The Coming Tax Increases

George Bush is continually criticized for his tax cuts, yet the rich pay almost all the taxes in America. If the rich had not, for example, chosen to fund college loans and college scholarships at the federal and the state level for the last 50 years or more, yours truly and many others like me could not have paid their own way through college, and would be looking for a nice blue collar job someplace -- if the illegals did not have them all by then. In my case, I would probably still be delivering soda from the local soda company.

For their generosity to the country and for many other reasons, I am happy that the rich get to keep some of their money. Their tax rates are already higher than anybody elses, and their percentage is against a much larger number. So, they pay lots more taxes than me and most Americans. They pay huge wads to the government each year. I think the rich pay enough.

Who wants "the rIch," to pay more? More often than not, it is rich liberals, such as Obama and John Kerry, and others, who would fight to the death to keep their own tax shelters. For these people who constantly lament that the rich should pay more taxes, I say, let them pay more. I would welcome the elite progressives, who are rich, such as Kerry and Obama, to send a few extra bucks in to Uncle Sam each year if it makes them feel good. In fact, they can send a lot more if it makes them feel even better.

The question of the day for those wanting to whack the rich is, "If Obama takes all their money, who will he give it to?" Heck, nobody knows what he did with $900 Billion in 2009 Stimulus money? Don't you think we should know where that went?

Obama has two tunes on taxes. 1. "Whack the Rich," and 2. "The Bush Tax Cuts are Bad." There are no melodies and the songs cannot be hummed. He can solve number two easy by providing a set of Obama tax cuts just like JFK did when the economy in the early 1960's needed a lift. He can give the cuts a clever name such as "The Obama Tax Cuts."

The "Bush Tax Cuts" are huge targets for the Obama / Pelosi / Reid administration to get them off the books so the government will be all set to scob the rich.  Please note Pelosi is crossed out because thankfully the voters spoke loud and clear that she be stripped of her power in November 2010. It is nice to see that Democracy works.


We must ask ourselves what will happen if after four more Obama years, when, the rich pay every dime in taxes, will we then get the jobs that the administration has been promising since day one? Will the jobs come from the poor since the rich will then be poor, or will Obama dole out the jobs from his stash one by one?  Will any American bother working after that only to give it all up for the one who sees himself as the Gipper, Barack Hussein Obama? You tell me! Anybody like working for nothing?

VIllifying the rich and taking all their money has been a constant theme of the current administration though even the communists were not able to do that and keep the government functioning. On the way to seizing all of their possessions, including their homes, the communists would often kill the rich so there are few complaints. Maybe that appeals to some in America but not those who think it through.

Because of Obama, Americans are starting to like getting freebies but when you think about it most of the recipients right now are not Americans. Moreover, most Americans receiving freebies from Obama lost their jobs because of Obama. Eventually, will Obama be able to tax government benefits when there is no private industry so he can keep the government going. When private industry is gone, what will be left but the slippery hand of government with the politicians living in all the big houses. Americans may need some freebies today because of Obama but no American wants to pay all their income as taxes to the government -- no matter how rich or how poor they may be.

The last guy in modern times to say he was going to raise taxes during an election cycle was Walter Mondale, way back in 1976. He paid dearly for that "innocent comment."  Some may remember what Mondale said as he was trying to bring campaign honesty to the table. He said:

"Mr. Reagan will raise taxes, and so will I. He won't tell you. I just did."

Though this was to have been an innocuous comment showing that "Fritz" Mondale would be honest with voters, because it was a clear admission that taxes were going up, it was largely interpreted as a campaign pledge to raise taxes. This was very unappealing to many voters since most people in 1976 worked for a living. 

President Obama, ironically has said from before day one that the Bush Tax Cuts were toast if he got elected.  Somehow with all the rhetoric about who would pay for these, Obama got away with it so far, without taxpayer backlash. He lies so well that everybody thinks that it will be their neighbor paying these huge taxes. Yet, economists say that to begin paying back the debt if we cannot stimulate the economy through private sector growth then the middle class tax cuts need to be on the table for rescission. In other words, anybody who pays taxes today will pay lots more. Obama will decide who gets the money if that makes my liberal friends feel any better. 

Obama needs a lot of money to pay for the programs he has put forth as well as the bureaucrats that are now hired and on board and for those who are now coming on board. SOmebody had to be hired to help collect more taxes and to assure that everybody but those who are on the dole pay their taxes faithfully. Washington D. C. will be a sea of Obamanite newbie employees any day soon.

For Americans who are getting so much from Obama they can't stop the addiction, they may not see that Obama's attack on Bush's Tax cuts are disingenuous at best. They actually show that the President would rather stiff people who seem to be doing well in life rather than help solve the economic woes of the country. If everybody above the poverty line gets stiffed by the government, eventually won;t we all say, "why bother?" 

