Includes links to two presentations featuring Dan Flood and W.C. Fields


Link 1: Dan Flood and W.C. Fields agree on Kelly

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Back in 2010, when Brian Kelly ran for Congress he had a few links here that had some pretty famous guys pumping his campaign for Congress. This is not Kelly's Congressional campaign site for, as you know, Brian is considering running for the Senate for all Pennsylvanians. These humorous links are back for those who might remember these two codgers. One had a special love for Philadelphia, and the other for Wilkes-Barre PA. Here is the rest of the article as it existed on the Congress site. Enjoy


Some of you have come here because you heard that the inimitable Congressman of years back, Daniel J. Flood was back in town.  Let me say this about that.  He was and perhaps may still be. But since you need to know, both he and I are back and we are monitoring how well our boy, Kelly, does in this race.

I had never met Dan Flood until the day Kelly asked me to say what I thought about him in a recorded message.   What Kelly did not say was that his eminence was going to join me.  I had an awful lot to say, especially about things dear to my heart like the virtues (and lack thereof of things like temperance).

Out of nowhere, as you will see or hear if you choose to listen to this diatribe, this Flood guy interrupts me continually.  But, I was able to get a few words in though I never knew the meaning of the term edgewise until I tried to speak while he was sandwiching me in on all sides. Now, that's edgewise...

Kelly wanted me to say that today we were able to obtain through processes known only to a few special people what appears to be myself as well as your eminently ostentatious Congressman for all of Pennsylvania. And both of us have specific messages for the people of Pennsylvania. 

Both of us gave Brian Kelly our full support as you will see when he ran for Congress and we give it again in a US Senate run.  

Click here to get my melodious accolades for what could have been your future Congressman, Brian Kelly and please forgive Congressman Flood for butting in as perhaps he is getting old.  Ah! Yes!

Your friend in fun,

W. C. Fields

BTW, this is twice as long as the Congressman's download so be patient after you click.

Now, where dear Abigail, are the kumquats, Yaaaaaaass! 

Link 2: Dan Flood Endorses Brian Kelly for Congress

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a fine day in Northeastern Pennsylvania indeed. Today we were able to obtain through processes known only to a few special people what appears to be a bonafide endorsement of Brian Kelly for Congress by none other than the former Maestro of Wyoming Valley himself, Congressman Daniel J. Flood.

Click here to hear the Congressman from the past offer some comments about himself and a person --- yes I did say hear.... Well, let's let the Congressman tell you himself... sorta

This also has a bit of a long download time so please be patient.