Hello Pennsylvania Residents

Along with many other conservatives on the Democratic and Republican parties, I am very concerned about the impact of the debt on the future viability of the United States. We placed a Congress and a Senate in charge of appropriations over the years and neither side of Congress have been good caretakers.  Moreover, neither party has done its job, though the most egregious violations were during Obama and the 111th COngress. Their job would get failing grades in my classroom.  This current 112th Congress is a bit better but it is afraid of its own shadow. The 111th was the worst ever. Their public opinion ratings show that the public knows how inept they were. Many are no longer with the OCngress because of their poor showing. 

Our own Senator, RObert P. Casey, Jr., a good man perhaps in other ways, has yet to meet one of these huge spending bills, laden with earmarks and pork and paybacks and bribes and corruption, that he has not liked.  When the wallet is empty, it is empty... unless, of course your Baptismal name is G-O-V-E-R-N-M-E-N-T. 

When your personal wallet is empty and you've emptied the wallets of your neighbors besides, you have an addiction and need help. Let us help the spending addicts in Congress by keeping them home this time out. Let's start with our own six year senator, Robert P. Casey, Jr.


I will add to the list of sites below over time to help you understand the impact of debt on the Country's ability to continue into the future.  These are precarious times. Only your vote and the votes of many across the Country can solve the problem.