Ironically, Obama was against the "Bush Tax Cuts," before he was for them. He is a slick man. In December 2010 during the Lame Duck session when the President was trying to get the media to report that he was "the only adult in the room," he found it proitious to push the "Bush tax cuts and credits." He then took credit for them as if they were his idea all along. 

If there were a venue like "Ground Zero," or "Bush Tax City," in which he could have spiked the ball and taken a victory lap, Air Force One would have taken him there immediately. Mr. Humility clearly was the only one who deserved the credit for the Dems success in the Lame Duck Session, when he saved the Bush tax cuts. 

Since the President has a short attention span as do most narcissists, after a few months into 2011, he began again to murmer that the "Bush tax cuts for the rich," had to go in order to produce more revenue. For a little while in December and early 2011, The Slickness in Chief was touting how this achievement of his would help create American jobs. FOr that brief time, he was right, but his impatience grew. If corporate America could not create a ton of jobs in those two months, then maybe the cuts were not so good.

So, then when the March winds blew, his old new ideas were scattered away. A fresh new even newer Obama appeared with just a little wind-burn, ready to throw those "Bush tax cuts for the rich," into the garbage. He is a slick man.

Tax Cuts and Budget Resources -- JFK v Reagan v Obama
If the President were a student of Democratic History, he would know that the largest tax cuts were propagated by the Kennedy Administration. JFK went against prevailing thought and his wise actions helped bring the country in the early 1960's out of a recession. BOH is no JFK.  

Comparing the size of the JFK and the Reagan and the Bush tax cuts with their respective federal budgets shows that Kennedy's tax cuts were the biggest at 8.8 percent of the budget. In 1981, Reagan's cuts were 5.3 percent of the budget.  Bush had three tax cuts from 9/11 onward. Each of the Bush's cuts were smaller than Reagan's (3.8 percent, 2.5 percent, and the last one in 2003 was 1.8 percent). Adding up all the Bush cuts you get 8.1 percent. Yes, they are substantial larger in total than Reagan's tax cut, yet smaller than Kennedy's tax cut. 

So, it was a Democrat who really started the modern notion of bailing out the economy with tax policy, rather than spending like a drunken sailor. It is too bad the current President is not a good historian. From the way he trashes the Constitution, one would think he does not understand what it is all about.  Yet, he is supposedly a Constitutional Law Professor.  Maybe he was out the day they talked about the enumerated powers. He is a slick man. 

Each of the periods following these tax cuts resulted in years of prosperity. Despite historical evidence as to how to bring real jobs to the country, through deep tax cuts, Obama refused to get it. For his stubborness, and an ideology that forces him to give from X to Y, even when X is totally broke, America suffers and Obama becomes destined to be a short term, F-rated president. 

Instead of reducing taxes, as strategy which JFK proced would work quite well, BHO's solution is to increase our load and to spend his out way out of the recession. It is not working and it is threatening the solvency of the U.S.  Obamacare is another $trillion dollars of spending -- good money after bad.  It is a jobs killer.  Why are we not doing what JFK did now?  Is it possible that Obama is not as wise as JFK?

Obama Faux Tax Cuts

My wife is a very smart and very astute individual. Hey, she married me, Hah! She recognized the increase in her pay at the beginning of the year way back in 2009. What a great deal!.. More take home money!  Outrageously, the administration claimed that they really had cut taxes.  As one would expect, with the President saying he just put more money in people's pockets, when they actually got the money, they believed there had been a real tax cut. My wife thought her new pay amount was because she was paying less taxes.  And thus the lie. Obama lied.  He actually lies quite a bit, Get used to it! He is a slick man.

Instead of really reducing the income tax, as JFK had, Obama gave the impression he was going to reduce income taxes but it was chicanery at its best.  The Obama Administration is known for its lies and this happened to be one that eventually caught up with him.  Yet, his base apparently still loves him, and in some ways, they enjoyed the chicanery. But, that is another story.

The government bragged in 2009 that it had stimulated the private economy by increasing the amount of money in every worker's paycheck. What a euphemism!  There was no lie there. It was merely deceit.  Most Americans who bought the new pay increase as a gift from the government could not believe the government would actually try to trick them. The absolute dumbest Americans thought they had received something and even the smart ones, such as my wife, were convinced something good had happened. Obama knows how to hold the aces for sure.  Nobody except some "mean Republicans" thought he was lying.  Why would the government not deliver on a promise?

The government (Team Obama)  was not about to admit the big lie. What they failed to mention was that they did not change the total amount of taxes due, nor did they ever intend to do so.  They wanted to put some cash out and get credit for it in the polls but they never intended to give John Q. Public a real tax break.   The scam was simple.  They would simply not take out as much withholding from each pay. This means that all that money not withheld from paychecks added up to a big unpleasant surprise when the average citizen filed his or her returns for 2009 at the beginning of 2010. Do you recall? 

Obama had eaten up your tax refund. By giving you pennies a week that were not real, he stole your big refund check.  There was nothing left for a tax refund. Surprise!  Some businesses had corrected the Obama faux plan and had begun to grab more from the paychecks even earlier so the surprise was not so disheartening for some. For the workers, the payback was a big surprise. Expect more surprises from an administration that can have both sides of its mouth engaged in conversation at the same time, saying different things. Interestingly, both sides often get it wrong. Will we eventually prove that the wrongness is Intentional? I don't think so. He is a slick man. 

What a ruse! In early 2010, many tax preparers reported seeing shocked taxpayers having to come up with big checks to the government when they normally expect a refund. Was this a stimulus or was it a fraud?  Should you expect more of the same?   Does the government really want to take over health care -- of course not!  They just want to make it better!  Hah!

Actually, this government and this president wants to take over something more important to you -- your life.  Controlling your healthcare will help them achieve that goal. And, so far, with Obamacare being rammed at you so you cannot not stop it, they are winning. But not for long.  They do make it sound good while they are slowly taking the bills out of your wallet. In early 2011, the House repealed Obamacare but that nasty Harry Reid still won't let the Senate vote on it, and the Press, the biased media, does not report on it as something bad. Yet, it is bad. Obama is a slick dude and the Media help him propgate his propaganda.

Obamacare is a big tax increase and it is healthcare redustribution. You see, if you arre working when it goes fully into effect, you give up your good healthcare, and it goes to somebody else. You get government leftovers. Those on Medicare give up about $500 billion to people who never paid a dime of the Medicare tax. ANd, of course because in America we must provide equal everything to everybody, even the freeloaders, illegal aliens will be receiving some of that Medicare money while Seniors are wondering why Medicare is becoming insolvent. And, somehow the Obama SPin machine has been able to blame the Republicans for that. And the people believe him... whew!  But, then again he is slick.

My father hated liars and so do I. This administration also claims that thousands of jobs have been created or saved by their massive spending bills.  Whose jobs?  The Obama propaganda machine reports that there were lots and lots of jobs saved but nobody seems to be able to find any of them them.  Maybe they are in Finland at the Al Gore Auto Plant.  Even the shovel ready jobs had no shovels.

The only jobs we know for sure were created are the 160,000 new government jobs, which include 16,000 to 17,000 additional very friendly IRS agents. These guys were hired because they think that the American people are going to resist the redistribution of wealth. Income redistribution or wealth distribution is a term the progressives do not like. It means that the government is giving your money to your deadbeat neighbor, who chooses not to work. Your neighbor therefore can get cash payments as well as healthcare just as good as you. 

if you don;t want to pay that for your freeloader neighbor, well, that's why Obama needs the extra IRS agents. IRS is going to assure you pay your taxes in these tough economic times. Hey if they did not get your taxes, your deadbeat neighbor might have to get a job.  

Remember before the reincarnation of Obamacare after it had died and before Nancy Pelosi got the super fiberglass pole-vault kit.  Obama was trying to claim the stimulus was a success. Somebody told him we would not be paying attention.  The unemployment statistics have yet to show any of the gains that the President claimed. But, remember, he lies.  Sorry, America, it is all a lie. In fact, there never was and so far it looks there never really will be an Obamajobs program. Yet, he is a slick man, and you won;t hear any of that from his lips.

Even after he won the Obamacare bill, about a year and a half ago, he was still talking about it and yet, there has been no official rhetoric on jobs and no special program or major tax cut, and so as happens when nobody is working on the jobs problem, the jobs are still disappearing.  It makes sense that there are no jobs because they come from business having more to spend on labor. Obamacare's trillion dollar price tag is sucking the opportunity that may have come naturally out of the economy as I speak.  Nobody invests when the government is plotting to take their investment money.  Obamacare is designed to eliminate jobs so don't be surprised that it has. And Obama wants to take all the money from the rich so why would they be interested in creating a job for me or for you.  

No Tax Increases???

President Obama and the all too complicit 111th Congress were tickled that the middle class voted them all into office in 2008. Yeah Team! They all lied to get into office and Americans payed a big price while these guys were lying up a storm. They still have not learned how to stop lying. Most of the big liars in the House have been replaced but there are lots of big shot liars left in the Senate. 

You may remember that Obama and Congress promised that the middle class was to be spared by any tax increases. Remember it would only be the rich ($250,000 and up) bearing the pain. But with more taxes to pay for healthcare, and $500 billion to 600 billion stolen directly from Medicare, as a price for Obamacare, can this lie be sustained? 

