If Casey Is pro-life, why does he vote the other way?

Senator Robert P. Casey Jr. claims to be pro-life; but is he pro-life? If he is pro-life then one would expect the major pro-life organizations to be supporting him. But, they are not. Instead, they are gunning for him? For all of the good Casey does for Obama, why do you suppose that Miguel H. Diaz, and not Pat Casey, the Senator’s brother, was appointed as Ambassador to the Holy See?  Some pro-life organizations several years go saw Pat Casey as a shoe-in for the position and yet it did not happen.

Around the same time as the flurry about Pat Casey was happening, and Scranton’s Bob Jr. was ready to sell out his Catholic stock, an unknown Bishop with an Italian surname exactly the same as a new Congressman from Scranton PA was complaining to the newspapers, to the TV, and surely to the papacy that Senator Casey and Vice President Biden, who loves saying he is from Scranton, PA were not acting like Catholics.

Bob Casey Jr  and the Romanelli Election Scandal of 2006

The Democratic Party leaders knew they had the right name and they were intent on ensuring that the new real Robert Casey would win his 2006 bid for the U.S. Senate. The history of lawsuits filed since then suggests that to assure Casey’s election, they committed a few illegal acts. For many, this is hard to believe but for the rest of us, we continue to ask, who else is going to jail!

In their zeal to elect their man, Bob Casey Jr. from this man’s vantage point, they subverted the most intrinsic right of an American – the right to vote. But, they had it all going for them so why not assure a good guy’s election?  After all, the power structure at the time was in their favor.  Remember, corruption spawns more corruption when opponents are weak.

You see, it is well documented that the power brokers illegally utilized staff members to challenge the nominating petitions of Carl Romanelli of Wilkes-Barre. Some have gone to jail in the famous Bonusgate investigations, but President Nixon, whoops, Bob Casey Jr. has remained unknown and anonymous and quite slippery regarding any blame coming his way.

He is the unknown senator, and his stealth behavior may keep him from getting thrown in the slammer but it should not give him an intrinsic right to gain reelection to the US Senate – just because he thinks we are stupid! Check this out this link for more information.

The Casey / Obama Record

Casey Jr. purports to represent Pennsylvania while his report card says something else. The man is so deep into Obama’s camp that even if he loses his Senate race, and I hope to help him in that regard, he may be seen for years after his loss, still hanging onto Obama’s coattails looking for more orders.

One thing for sure, from my examination of the Senator’s record, future generations will not find his name in the archives of senators who have significantly helped Pennsylvanians.

Those, who know the Senator’s record, have a lot to say about him and those who pay attention are not very pleased with that record. Here is an Internet quote from a blogger that sums up much of the sentiment:

“… just look at his voting record since he got to Washington. He [SIC] name may as well be Obama.”

Obama and Casey are a team in Washington, for sure. Analysts find him in lockstep with the Obama agenda even when Obama is voting against the pro-life agenda. So, why does Bob Casey say he is pro-life when he is not? Is he a hypocrite? You will have to make that call.

As the bullets cometh:

The introduction to this very boring listing of platform point after platform point has some elements of excitement which you may enjoy. I would advise you to make the trip. Click Here to Take the Run!

For those that choose to stay right here, thinking these are the cliff-notes version, they may not make as much sense as if you had waddled through the intro first. But, in America, it is your choice. Thank God!

The Major Platform Categories

As the categories are listed in alphabetic order. The items within the categories are arranged in no significant sequence. 

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A. Abortion


  1. A child has a God-given right to life from fertilization to natural death.
  2. All unborn children are persons, not masses of flesh.
  3. Abortion is "prohibited" in Declaration of Independence- prohibit abortion.
  4. Embryonic stem cell research experiments with human life.
  5. Need a Constitutional amendment defining life from conception. 
  6. Abortion is unjust and immoral. 
  7. Mothers have no right to take a fetus’ life. 
  8. Only exception is to preserve life of mother.
  9. I am pro-Mom and pro-Baby.


B. Budget & Economy

The unknown senator with the Casey family name

The late Robert Casey Sr. is recognized by most Pennsylvanians and many Americans as a good man and a very good past governor of Pennsylvania. Robert Casey Jr. in his own right is also very well known but not as well known as his father. He too may very well be a good man. Unfortunately, for Pennsylvanians, Casey Jr. is not a good Senator. If he were representing the interests of California or Nevada, Casey Jr. might be OK, but he has not been good for Pennsylvania.

Nobody would suggest that Robert P. Casey Jr. is good for nothing because he is a very good Senator for Barack Obama. When Casey takes the time on occasion to emerge from Obama’s pocket, he represents Obama and the interests of left wing progressives in the Democratic Party very well. Unfortunately, he does not do the same for the working class people of Pennsylvania.

Platform Bullets -- Influenced by Alan Keyes  

"It's time for Sen. Bob Casey to let us know whether he has come to his senses and taken the side of hardworking Pennsylvanians or if he will continue to blindly follow President Obama's failed agenda,"

Read more about Casey and Obama:

The bottom line as I see it is: “If you like Barack Obama and his progressive policies, you are ‘gonna’ love Bob Casey.” 

As I was evaluating the items to include in the platform for my run for the US Senate, I was able to use the existing detailed work of conservative Alan Keyes to help quantify all of the many issues faced by the American people.  By the way, Alan Keyes is a phenomenon, who ran against Barack Obama for Senator from Illinois. Keyes knew something about Obama then that we Democrats are only now discovering.