Why is the federal government dictating educational precepts and policy to states, the foundation of our republic, when the fed, the biggest bully in the world, can't get much of anything right?

Eliminating federal involvement in K–12 education is one of my top domestic priorities for education. The Constitution offers no provision for federal meddling in education.

Ron Paul says that, "It is hard to think of a function less suited to a centralized, bureaucratic approach than education. The very idea that a group of legislators and bureaucrats in D.C. can design a curriculum capable of meeting the needs of every American schoolchild is ludicrous."

As the federal government has exerted more control over education, what has happened? I don't need to tell you because you know. "The deteriorating performance of our schools as federal control over the classroom has grown shows the folly of giving Washington more power over American education."  Do you really want an American bureaucrat determining the education your child receives. When were the children of your favorite last politician, from state offices to the White Houses so pleased with the system they created that they insisted that their children realized the benefits?  Actually, that's Washington-speak for saying, "hey, they won't send their kids to those schools.  Doesn't that tell it all? So, why should we?

Ron Paul is my second favorite political hero after Alan Keyes. Paul has been thinking about solutions all his life. He suggests that a constitutionalist president looking for ways to improve the lives of children should demand that Congress cut the federal education bureaucracy. And, that's just a down payment on eventually returning 100 percent of the education dollar back to parents. In other words, Ron Paul says and I say, let's together eliminate the US Department of Education and send them all back for remedial training. Put parents back in charge of their children's education. Parents can do a much better job than Washington? 

Education is critical in a democracy. It is also critical in a dictatorship as the despot's wishes to control the thoughts of the population always begins with the young. So, watch indoctrination direct from Washington. I assure you I do not like songs such as 'mmm mmm mmmm' Barack Hussein Obama' being sung in grade schools as much as I do not like the idea that "Adolf Hitler is our savior, our hero" was sung by the Hitler Youth. Tell me why Obama is now in charge of College Loans as a result of healthcare legislation, and I will tell you a man who understands that the Hitler Youth were very malleable for Hitler, So, will the Obama youth be very malleable for Obama. Yes, I worry about these things. Tell me why I should not. Obama wants the Department of Education so he can influence the curriculum. There are many bads signs. 

There's the story of the old guy walking by and he sees something on the ground that intrigues him. He says, "Looks like it.!" He picks it up and says "Feels like it!"  He takes a whiff and he says, "Smells like it!'  Then he takes just a little taste, makes a bad face, puts it back on the ground and says, ""Tastes like it! --- boy am I glad I did not step in it.!   If it looks like it, it probably is it and Obama has been giving us a lot of that for two years and a half now, and none of it smells good. He knows how important our youth can be to his success. Note, I did not say, they success of America.    

Education, without indoctrination is the ONLY thing that breaks the cycle of poverty that traps kids into a life of low wages, followed by single parenthood. Lack of education likewise robs them of their future.  We spend more than any nation yet we lag far behind in terms of results. Students at every level from K to 12  are outperformed by students in other industrialized nations.  Why? Dummies are more easily controlled by government! Can that have any bearing on why our children are not being encoraged to beocme excellent students by the "state?"

What happened to our education system? Why does Obama want more control when federal control has failed the schools and our education system miserably.  Why are Obama's kids not going to public school if they are so good? 

Along with the dumbing down of our kids, look at the colleges and universities (yes, I am part of the problem there)  where semi-socialist grading has been on the front-burner for some time -- far too long. Professors who do not go along with the high grade giveaways, get poor student evaluations and therefore never get tenure. That, ladies and gentlemen means they are fired after six years so that the school can keep its accreditation.  Why is accreditation not based on results? Can it be that nobody really wants Amricans to succeed?

When we cut to the chase it says that professors who do not give lots and lots and lots of A's get fired.  Students have no real incentive to apply themselves when the fix is in.  Now, with Obama in charge of the funding for all of higher education (passed in the Obamacare Reconciliation by Robert P. Casey, Jr., et al) and the Department of Education undermining our youth, the future looks like a world in which Americans will not be able to compete.  Don't you want to ask yourself -- is this by plan?

In the school districts that support K to 12, have our tax dollars been channeled to the cronies, relatives, and supporters of corrupt politicians, rather than to education itself?  Why do we have substandard schools with high paid teachers?  Why is it that the high school dropout rate nationwide is at 33% and worse in big cities?  Why are employers reporting that the fresh high school graduates they hire, regardless of their grades are typically just fair to poor in basic writing, reading, and math skills? Why are good university professors like those of us at Marywood University in Dunmore PA wondering why many students who come to us, who are otherwise intelligent, do not know how to think critically or write real sentences?

