The picture of that kid in the first essay on this site is me.  It was me when I was in my late 40's. I guess that is long enough ago that I should have realized there were some physical changes.

Sexagenerians such as I  feel we are lots younger, however.  In the Congressional primary in 2010, Steve, Corbett. local radio angagonist tried to make sexagenarian into a dirty word but he public did not buy it.  (BTW, Mr. Corbett, that means people between the ages of 60 and 69 -- you will soon qualify.  Hah!) 


The younger Brian Kelly in the picture above knows that picture was snapped circa 1997. That is about when I believe I last had a formal picture taken. It has been my mugshot ever since, on books, bylines, anything that needed a picture. About a year ago at Bo-Brothers on Wyoming Avenue in Exeter, PA, I won a photo session when Frankie Warren was flipping the discs from this high spirited West Side joint.  Was it God telling me that the circa 1997 deal was no longer working?  I have not gone yet, so my dear wife said I needed to come up with something for the paper.  Here it is: