Is Our Government Trying to Kill US?


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of Being and ideal Grace.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)
Is this not the same message being delivered today by our magnanimous and beneficent Congress and our beloved, sometimes besmirched President? Are we not continually reassured that they love us, perhaps  even more than we love ourselves.  They know what is right for us.

They are smart people and we should listen to them! They will take care of us because they know what we need and we do not.  They meet behind closed doors so that we are spared knowing how dumb we really are.  They are just protecting us if only we knew. But then again, "No one knows what goes on behind closed doors!"

Ladies and gentlemen, the paragraph above is the essence of progressivism. If we were not so dumb, we would know that and we would know that our elite leaders do what they must against our will because they know, left on our own we would do something dumb.


Do you remember Lennie in Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men?  Think of all the love we are getting from the government nowadays. Does it remind you of Lennie?  How about if Lennie hugs us and squeezes us and pats us, pets us, and rubs us and caresses us?   You know from the book, our death would not be far away.  Is today's govenrnent such a big fellow like Lennie, so kindhearted, yet gently fumbling that its ways are actually killing us.  Do we have a way to tell Lennie to back off or are we destined to die?


Let's look at the numbers to see if our debt might kill us.  Suppose Mr. or Mrs. US. earns 2 trillion and they spend 3 trillion each year. Can you see that the "behinder" you get, the "behinder" you are each year?  The US is the same. There is no magic.  If you borrow money, won't the kind lender expect to be paid back?  Won't the lender want interest on their kind investment?  The same goes for US.  You don't think the Chinese will forgive what we owe them or cancel interest payments. Don't expect the Chinese to tell US they love US and then we can all sing "cum-bay-ah." They are Chinese and we are American! 

What if it is not the Chinese to whom we are beholden? What if that is just a ruse?  What if the debt to China is just a small amount that we owe compared to what we owe a mystery partner -- perhaps the Fed.  In one episode of Glenn Beck (Yes, I really think he is well intentioned, well schooled on the issues, and well pleased to help us all gain knowledge from a professor who can really hold a class's attention -- I try but am not a scintilla as good a professor as Glenn Beck, though I try.), there was a bright Economics Professor and after a few minutes I knew that even the dumbest of us all could understand that we (Americans) are in over our heads. We're in so deep that it may kill the country.  Where is the public outcry? 

Death by government, by Lennie, the mad squeezer lover. We have met the enemy and it is our own government. The fact is if Bernie Madoff had hatched a ponzi-scheme like the one the US is pulling over on us, he would have been caught sooner.

Besides the annual budget deficit, which is how much we add to the debt each year, the amount of money (about $14 trillion +) we actually owe somebody is staggering. Interest this year at low rates is almost $200 Billion.  $14 Trillion, wow!  That is how much the United States has borrowed.  By the end of the decade that # is supposed to be greater than $20 trillion, if the economy jumps out of its slump some time soon. That is a lot of money and don't expect the Chinese to bail us out on that any time soon.  We owe China less than $800 Billion and they are getting goosy about that. We owe $14 trillion. We should be getting goosy about that.  

To put the $14 trillion in perspective, along with China being the grand bankroller of them all, our national debt is larger than the total economies of China, the United Kingdom, and Australia combined. So, who do we owe the money to?  The people from whom we borrow often do not even like us.  How is it that we are almost in bankruptcy and we're the only ones fighting the War on Terror? 

The largest foreign holders of US debt besides our good friends China are Russia, include Iran, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, and Libya, among others. We owe money to Iran! Yes, we do!  What is that all about? But, that's not all. For more information, check the following Web site. It is telling:

There are some great Bernie Madoff type tricks that have been fashioned by our government that keep the actual debtors a secret.  We owe mythical somebodies that may in fact be the "Fed" or the vest pocket of the US Treasury, rather than the back pants pocket.  They actually won't tell Congress. That is why Ron Paul gets on their case all the time.

When interest rates go up and our debt interest rate is unsustainable, what are we to do?  Do we stop Medicare, Social Security etc. Do we stop funding Defense. Do we ask China and Russia to buy all of our real property for 10 cents on the dollar?  Is the financial death of America right around the corner, and if there is no money for anybody, can we survive?

If so, for how long? How would any sane country, if they could raise a trillion in these times, not apply it to the debt. Not the ObamaUS. With Obamacare, we chose to just plop it on the debt, thereby hastening our demise.

Who knows what kind of government we will have then, when the markets all crash -- when Bernie Madoff is not here to guide Tim Geithner, Larry Sommers, and Ben Biernanke to their next saving move?  In such a world, perhaps we will cheer the breadlines if there are no more entitlements, other than to the Country's Leadership. And, who will that be? And what form of government will it be?  And will healthcare be debated or will the Bayer Company and its fine Aspirin products be the only medicine permitted.  Is our government trying to killl us?

