How bad would it be if we let the bums stay in office to do more damage to America?

It is a silly question because all Americans who are awake know that the Congress has stopped taking direction from the people, and the President has stopped enforcing American laws. Congress and the president are responsible for the jobs situation because businesses do not want their earnings redistributed to people who choose not to work. And, so the economy is rotting, and the people are barely surviving while Congress and the President feast on caviar and bon-bons. It's time we sent them all looking for a job.

This little section of this article was orignally written for Congress and the president and not for you. But, if you are looking for an OK to throw out the whole Congress, this is where you want to be.

When I wrote this, it was for the 435 Representatives in the 111th House of Congress who were up for reelection in 2010 and it was also for 1/3 of the Senators who were also up for reelection. 

These were all part of a Congress, the 111th, which was the most corrupt Congress of all time. This Congress sold out America to please a socialist / progressive President.

I have updated this article to fit the times.

The global recommendation for 2012 is to throw all the bums out.

That means that in every district and every state in America, unless we see real progressin government, we cannot permit our own legislator to go back to Washington.  Do not think that your representative is the exception because he or she brings the pork back to town.  The pork you get back may not be worth the price of the pig you send back to Congress. The actions in the 111th Congress were nothing short of treacherous for this country and no matter how much pork anybody gets, if there is no America left in which to enjoy the pork, what good will it be!

The global recommendation is to throw all the bums out.

Intrinsically, that may sound unfair.  So, I vote that we make Ron Paul our next President, and we convince Alan Keyes to be the Vice president. Allan West would also be OK. Others that I can't help liking are Donald Trump and Michelle Bachman. Trump is no "bullshit," and Bachman is a fine lady, very smart, who lives her conservative message every day.

As a Democrat, I am disappointed that there are no Democrats who are popping up to agree with "we the people" that things in this country are really messed up. For their own reasons, all Democrats continue to pay homage to Barack Hussein Obama as if nothing is wrong. Worse than that, their party allegiance prohibits them from telling the truth.  They lie to you and they lie to me to protect the power of the progressive party. When not one good Democrat rises up to say, "enough," what can that mean? I think it means that either all Democrats have sold out or the Democratic talent pool must be irreparably damaged, and group think has become the order of the day.

I regret that I trust not a one of my fellow Democrats who pretend the dismantling of America by a subversive president is OK. All of the Democrats that I see, all look to me like caricatures of pre-scandal Anthony Weiner, who for years was the biggest whiner and the biggest supporter of the anti-American progressive agenda. If you are a Democrat and, like me, you just don't feel right about all this, it is because Democrats in Congress and the president for the last six years at least, have been behaving as if America is a bad country and it needs a come-uppance. Like Anthony Weiner, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, abd Bob Casey are not giving our party a good name with God-fearing Americans.   

To know for sure whether a Democratic lawmaker is for the people or the party, perhaps you might consider using my simple litmus test. Anybody who pays tribute to Barack Hussein Obama as the Messiah in Chief, I am against. Sorry! You can stay a Democrat for sure but we all must help change the party to serve America. None of us should vote for anybody, Democrat or Republican who suffers from chronic liars disease. It spreads wherever two or more people meet in Obama's name. It is almost exclusively a disease of Democrats but occasionally, a progressive Republican shows up to prove that it is not only the Democrats who are self-serving and corrupt.

Your vote gives you the upper hand. 

The 112th Congress deserves a shot but throw them out if they get too cozy being representatives and senators. Washington has a lot of power diseases and most of the diseases are anti-people. You may contend that some legislators, though very few, were really representing Americans in the two years of the 111th Congress. But, many Americans put up sound arguments that these actors were on the stage for us at election time but in Congress they were for themselves and their special interests. 

If you want more than the simple litmus test, we do have a great test on this site that you can give your representative. See if they are willing to take the test.  It is called the 76 Regrets. The test is in good shape but it is continually being refined. It gives all candidates a chance to express 76-regrets so that you can still choose to reelect them. If they don't have 76-regrets, then they should just have one option. All the bums with nno regrets should be thrown out with no regrets.

The Congress (House and Senate) on both sides, Democrat and Republican enjoy a very, very low approval rating.  Your Congressman from wherever you live, contributes to that low approval rating.  So, the sentiment in the country is to not send them back.   It would make America a better country for sure if none of us sent these rascals back to Washington.  Few would argue with that. 
In Pennsylvania, I hope my fellow Democrats have had enough of incumbency and the pain it lays on Americans. We in Pennsylvania chose not to send back to Congress a ton of long-term members in 2010, and if the new guys are not on our team, let's show them the same boot.