We pay huge taxes and yet we taxpayers and our children are not served by the best of the best. Our school boards have accepted that equalizing politically correct notion that children should not compete because somebody has to lose. Teachers are pressured to give little Johnny an A, even though little Johnny still cannot read the room number on the classroom on the last day of class. The objective has become that everybody gets an A in every course. In this scenario good students are not challenged to try to get a real A. Worse than that, they do not learn as they should, and not even more than a generation later America suffers from not producing the best of the best as in days past. At what point do the replacement players for today's important Americans fail before they even get to try to do the job? Then, who tekes over America, a new group from the new continent SMART? 

The school boards do not want students to feel bad so for twelve years, they don't give them the basics needed to get a job.  This does not help Americans trying to better themselves. It has really been a disservice to our youth for some time now.  By the time these kids get to College, they continue to expect A's, and that is another problem.  Even small countries around the world now show greater achievement than Americans, and we think we can solve the problem with money!  Who should we give the cash to? Ah ha, the solution is give it to the voters.  

We spend enough money on Education that it should be perfect.  So what is wrong?  Perhaps teachers are selected based on who they know rather than what they know?  Can we even find out if the bottom of the barrel teachers can pass achievement tests that their students are asked to pass? If not, why not?  Can we even get rid of the bottom part of the barrel?  Surely if you are going to teach something, you first should understand the subject yourself.  If it could be solved with money it would already be solved. 

Having said that, I am surely for good education provided by competent teachers who believe in excellence. "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance." -- quote attributed to both Andy McIntyre and Derek Bok.

We are all responsible but there was little we could do in the past. This phenomenon seemed to sneak up on us.  Yet, we, all of us, have permitted the dumbing down of our children compared to the rest of the world.  This will bring our great country to her knees. I believe there is still time to stop it. Education should not be free of accountability.

While we profess that no child should be left behind, we must figure out how to put that notion into practice with some reality, and we should not have one political party knock another because their party will not gain if children succeed. Yes, that is why we are not as good as we can be! Politicians are the most corrupt people in life, and to put any of these rascallians in charge of edcation is a solution looking for a problem. We need accountability for our taxes for education are being spent to help our youth so that our children will not be left behind. But, they are left behind because they are not being taught to compete in the global economy.  We must hold our schools and our teachers accountable. The Federal Government is partisan after each election and thus, they are not equipped to handle any aspect of education. However, they are very good at indoctrination.

Parents are the key voice needed to assure the best education in our communities. Unfortunately, once parents vote in the local school board, the educators, and / or the local leaders, they think they have done their jobs because they "trust." There is no more time to trust.  Do not trust anybody in government. The parents often abdicate their responsibilities and let the PTA take a back seat to local politics. It's time to get involved in a big way.  Accountability needs to rule the day. The worst place to find a solution for education is several layers up in the federal bureaucracy. These people only care about their next job and neve face the people in the districts.

Most of us just entering our senior citizen years probably did not pay attention back in the 1980's, when our public schools were run and paid for by each state. Back then, local school districts controlled the curriculum, teachers' wages, retention, and school schedules. Then, as if to create a perfect Obamastate as we experience today, the big hand of the Federal Government reached into the states to extend its power over our lives in education.

Was this part of the plan overall and is Barack Obama and the open progressivism in our government the culmination of the plan. I think they showed their cards a little early on Obamacare but we can still get this back on course.  But, it won't necessarily be easy.

It is ironic that the takeover of student education funding was in the health bill.  Quite frankly, it does make me sick. How about you?

The Bureaucrats and the equalizers created the Department of Education and all of a sudden came standardized testing and lots of other things that appeared innocuous. Parents, teachers, and administrators complain that the current system sends our education tax dollars to Washington where just a portion of that money is returned to us conditionally. Nobody could have done such a poor job with our children's education if they intended to do so. 

Georgia's roughly 46% drop-out rate is but one indicator that their system statewide is not functioning. Other states are worse. Pennsylvania is at 18%.   Federal control is definitely not the answer. Please say you understand that in spades.  It is the problem. Whatever the feds touch turns sour. Control needs to be returned to the people at the state level.

Promise to vote to eliminate the Department of Education when you send me to replace Bob Casey in the Senate. Our kids are smart and they can be as productive as the system that we create for them.  Let's start building  a good system.  Let's also let the best be the best, and let's call them the best.  What's wrong with a little truth. Maybe it would be really good for America.  I surely think so!