Maybe it Won't Be Monetary Policy That Does US In!

Now, there are those who might like to convince us that the worst problem and the only impending deaths caused by government would be a direct result of the government actually killing us - but softly. Is this spooky or what?

"For the last 50 years, an increasing amount of reappearing illnesses have been held accountable for multiple deaths amongst the population.

Have you ever heard of such a thing as CHEMTRAILS ? If not, you should perhaps raise your eyes as well as your awareness as to what flies in your skies. Hundreds of airplanes, every day, spray various chemical agents & pathogens in our air. What is the purpose of these aerosol spraying operations ? No one will tell you, not even your own government. Surely if Obama says so, it is safe!

Barium, Aluminium, Arsenic are in the air you breath but while you and I await the great awakening, don't forget to have a great barium sun-dried summer under this synthetic tarpaulin of aluminium-white particle-laden, electrically charged aviation scum that passes for sky.

Hey, I am a conservative.  Whether it is deficits or chemtrails, again it would be our pal Lennie, masquerading as the government doing the dirty work of death, but only because of over-loving.

How about for the rest of this scenario. Shall we let Lennie, played by the government so far, actually play himself. Everything is a case of too much Lennie love.

If you check site you will find that there are some who are not as concerned about being killed by debt, or being killed by Chemtrails. They think that Lennie's policies are actually killing the good banks and helping the bad ones. Maybe we should ask ourselves, if Lennie is killing the banks, and one day there is no money or money is worth nothing, is this just a roundabout way of Lennie loving us so much that he kills us?

This little ditty is called "Government Panic Is Killing Us And Our Banks," and it is by Nicholas Collard from over three years ago,  09/08/2008. Since I am making no money on this, and I think it has worth, I will share some of it with you without you having to take Collard's link above."

"The problem is that the government's knee-jerk reactionary policies have already sent the banking system into a tailspin. As default rates on home loans reached critical mass, the government went on a lending and takeover binge of medium and large banks. Coupled with all its tax and regulations interferences in the market, these actions have created further distress."
"There are two major effects that this kind of government intervention has on the economy: destabilizing disruption, and panic. When news gets out that a bank needs to be taken over to stay afloat, people rush in to take their money out before they're left with however many pennies on the dollar that the FDIC can afford to pay.
"I think the government ought to have stayed out in the first place, there's no reason why they should own half of the mortgages in this country, and there's no reason why they should be bailing out banks that act incompetently, irresponsibly, or blatantly crooked."

The United States has already subsidized irresponsibility by keeping homeowners in homes they couldn't afford in the first place. Now they're perpetuating market fear, causing stock investors to jump ship in multiple sectors, which in turn causes capital to leave / vanish and the economy to stagnate. Then it all comes around full circle to the middle class who are seeing their wages shrink, and the government proceeds to add an additional burden onto taxpayers' backs by bailing out more banks at their expense.

So what happens when their backs break?"

Will Lennie have caused it and will it be Death By Chocolate or just too much Lennie-love?

Swine Flu Will Get U

Of course, if you get the Swine Flu and are no longer around to get all the love from Lennie, this essay may be moot.  You remember the Swine Flu don't you.  If Lennie were the Swine Flu, Lennie would be trying to kill you and the government would be trying to help you with its vaccines.  Good Government, bad Lennie. However, Lennie is the Government so watch what has been happening.

In Late November 2009, from London, GlaxoSmithKline announced that it had advised medical staff in Canada to not use a batch of swine flu vaccine. In their communique, they advised that they feared it could trigger life-threatening allergies. Now, the fact is that Glaxo and Sanofi are the big vaccine companies in the world. Will we ever know the truth on that and why there was no real pandemic in the US? So, it was the vaccine, not the flu in many cases that got the opportunity to kill you since the flu never really materialized in the US.  Maybe just people who are over satiated with ample supplies of everything are unaffected?  Maybe they will not be killed ebcause theya re immune do to their overindulgence?  Again Lennie is really the government and again we must ask the simple question, " Is our government killing US?"

Death By Kindness

There are a lot of good writers out there having fun with the prospects (or should I say the omens) of the demise of US on many fronts. The Augusta Chronicle Editorial Staff wrote a piece of which this little snippet was a part on Monday, December 28, 2009. It is cute but enough is enough! Here it is:

"Democrats may come off looking like Santa Claus. Republicans may come off like the Grinch."

"But neither party has covered itself in glory in recent decades, and particularly in this stampede to create a new health-care entitlement at a time when we can't even pay for what we already have."

