Stegmaier of course brewed a number of beers, including Stegmaier and Liebotschaner, and the company aged them on the left side of Market St. heading up Brewery Hill. [So! If you want a beer that's mellow, a beer that is really grand, say hey make mine Stegmaier, the gold medal beer of the land. And, so at home, or club, or tap rooms, always order the beer that they cheer. Served just right; mellow, cool, and light; Stegmaier Gold Medal Beer..]   

My dad was pretty good at what he did and he took work seriously.  For a number of years before its demise, Stegmaier had one of the fastest canning machines in Pennsylvania. My dad operated this behemoth single-handedly. For its day, it was an awesome machine. It put out 600 cans per minute. That's even fast according to today's standards. My dad was quite a guy.

My father and I regularly had discussions about beliefs and ideologies and which candidate truly was best for the job. More often than not, we were on the same page.   My dad’s philosophy was that you should always vote for the best candidate for the job, not simply the political party.  These discussions eventually prompted me to register not as an Independent, but as a Democrat.

There is a storm of discontent content brewing across the United States. You can feel it wherever you go. Regular Americans are beginning to pay attention to what our Congressional representatives and Senators have been doing against our will in Washington, D.C.  Politics and government, and their collective effect on what's happening in America have become regular dinner table topics. It is OK to be upset. It is OK to drink some tea on your own or go have tea with a whole bunch of people to show your disgust for what these knaves are doing to us.  It's OK.

What's not OK is to sit around and let them come back again in 2010 to inflict more harm on the American people.  Vote them out. You have the power!

I decided to run for Congress two years ago because somebody has to represent US and better it be one of US, than one of the political elite. As a virtual unknown, I took no contributions, and captured 17% of the Democratic vote. I learned a lot in this one run for office, and though my principles have not changed, this time I am going to win. And it is about time the people had one of their own, not one of the political elite working for them.

We need change more now than when we thought we needed change. What we do not need is the kind of change that exalts one man and attempts to silence a nation. I ask you to vote "for the people" in April and again in November, 2012. Vote out the proponents of big, intrusive, freedom-taking government and all the politicians will disappear overnight.

Bad changes begin with something small, such as the simple act of taking away the Ben Franklin / Thomas Edison improved incandescent light bulb and it ends with taking away all personal freedom. The people can stop this and stop it now.  

As you know Pennsylvania's Ben Frankin discovered electricity, and because electricity was tamed and made usable in households, Edison was motivated to perfect the incandescent lightbulb which we have used effectively for over 100 years. Because of a Congress that does not respect the people, the days of Edison's light bulb are about to be outlawed. When elected, one of the first things I do will be to get rid of these silly freedom robbing regulations. Big government simply doesn't work.

It seems the kind of change we have been getting from Congress is good only for the government and the bureaucrats, but not good for the freedom-loving people. While you and I are asking to have government less involved in our daily lives, Congress is throwing one freedom-stealing regulation after another on us on their way to making this a socialist nation.  We can fix that. All we have to do is vote them out.

You will see this message and hear this message a number of times on this site and in my campaign. It's time for self-interests and special interests to be sent home. Don't count on other states to get this job done. It all starts at home. For US, that is Pennsylvania, and its time has come. Good-by to all the incumbents who are contributing to the downfall of America. Good-by to Robert Casey Jr. and all Senators who have forgotten that they serve the people and not the other way around.      

I would hope that by learning about who I am and where I am from and what I stand for, you will conclude that we have unity of purpose.  Like you, I am one of the regular people in life. I lost the first time I ran for office. I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and now I am working for an even more compelling office, US Senator from PA. It is my time to serve and if you will permit me, I would be honored to be your US Senator from great state of Pennsylvania.

Thank you. 

Brian Kelly

I wish you all the best