Some with kinder hearts than mine suggest that our bad legislators just need to be aired out a little like a piece of stinky laundry. Take your favorite legislator out and put him/her on the clothesline for a few years and air him/her out. If they can get rid of the Washington stink, and they take the 76-regrets pldge, then maybe, a few terms from now, invite him/her back. Make them know why they were on the bench. 
Robert P. Casey, Jr. talks a good game but then again, the general public must be aware that Speech 101 and Power of Persuasion 102 are the only courses required for aspiring politicians.  Politics is the only curriculum in which students can get BS degrees with just these six credits.  Some suggest they actually had the degree before they took the courses. BS is simply BS. The next most popular elective in a Politics curricula is Chicanery 103.  Speech 101 and Power of Persuasion 102, of course  are prerequisites.
The problem that most people, who want all of Congress dumped, discover in self analysis, is that they cannot find the moxie to dump their own representative. Senators are easy to dump because they don;t live close by but representatives are tough to dump. If they are corrupt, have been in COngress too long, or if they are not serving the people, throw the bumns out. If you are not sure, please ask them to take the 76-Regrets pledge.  

In running for Congress in 2010, I found that the public often makes bad choices, especially when people choose not to research the candidates. In my town, I have found that a particular fifty-eight year old woman with a 63 year old husbands was afraid that if her husband came home with a gleam in his eye one evening in the future, they may find themselves with a newborn. She would be 58 or 59. The concern was not the health of the baby as they took that for granted but they were concerned that the baby might not be able to get a job if their benefactor, the thirteen term incumbent lost the election. For some, political connections are more important than anything else even the health of the country.

This particular lady told me to my face that she would otherwise support me but it would hurt her as the incumbent would not be pleased if she and her husband signed my nominating petition when I ran for COngress in 2010, but she did not rule out voting for me. It was an awakening for me. That's why it is difficult to unseat incumbents the longer they are in office. Many people with perceived or real dependencies on the political largesse vore with their stomachs not their hearts or their minds.  

The concern for many who depend on benefaction coming from elected officials is that they must vote for the incumbent. Otherwise, when it is time, who will get little Johnny a job. I would suggest that we all forget about that, preferably for all time, but at least for a few elections so that our country can be healed. . Overall, the job you get isn't worth the job you get to get the job. Just be honest and vote the bad guys out, especially if they hold a job over your head. More importantly, you may even get to heaven by being honest, and then when your newborn reaches his time, and goes to the lord, you will be there for eternity.

This is the reason why people across the land seem to want to dump all incumbents but their own.  They would like to dump yours and maybe keep theirs but that cannot be done.  The risk of keeping yours is that none of these scoundrels get dumped when we want all to be dumped.  The child of the 59-year old new mom, who has had the favor of patronage all her life, would have less psychological problems if they were able to succeed on their own.  Send your incumbent packing. 

The message is that it starts at home folks. For the State of Pennsylvania for example, it is our duty to dump Robert P. Casey, Jr. even if you are from Scranton. There are other candidates willing and able to take on his role in Washington. Whatever you do, -- do not send Robert P. Casey, Jr. back to Washington.  He has served Barack Hussein Obama well but he has not served Pennsylvania. The same goes for anybody who is currently in Congress, is running, and who has not pledged the 76-Regrets,

Voters in the whole state of Pennsylvania threw Arlan Specter out at first opportunity when they realized he was Benedict Arlan in the flesh. Benedict, who was literally flushed out, and our current Senior Senator from Pennsylvania, Robert P. Casey, Jr., Obama's hand picked water carrier, supported a full government takeover of health care that now permits tax dollars to fund abortions.”  "Pro-life Bob," the hypocrite chooses not to discuss that small point in his resume. Yet it is very important. Bob Casey served as traitor in cheif for the Pennsylvanians for Human Life. Ask him or ask his Bishop!

“What about jobs? Isn't that the problem with the economy?. Instead of focusing on jobs, the ignominiuous Robert P. Casey, Jr. helped then Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Harry Reid ram through their partisan health reform plan, a plan designed to bankrupt America. Senator Casey chose not to vote for the people of Pennsylvania. Instead, the Senator used his vote to help create bigger government, less freedon, less liberty and more government control. That's it in a nutshell.