"The truth is, the massive federal takeover of health care would simply be the latest -- and one of the biggest -- plundering of the National Treasury on our supposed behalf.
They are killing us with what passes for kindness in government, immorally using our descendants' money to do so, and putting our republic and its paper currency on life support in the process."

This is not about health care. At bottom, it's about our leaders' ability to raid our National Treasury -- and their inability to resist doing it."

The Chronicle Staff did not identify Lennie. But, we know the reference to "Leaders" means, government, so Lennie again is the culprit.  They do blame the Democrats.  I guess since the Democrats control Lennie's movements right now, they may have reactivated the Lenster so he is again back at his tricks, and that does not bode well for US.

Death by Airplane

It took a tough question from Matt Lauer, but after having claimed that 'the system worked,' while the whole world laughed, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano eventually  conceded the obvious. The security system that permitted Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to board NWA 253 with explosives 'failed miserably.'  Was Lennie still trying to kill US?

Corporate Communism

Dylan Ratigan, a TV personality with whom I have found myself at odds a few times,  way back in Oct 7, 2009 wrote a piece that seems to capture my thoughts on a number of subjects.  How did he know?  

Anyway, Ratigan noted in his show's  preamble that he had coined the term "Corporate Communism" on his  A.M. television show. I concede that Ratigan is a smart man. Knowing that communism almost killed Russia and seeing that Lennie now likes the full notion of Communism, Ratigan offered a succinct once over to help us all know exactly what that means:
"Lack of choice, lazy, unresponsive customer service, a culture of exploitation and a small powerbase formed by cronyism and nepotism are the hallmarks of a communist system that steals from its citizenry and a major reason why America spent half a century fighting a Cold War with the U.S.S.R."
"The concept of communism is rightly reviled in this country for the simple reason that it is blind to human nature, allowing a small group of individuals near-total control, while sticking everyone else with the same crappy systems -- and the bill.  America spent countless lives and half a century fighting against this system of government.

So why are we standing for it now?"

Ratigan would be happy if you followed his posts on Twitter: Maybe he is not such a bad guy? He does not seem to like Lennie or be like Lennie at all. But, from whom does he gather his paycheck?

Iran Will Kill Us with Lennie's Indifference

Iran Loves Israel?

Remember how hard Lennie always tries to be nice and loving.  After eight or nine years of a thumping, Iran is back trying to kill us all, and Lennie somehow has given them reprieve after reprieve.  Can it be that Lennie is not happy with those who find fault with his beliefs. Lennie does not understand why there are those who believe the US is always in need of giving another big apology? 

Think about this scenario. Perhaps you remember in the fall, 2009, the Israeli Defense Forces diverted the Francop (a merchant ship) to the port of Ashdod. Lennie might have suggested there was little reason to do that.  After all, only 40 containers were packed with weapons.

Amy Itiebel offered her thoughts back in November 2009. Reporting from Jerusalem, when she wrote the following:

"Israel's prime minister has said Iran is aiming to kill as many Israeli citizens as possible, accusing it of sending the Lebanese guerrilla group Hezbollah 'enough weapons to extend any war against Israel for one month.'  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said a shipment, of hundreds of tons of weapons – on a ship seized by Israel – which it says was bound for Hezbollah, was a war crime that should be investigated by the UN Security Council. Hezbollah denied that the arms were bound for them."  You can find this article on

Lennie was not available for comment. He denies that he is not a supporter of Israel, yet he seemed like he liked Iranian caviar more than anything he had ever had in his life. And, what is more important than a good meal? 

Should the people of the US negotiate with Lennie so that he will let us live?

Does Inflation Kill Banks?

The blogs at have their own opinion of what might be killing us and the banks.  You can see this whole piece by taking any part of the below snippet and putting it in your search engine and it will give you this article.  They note that:

"The bankers are stuck in the old mindset that inflation kills banks. Yes, that is true, but it only kills sound banks. The banks that are teetering will be "saved," to screw things up again, and the sound banks will get the shaft as they will be paid back in dollars worth much less than what they originally lent.

"In short, [Lennie's] bailouts are corrupting the risk model not just at the equity level today, but for years to come. Those who get the bailout money and these assets at reduced prices that you, (and I mean you sitting there reading this) will help them pay for, will make out like bandits.

They will buy highly discounted assets, just before the inflation strikes. The bad banks will no longer have these assets (or loans) on the books, so they will be in a stronger position. When the bailout money cycles through the economy, the sound banks will be losing money left and right as inflation eats away at the value of the dollar.

It would be hard to conceive of a plan worse than this one. This private / government partnership is simply welfare for those who purchase the depressed assets.  And the American citizens who pay for all of this, will really get stuck with it, because as the value of their dollar is falling, the government will be taxing them to pay back the money it borrowed for the bailouts."

