No Machine Politics

I think the time is ripe for change -- but not a change in our form of government. A change in representation to the Senate is the right thing to do. The House has been fixed by the people but the Senate is still broken.In my run for COngress in 2010, I rufused to take a dime in contributions and I promised to keep my distance from the corrupt political machine . Let's take a trip back now so we can have a fresh persepctive on the notion of machine politics:

Machine Politics

The Omaha Project is an effective vehicle used by Omaha Public Schools to teach subjects such as history and the history of bad politics. The following is from the Omaha Project:

"Machine politics surreptitiously controlled every urban center of the late 19th century. Based on the traditional system of patronage and usually controlled by a boss, the driving force behind a political machine is the ability of elected public officials to do favors for constituents typically in the form of employment and contracts in exchange for votes.

"Election fraud was rampant and usually ordained by the bosses themselves. In fact, "Big Tim" Sullivan, a New York City ward boss who reportedly rewarded "repeat voters" by giving them a new pair of shoes was quoted as saying...

"When you’ve voted ‘em with their whiskers on, you take ‘em to a barber and scrape off the chin fringe. Then you vote ‘em again… Then to a barber again, off comes the sides and you vote ‘em a third time with the mustache… [Then] clean off the mustache and vote ‘em plain face. That makes every one of ‘em for four votes.”
by Mary Beth Norton, et al. In A People and a Nation: A History of the United States, 6th ed. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 2001), 537.

"By far, Boss Tweed of Tammany Hall was the most notorious city boss of the era and of all American history for that matter. He is depicted in, literally, thousands of cartoons; most of which are concerned with his corruption and indulgence."


End of Omaha Insert.

The big political bosses dressed as political bosses may be long gone but the new machines are just as powerful and corrupt but they wear clean faces so they are tough to recognize. I want nothing to do with the machine and will not engage in machine politics or take machine money. You can count on that.  

I am very serious about running for the Senate of the United States of America and I hope to announce by the Fall.

I am the antitheses of machine politics and I am running for just one term --no compromises, no machine contributions, and no crap. I wilI be on the ballot. In 2010, I ran for Congress in PA-11, and I know how to get on the ballot for the Senate to send Robert P. Casey back home to Scranton. I will work hard to do that. Last time I ran for office, Congressman Kanjorski controlled Public TV and he said no debates and so they did not even permit me to give a speech so the people would know who I am. That's just another reason why the public shoud not pay for public TV or public radio. It is not for the public.

This time, I know better.and if the current Senator will not debate, I will bring my message directly to the people. To do that I am accepting contributions from the people, not the machine, of no more than $100.00.  I plan to be well prepared for the debates and I do not plan to mess up in any debates that will be held. I plan to win the primary because I am betting that the people are smart.  Check this Web site so you can see that my thoughts mirror the secret thoughts of all Democrats who have been silenced by a party gone socialist / progressive. This is how I see it and more and more see it this way. And together, we can make a difference.

There is a lot of unrest out there in everydayville.  And Pennsylvania is a perfect example. So, When John or Jane Q. Public goes into the booth, he or she will see the incumbent, the politically charged Senator from Scranton PA, and some nobody that they never heard of.  As a John Q., myself, with my own personal disgust level with government, I know which lever I would pull. Lots of people think that regular people should run for office so we can get rid of corrupt politicians.

Unfortunately, because corrupt politicians can spend so much swaying the public, when a regular person with a strong business background but no political experience comes along, the public are coaxed by the politicos to reject the very type of person they were looking for. Expect that I will be smeared, and make a point of looking at who is paying for the smearing, and vote accordingly. 

I think all who are of the machine will reject my candidacy as folly. I think regular people are going to be able to recognize one of their own, who is of the people.  Besides the fact that a John Doe ought to favor another John Doe, my sense of logic suggests that even a generic paper towel or a block of stone, could beat the incumbent any day of the week.  Yes I do!  I've seen generic paper towels and people as thick as stone, and like the incumbent, they will not serve us well. I promise not to claim that I will be the "quicker picker upper," byt my goal certainly is to clean up the mess in Washington. So, watch out Washington, Brian Kelly, with or without a few huge boxes of generic paper towels has you in his sights.

I think I am going to win the primary election -- US Senator for the Great State of Pennsylvania. 

Regular people are for regular people. Of course, I can use a small donation to help get the word out but mostly I need all the help you can give me in the voting booth. Thank you, and God bless America and God bless Pennsylvania and all of its exceptional people.