To put the Medicare thing in perspective.  One point five cents of your FICA goes into Medicare.  One point five cents per dollar comes from your employer so this gives a full 3 percent total of everyone's wages going in to pay for Medicare each paycheck. You thought only you would get that money and other seniors sho paid, when you reach 65. Obama changed that. He is not trying to remind you of that and he wants you to beleive the Republicans did it. They did not. Obama did. 

The $600 billion from Medicare used to fund deadbeat healthcare is not going into Medicare.  So, let's say that is 2%.  I am not sure what it is but $600 billion or even $500 billion is an awful lot to steal from medicare when Medicare is going broke. That means that perhaps just 1% is going into Medicare though you think you and your employer are paying 3%.  Sorry, they were lying to you like they do about a lot.

It is just a lie.  It is a government sponsored big lie.  You may still think you are paying for Medicare for your future life and the lives of others who work for a living and qualify for Medicare. Nope.  The money you now pay is being diverted for the Deadbeat Socialist health care program called Obamacare. Did you agree to that. That's a pretty big tax increase when the tax you pay is stolen and goes to somebody else.  

Don't get mad at me.  Your Congressman voted to take your Medicare and give it to those who are not even 65 years old. How is that fair?  And, when your Medicare is gone, these guys won't be putting anything in the fund to help you. Hey, they have never put in anything yet so why start now?

Everybody who knows something about insurance suggests that there will be a huge increase in healthcare insurance premiums as a result of Obamacare, because there must be.  We can say, hey what do they know.  Caterpillar and John Deere have begun to cut their insurance policy benefits to employees because they cannot afford Obamacare. But, don't worry, you can keep your insurance policy -- but only if it exists. Obama did not add those last words. He is a slick man. You can counto on your insurance policy not being thre but you can buy another for more money. SIs that a tax increase? Obama is a slick man. Even you don;t know, and it affects you big time. Yet, Obama thinks you will put him back in the WHite House if he simply blames Republicans. Will you?

This has nothing to do with insurance companies being as bad as they have been painted.  It's because of the Obamacare bill and it is because Obama wants you to hate insurance companies so they can get you to tell the government to get rid of those bad guys. If you do that, the government will be the sole provider of healthcare to you and that means that President Obama will be both your Chief Medical Officer and your death counselor.   So far, with or without a tax increase, I know that I do not like any of those options. 

Tax increases on the middle class are notoriously back.  They will call them fees or something else or they will bury the tax in the gas bill or the electric bill or the pacemaker that you may need in your next operation.  No matter what you want to call them, they are taxes.  Why won't they tell you?.  Because Walter Mondale lost an election for telling the truth, that's why! They figure you will believe them and so while you believe them, their lies are very effective. He is a very slick man. 

How about this as a neat euphemism of a name -- government induced premium increases.  Is that a tax? If you are paying $5000 before Obamacare and $10,000 after Obamacare because Joe down the street is now covered, is that a tax or a premium increase?  The bottom line is it is about to cost a lot more money for your to live.  Those who take from the public and give little back will be pleased because Obama's stash has just gotten a lot bigger thanks to funding from your wallet. For your money, they will not thank you as they would if it were charity, instead they will thank Obama because he gave them what they needed from his stash. 

Can it be that this notion exposes that the campaign promise was merely another instance of saying what the people wanted to hear. Why can we not believe what we hear from our government?  It is because they lie.  How can you tell when Obama and company are lying?  "Their lips are moving.!" Robert P. Casey, Jr.,  was reasonably quiet on the healthcare issues, and then he fully caved in despite calling himslef pro-life. Casey is in lockstep agreement with the liars in our government. Both he and Obama are slick men.

We are asked to just trust the politicians because somehow it will all work out. But, will it? Will they spend even the additional taxes they collect?  You bet! That's why the economy is in trouble.

The Chinese Foreclosure 

When you have to forfeit the home you bought and paid for and in which you now live, because you, through your government agreed to give the full bounty of America to those who were not paying for it, you put all of America up for grabs.  You did that by voting for Obama.  The 111th Congress did that by going along like nothing was wrong. 

The Chinese are the most likely to come collecting for your home and my home.  If the Chinese own the country, then how can you or I own anything?   So, when you and all of your children and my children lose your / my home, because the government, of which you and I are a complicit and consenting member, spent too much, will you forgive them? Will you forgive Obama? The government has given the Chinese the right to claim America through accumulated debt, You and I have little claim to personal solvency in a bankrupt country.  Your house and my house is already American collateral for the debt.   

When the US goes bankrupt--- we -- we all, become bankrupt as our currency has no value and our country becomes fully owned by others. There will be no face on the government to which the Chinese will ask for payment. They will take your property, since by your government's shortsighted actions, you have mortgaged it all to them.  And, that is no lie!

No amount of slickness will bring it back.

What do you think?