“Have all you like, somebody else is paying?”

Were you ever in a conversation with a friend with opposing political views, and he or she would not accept even the simplest premise for compromise if it went against their ideology? Sometimes it is tough even to enjoy a beer under those circumstances.

Why is it that despite all the logic in the world being on your point of view and the case you build, there are some people that would rather be way wrong than to accept it?

If they think orange is a conservative color, it is the only color they dislike. Do you know people like that? If you told them the rich pay enough taxes, they would come up with nine million stories about how the poor are poor because the rich are rich. Their solution always is to make the rich, unrich, and make the poor, unpoor.

have another conundrum going on in my personal life this year and I am having two-way conversations with myself about an important matter. I am taking the side of me, and the other me is taking the side of what I expect from my liberal progressive friends. Yes, I have many of them as ideology and likeability are not the same. But, don't worry about me.... I'll work it out. In the meantime consider the fine American brews at the Menger hotel across from the Alamo. Tell 'em Teddy sent ya!  

There Is No Free Lunch!

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The following is very interesting and can be summed up in one short sentence.

There are two classes of people in this country; Those who work for a living, and those who vote for a living!!!

This is a great derivative of the old saying: “There ain’t no free lunch.”

I have never heard this said as plain or as well.  Class warfare at its worst.

The folks who are getting the free stuff, don't like the folks who are paying for the free stuff, because the folks who are paying for the free stuff, can no longer afford to pay for both the free stuff and their own stuff.



The Road to the poor house is in sight, and there is no Bob Hope to block the way. 

Let's face it. during this recession, families all over the country have been forced to make tough budget cutting decisions just to make ends meet.  Yet, somehow, our elite friends in Congress can't do the same thing?  They know they are spending too much. Why don't they stop? Why don't they act fiscally responsible. It is because of one of two reasons:  1. They don't want to or  2. They do not know how.

In either case, it's irresponsible!  The American taxpayers deserve better fiscal management than what they get from Congress.  The American taxpayers donot represent a bottomless pit of money that Congress can appropriate any way that it wants! 

Third World Nation

Since the beginning of our big economic slide, a slide caused by liberal banking laws such as the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), people from even very small European countries look at us now as if we are a third world nation. That makes us the world's newest and the world's largest banana republic. We can thank Barack Hussein Obama for that trick as George Bush thought much more of America than to put her down.

We don't grow many bananas -- at least on the mainland, but we sure have forgotten how to be fiscally responsible.  It is shameful that we keep digging a bigger financial hole while our president apologizes at every opportunity for the mere fact that God permits Americans to live on the same planet with those of other nations. After the President's Apology Tour that he undertook shortly after inauguration day, he did all he could to show that he is a world citizen and not an American, and therefore non-Americans can trust him. They apologies for Americans was the gravy of his message.

Debt / Deficit -- Payable to Communist China

Hello Pennsylvania Residents

Along with many other conservatives on the Democratic and Republican parties, I am very concerned about the impact of the debt on the future viability of the United States. We placed a Congress and a Senate in charge of appropriations over the years and neither side of Congress have been good caretakers.  Moreover, neither party has done its job, though the most egregious violations were during Obama and the 111th COngress. Their job would get failing grades in my classroom.  This current 112th Congress is a bit better but it is afraid of its own shadow. The 111th was the worst ever. Their public opinion ratings show that the public knows how inept they were. Many are no longer with the OCngress because of their poor showing. 

Our own Senator, RObert P. Casey, Jr., a good man perhaps in other ways, has yet to meet one of these huge spending bills, laden with earmarks and pork and paybacks and bribes and corruption, that he has not liked.  When the wallet is empty, it is empty... unless, of course your Baptismal name is G-O-V-E-R-N-M-E-N-T. 

When your personal wallet is empty and you've emptied the wallets of your neighbors besides, you have an addiction and need help. Let us help the spending addicts in Congress by keeping them home this time out. Let's start with our own six year senator, Robert P. Casey, Jr.