Hello Fellow Pennsylvanians

Thank you for being here.

I am exploring a run for the Senate of the United States of America from the great State of Pennsylvania. 

This site is continually being perfected so that it will be more meaningful to you as time passes.

I have built this site myself. I hope you like it.

One of the objectives in my campaign is to prove that a regular citizen can run for Congress or the Senate without going broke.  When I ran for Congress in 2010, I spent $4500 of my own money and each penny helped more and more people know what I stand for and how together we can take back America for the people. I hope to do the same when I make my decision to run for the Senate.

So that nobody has a claim on me, just like when I took no money from anybody in the congressional election in 2010, should I choose to run for Senate, I will limit the amount of giving to $100.00 per person.  $4500 was enough to get my message out in in District 11 of PA in which I gained 17% of the vote in the Primary. However, no amount of my own money will be enough for me to finance a statewide campaign and quite frankly, even if I knew what the amount were, I know I could not afford it.    

Nothing is ever as good as we would like it to be but I promise to keep making this site better until it is time to announce and then again until the elections.  I hope this site has the right mix of humor (hopefully it will make you smile) and information. I also hope that it helps you gain a perspective of me as your potential representative as I try  to reflect the values and opinions that I will bring to the Senate if I am fortunate enough that you and many more favor me with your vote.

The best!

Brian W. Kelly