Cap & Trade -- The National Energy Tax

One of the worst pieces of legislation of all time, which had already passed the Pelosi House in the 111th Congress was hung up in the Senate and ultimately died before the Congress finished its business. It was known as "the CAP and TRADE bill."  The people called this the Obama Energy Tax bill.

It was passed by the Pelosi led House literally in the dark of night. Like many bills in 2009, It was unread by the masses in Congress, including Bob Casey Jr. who was noted to the Press that he was prepared to go along with his friends Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, rather than vote with Pennsylvanians.Despite the Coal and power industries in Pennsylvania, Casey was ready to turn off the lights.

It would have meant that the cost of your natural gas, electricity, gasoline and taxes would QUADRUPLE after the bill went into effect.  No American family from the middle class on down has another $3,000 to spend on energy on top of the recent 30% price increase for electric power?  This legislation was not good for Pennsylvania and it was not good for the country, but it was good for Robert P. Casey Jr.'s political ambitions 

Because it had major disincentives for coal, it may very well have meant the end of the COAL industry in NEPA. So, why would Robert P. Casey Jr. side with Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and Barack Hussein Obama over the citizens of Pennsylvania? I think we need to ask him.  But, don't expect a straight answer. I have a response he gave to a PA constituent at the end of this essay.

Global Warming

Does it seem warmer to you?  If it doesn't it is because the earth has been cooling for a number of years now.  Nobody knows the real perils of what has been called "global warming." because the government lies. Just in the last seven years as the earth began a cooling cycle, liberal progressive politically active scientists who had bet their homes on "warming" were forced to change the name of this phenomenon to "climate change."  If that seems a little hoaxy to you, it is because it is.

That is a big clue that this whole thing is a hoax. The name change means that any fluctuation of the weather proves their bogus theory.  Climate change? Don't we have climate change almost every day in Pennsylvania. So, because the climate is changing like it has every day since you were born, why should that mean something special? The progressive leadership in the Senate thinks we are dumb. If it snows, rains or if we have a drought or if a mosquito dies of malaria, or if a dragonfly bites off the leg of a tadpole and the frog emerges without a leg, someone is there to blame it on climate change, a.k.a. global warming. Their investments in this farce mean there can be no other meaning. Their fortunes are tied up in perpetuating a lie. If you tell the truth you beleive they make less money. 

Many groups, including leading scientists as well as NASA have said repeatedly that the "global warming" data is incorrect. The recent East Anglia scandal with shredded data bases purportedly to hide the facts proves the environmentalists are not being very truthful. Why not just tell the truth? 

On February 13, 2010, University of East Anglia global warming cultist Phil Jones (a.k.a. the man) conceded that there has been no statistically significant warming over the last 15 years.  Case closed. Hopefully Jones has an ample liquor supply to wash away that little embarrassment.

Al Gore warmed up quite a bit as this may be the end of his empire building. Al apparently has no 18-year old Joun Jameson Whiskey in his cabinet to wash away the stain of being wrong. Many know that the former VP went from being almost broke when he left the White House in 2000 to being a hundred millionaire in less than 10 years. Mr. Gore has his sights on being a billionaire soon and if it would only warm up again, he'd have a far better chance. But if he can convince you and I that if it rains one day and is clear the next, and that is a big problem, he wins without any real proof, and we all lose.

Gore makes money in many ways off the backs of the global warming community. They love him and his propaganda, and they literally throw money his way.  For example, he pockets $175,000 for a brief speaking engagement. He also pushes carbon credits because he bought some companies that get paid when people need them. GE got a number of millions of dollars from the feds because they were able to sell these silly things called carbon credits. It is no more legitimate than me cleaning my cat's litter box and selling it, claiming that cat excrement can save the world. 

The more people who buy Gore's bull, the more money he makes.  And, to do his best for the Jobs picture back in the USA, as a good American, Mr. Gore accepted a $529 million grant recently from good ole Barack and company. All Mr. Gore had to do was set up a company to make tiny environmentally friendly cars in Florida.

Maybe I don't  have that right.  Maybe it was not Florida. The US did give Mr. Gore's company a grant for $529 million. That's right and that is accurate. I know that the state began with an "F."  Oh, it was not Florida, it was Finland.  Whoops, Finland is not a state.  No, Finland is not a state at all.  It is a country in Europe.  I kid you not.  Al Gore got $529 billion of our money to help the economy of Finland. That really is an inconvenient truth and far more inconvenient than the lies packaged by so many to help Americans look like fools across the world.

For the record, I am 100% against the Energy Tax (also called Cap and trade). I am also against the Obama Czars creating the same energy issues via regulations. I am against all of this because it will not solve a problem because there is no problem. The identified problem is a trick by Al Gore. Who in your family has Al Gore convinced that all of a sudden an American can make the big leap from politician to scientist? OK< let's let Al rest for awhile.

Cap and Trade is a very regressive tax, which hits the poor the most and it is a huge tax  This tax will cost thousands a year for families and it will make it hard to stay warm in the winter. Why would Robert P. Casey Jr. want such a tax?

You may know that nobody suggests that China or India reduce their emissions. So, they don't and that's why there are no Chinese or Indian factories in the US. It would cost more to produce goods in our country with the Algore/Casey taxes and more companies would simply take more jobs offshore. That's right, while we are looking for ways to create jobs, Robert P. Casey Jr. is trying to figure ways to give India and China more of our economy. He would vote to ship more jobs overseas and he really wants to whack us with a big energy tax.  What is he thinking? I'd say, ask him!

China and India again benefit from US anti-business laws. By the way, Al Gore and Robert P. Caey Jr. an unlikely tag-team are both for the cap and trade bill. Perhaps Casey already has his millions. But, Al Gore, looking to be a billionaire in 10, stands to make a killing if the bill were ever passed by the Senate. Casey was prepared to give Gore the millions needed for him to become the first billionaire ex-VP, who only had a couple million when leaving office.  

Americans may not know that the Pelosi House in the 111th Congress had already passed the House and that cooler heads prevailed in the Senate, other than our own Robert P. Casey Jr. The cool heeads kept this poor legislation, passed by Nancy pelosi from becoming law in Harry Reid's Senate.

Casey, in lockstep with Obama on all important issues was disappointed that it had not become law. Casey is for cap and trade even though it would hurt Pennsylvania. He has had a sharpened pen available waiting for somebody to ask him to cosponsor anything that the President likes. He loves Barack Hussein Obama. Ask him! But, does he love Pennsylvania?

Who does Robert P. Casey Represent?

Without PA, his eminence could not be the Senator from PA.

Has he earned our vote a second time.? Shall we vote in a guy who works for the good of other states and who forgets about the big two? What about America and Pennsylvania?

If he would only say he was sorry that would be a start!

Who does Robert P. Casey Jr. really represent?