When the taxpayer's tax burden is greater than his income, does Lennie give another big love hug to assure that he can claim the corpse?

Do Taxpayers Know They Are Being Killed?

Moving on to more "pleasant" spots we see Paul Joseph Watson from Prison, writing on Monday, July 20, 2009:

"According to the watchdog overseeing the federal government’s financial bailout program, the full exposure since 2007 amounts to a whopping $23.7 trillion dollars, or $80,000 for every American citizen.

"The last time we were able to get a measure of the total cost of the bailout, it stood at around $8.5 trillion dollars. Eight months down the line and that figure has almost tripled.

"The $23.7 trillion figure comprises “about 50 initiatives and programs set up by the Bush and Obama administrations as well as by the Federal Reserve,” according to the Associated Press.

"In testimony which will be delivered to the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee tomorrow, Neil Barofsky, the inspector general for the TARP, will tell Congress that “the Treasury Department has repeatedly failed to adopt recommendations aimed at making the TARP program more accountable and transparent.”

"According to Barofsky, taxpayers are in the dark as to who has received the money and what they are doing with it."

Try as he may, after the mice have died, even Lennie cannot revive them!

Is the Weimar Republic Ahead? --  Subtitled, Must America Die?

On May 20, 2009, Ellen Brown asked, "Are we heading for hyperinflation and a new Hitler?" Her sobering article looks at historical precedents and suggests that, in many ways, Lennie is back from his brief stint in the Weimar Republic. For US, of course, this is not news as we have been following Lennie's antics for this whole essay.  The good news is that Lennie still means well. Just don't let him love you or hug you or any of those other things.

In an article titled, The Weimar Hyperinflation: Could it Happen Again, she recounts some of the grim moments when ordinary Germans woke up in 1933 and noticed that more and more cash, eventually wheel barrows full, were required to buy a loaf of bread. Was Lennie, the Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestickmaker, or was he merely a banker in Weimar -- a  prior incarnation?

“It was horrible. Horrible!  Like lightning it struck. No one was prepared. The shelves in the grocery stores were empty. You could buy nothing with your paper money.”

Some worried commentators are predicting a massive hyperinflation of the sort suffered by Weimar Germany in 1923, when a wheelbarrow full of paper money could barely buy a loaf of bread. An April 29 editorial in the San Francisco Examiner warned:

'With an unprecedented deficit that’s approaching $2 trillion, [the President’s 2010] budget proposal is a surefire prescription for hyperinflation. So every senator and representative who votes for this monster $3.6 trillion budget will be endorsing a spending spree that could very well turn America into the next Weimar Republic.”

Enough -- time for Lennie to go nighty night.

Yes, this little essay can go on and on and on, like the Energizer Bunny himself, and his reincarnation, Barack Hussein Obama.  BTW, the Energizer Bunny was quoted the other day as thinking that maybe he did not have quite as much energy as the US President, who may very well be the veritable font of all energy in the U.S. -- perhaps Cap and Trade will not be necessary after all....

Lennie immediately stepped in and told the Bunny not to worry and went over to him. He again told the Bunny "alles ist recht" und he was going to make him feel better for not feeling the best.  Lennie, sympathetic as he can possibly be loves to love. So, he told the Bunny, he needed a hug. He was preparing to squeeze him,  pat him, and pet him, then he would rub and caress him... and then.... 

You know the rest of the story... but in this one there is hope.  Even if Lennie is trying to kill us, unknowingly of course, in this story, there is good news for the Energizer Bunny.  The Bunny got wind of the deal and with his last ounce of energy (always stored in the left tip of the battery), he began to go and go and finally he was going and going and going,  and you know what -- he made it.

Is Lennie Trying to Kill US? 

Lennie really would like us to make it. He just loves us, and he wants to give us everything he can. -- Even more than he can. All he really wants to do is squeeze us, pat us, and pet us, then he wants to rub us, and caress us,  and then....

This is the kindest thing I can say about the government today. Like Lennie, they just want to love us to death. Because they believe they know what is best for us even if we die along the way, nobody meant it. 

The good news and the reason I am running for the Senate is that Lennie does not have to squeeze any of us.  There was once a group of fine men who had done a revolution and then who wrote the rules for a great country. They are known as the Founding Fathers, or simply as the Founders.  They gave us a tool that will enable us to put Lennie where he belongs.  It's called the vote.  It is a simple mechanism.

You can make Lennie and all other future Lennies disappear with one casting.

Just one vote matters if it is your vote.

Yes, Virginia, there is hope. Just don't give up!

And, make sure you vote