Senator Casey has held so many government positions in PA, partly because he is named after a great man, and partly because the pwople had not gotten to know him. The more positions that are created in government at any level, the more opportunity there is for well-connected people such as Senator Casey to find his next job. Thankfully, he will be looking for that next job very soon. Democrats and all the other people of Pennsylvania have had enough of the lies, the broken promises, the dead babies, and no jobs, When you join me to throw him and the rest of the bums out of Congress, we will be on our way to a brighter Pennsylvania and a brighter America in which God has a place and in which babies can grow up. 


The global recommendation is to throw all the bums out.

As hard as it is to beleive from the condition of the country, there are some in Congress who actually have been on our side.  That is true. Unfortunately, most of them are not Democrats as the far left shift from progressive to liberal keeps this ideology from being helpful in solving the people's problems. Though I am not a Republican and I do not worship corporations by any means, most of the conservatives who root for us and who do the right thing, are Republicans.  Somehow, few to none are Democrats. By the way, I would be honored to be your very own conservative Senator from Pennsylvania. Most Pennsylvanians, Democrats and Republicans alike are conservative in thinking. Most want to save America first and elect a Democrat second, if not further down the list.

Don't make a Republican defeat a lousy Democratic incumbent.  Democrats need to get rid of the Democratic scum long before the general election. Let me repeat. I would be honored to be your very own conservative Senator from Pennsylvania, and I will be a voice of regular people from everywhere in our great state. The elite will be muzzled and muted as we take back our state and our country.    

For me, I'd be happy if none of the old Democrats came back because overall the 111 Congress was the worst and the nay votes on Obamacare's repeal in the 112th Congress / Senate have come from self-serving socialist / progressives. Let's clean the party of such rabble and place in their stead, people who think like us-- real Democrats, who are for real people.

Let's get rid of those Democrats who want to take everything, of which your father and mother believed and take take everything for which they fought and gained, and then go ahead, and pretend that never happened. You know that there is no free lunch but your Democrativ leaders want to take whatever you earn and turn it over to those who choose not work at all. While doing that of course, this inept Congress will destroy America because Americans are not interested in working to help make people helpless.

You and I know there are some good people in Congress who could help lead us to get things back on the right track -- though there are not many for sure.  Ron Paul is one of them.  Remember only 34 Democrats voted against healthcare in the House and it is hard to tell whether Nancy Pelosi gave them cover for reelection or whether they really are against government control of healthcare.  Ron Paul's idea of freedom and liberty does not send you to the poorhouse while your slothful neighbors enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I am a Democrat from the old school. I promise to work to repeal Obamacare and replace it with something that is better, not as costly, and which does not infringe on our basic liberties and freedom. If you are not interested in working for a fair day's wage, then please do not vote for me. I will disappoint you.  

There was a lot of good news in the 2010 elections including a promise to repealing ObamaCare. Unfortunately Nancy pelosi was reelected but most of the corrupt Demcrats that voted for Obamacare were fired by the AMerican people. Pelosi's California district cares an awful lot about receiving the give-aways she promised but they don;t care much about America. Though elected, because the most corrupt politicians were not, she had to settle for Minority Leader status. That has been good so far but there are still too many progressive socialists in our Congress, and the Senate is loaded with them.   

To help the public understand which of the representatives in Congress and the Senate are OK to keep for another term, the developers of this site creatred the 76 Regrets pledge.  We call this the 76 Regrets for Freedom.  Copy it and send it to your Congressman or Senator.  Ask them to make the pledge for the citizens of the United States. 

If your Congressman or Senator gets a 76 out of 76, that means he or she has regretted all of the negative actions of the 111th Congress and the accompanying Senate (6 yr term).  If that is the case, then it is up to you to decide whether that is enough for you to vote them back into office or not. That still is up to you!  But, if he or she refuses to take the 76 regrets for freedom pledge, throw the bum out. 

We have brought you the 76 Regrets for Freedom pledge so that we know enough not to put scoundrels back in office.  The pledge is on this Web site so it should not be a problems for you as the whole site is searchable. Check it out.  Each of your lawmakers who take the pledge and make their results known to us, will be posted here. 

The best

Please look at other items on this site and make sure if you have an incumbent in your land, that they have pledged the 76 regrets for freedom!

God Bless America!