Chuck Green who writes "Greener Pastures" for the Denver Post Aurora of the more liberal papers in the country. Additionally, Mr. Green is a life long Democrat...[as am I] so this is rather a stunning piece...

Obama is victim of Bush's failed promises

Greener Pastures Column

Barack Obama is setting a record-setting number of records during his first year in office.

  1. Largest budget ever.
  2. Largest deficit ever.
  3. Largest number of broken promises ever.
  4. Most self-serving speeches ever.
  5. Largest number of agenda-setting failures ever.
  6. Fastest dive in popularity ever.

Wow! Talk about change.

The case of the disrespectful Congress person.

In 2008, during the "infamous" Bush II Administration, some of you know I wrote a book called Taxation Without Representation: Can the US Avoid Another Boston Tea Party.   You can bet if sales were through the roof, I would have a claim that I started the Tea Party Movement. Instead, I merely herald it as a gift from many to us all.

In 2010, I released an up-to-date version of the same book, but so much has happened since 2008, the book is 50% larger and unfortunately, it is 50% more in price . The premise of the book is that our representatives have stopped representing us and thus, we are in many ways where we were in 1776.  Has anybody seen Ben Franklin lately? We need him back and then some.

There are some in Congress who are oblivious to the needs of US, and there are others who just have no time for US, because of the caring that they must do for themselves and their own good fortunes.  Is Barbara Boxer one of those? How about Diane Feinstein or Nancy Pelosi?