Are you sure Robert P. Casey is a good man?

He sure looks nice... but....

Robert Patrick "Bob" Casey, Jr. was born April 13, 1960. Right now, he serves as the Senior U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. He was elected in 2006 as a Democrat, and began serving in 2007. He solidly defeated Rick Santorum in the General Election, no ands or ifs about that. 

But, because he so aggressively worked to remove a green party candidate from the ballot using funding from the State of PA when he was the Treasurer, there are many who speculate his allegiance to Barack Obama has less to do with their bowling prowess than it does with Obama being able to offer a Presidential Pardon if the Senator finds himself in the "Bonusgate" Big House. 

Many do not know that Mr. Casey had another challenger from the Green Party named Carl Romanelli. The story of Casey’s poor treatment of Romanelli is available in another article on this site. Casey’s contumelious treatment of Romanelli is certainly cause for any freedom loving Pennsylvanian to throw Senator Robert P. Casey Jr. out of office at your first opportunity. To permanently stop the challenger from the Green Party, Casey threw Romanelli under the bus’s big wheels while the bus was still moving.

With the help of all of the Pennsylvania in-crowd, including PA Judges, Casey and the Darkness Democrats effectively stopped Democracy from moving in the Founder's direction. Like the straw man searching for a heart and some honest character, as he looked inside himself, Bob Casey Jr. never found the tools needed to properly apologize for his wrongdoing to Carl Romanelli.  

Instead of electing him their Senator, the right thing for Pennsylvanians to have done would have been to impeach Casey for what he did to a fellow Pennsylvanian merely attempting to run for office. Watch what he does to me and ask yourself if he would do the same to you. It does make me wonder what my Senate campaign may bump into with a dirty player like Robert P. Casey Jr. permitted to compete. 

Bob Casey on the Issues Important to Americans 

Here are some other reasons why Robert P. Casey Jr. should not make a second run for national office. 

1. He is a career politician with only a few mild attempts to make it in private industry. He should end his career now before he ruins anything else in the country. He is a member of the Democratic Party as am I. He was Pennsylvania Treasurer from 2005 to 2006, and there are those associated with the current Bonusgate investigation that see Casey as the big target in this corruption probe. Does Pennsylvania need another corrupt public official to make the national news? Casey has held other trustworthy positions in government. For example, He was also Pennsylvania Auditor General from 1997 to 2005.

As the son of former Governor Bob Casey, Sr., he should have picked up his father’s virtues but perhaps he was too well taken care of. He amassed a great campaign warchest and was able to defeat two-term Republican incumbent Rick Santorum in the 2006 U.S. Senate election. Ironically, he is the first Democrat elected to a full term in the U.S. Senate from Pennsylvania since 1962.

2. The six foot four inch Casey’s only real life work experience came when he spent a year teaching 5th grade and coaching basketball at the Gesu School in inner city Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He then practiced law in Scranton from 1991 until 1996.

3. He scored lower than "Fast Eddie" Rendel on 2008 job approval ratings poll in Pennsylvania.

4. Casey is a machine politician

5. Always available for a dirty campaign, Senator Casey called "ABSCAM  Murtha (RIP)," a Casey Democrat while campaigning for Mr. Murtha.   

6. Supported Obamacare & its abortion parts.  Casey supported Barack Obama's Obamacare legislation. He voted for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in December 2009, and he voted for the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010.  Then, when everybody saw the negative impact of Obamacare on America, , he reisted logic, and he voted against repealing Obamacare in 2011.

On Immigration

7.  On immigration in a word, Casey supports illegal immigration / amnesty as do all liberal progressives. For example, he supported the Secure Borders, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Reform Act of 2007 (S. 1348), a bill which even other liberal / progressive Senators voted down in the 110th United States Congress. This would have provided a path to legal citizenship for illegal aliens currently residing in the United States merely because they were living in America after they had illegally crossed the border.

Casey has also supported the Clinton amendment (selective and haphazard enforcement of illegal immigration) and the Menendez amendment (immediate Medicaid for legal immigrants). He Got an F- on the well-publicised immigration scorecard meaning he liked illegal immigrants more than Americans. Mr. Casey is far too liberal for Pennsylvania.  A quote to remember re Comprehensive Immigration Reform AKA Amnesty, which was given before the Senator assumed office was:  "if I were in the United States Senate [at the time] I would vote yes."

8. Casey voted "yes" on continuing federal funds for declared "Sanctuary Cities". These are places that permit criminal illegal aliens to live in much the same way as the meanest outlaws of the old West. You may recall there were specific towns and territories in the “Old West” where the bad guys lived.

For a second, consider the popular Country & Western Song, “Renegades, Rebels, & Rogues,” and if you read the words, you will have a picture of exactly what the twin territories of Oklahoma and the Indian Nations were made from in the latter part of the 19th century. The moral equivalent of today’s Sanctuary City was known as the Robbers Roost.

Eventually these territories became a safe haven for some of the old west's most desperate villains such as Henry Starr, the Dalton Gang, the Doolin-Dalton Gang, and of course ole Cherokee Bill.

It may take another 50 or 100 years for the desperados in the Robert P. Casey Jr. backed Sanctuary Cities to have such name recognition as these cowboy thugs. Regardless of the safe haven notion of Sanctuary Cities, few law abiding Americans are interested in desperados having unimpaired access to the spoils of America, especially since they most often have to rob and kill to get it.

Why does Robert P. Casey think that illegal foreign nationals should have more rights than Americans and be immune from Amrican laws? Ask him next chance you see him in Scranton.

9. Casey voted NO on declaring English as the official language of the US government. Some think it is because he is not around the streets of Scranton often enough to hear the people speak. Next time you see Mr. Casey ask him, “Hablas español?”

10. Casey voted NO on requiring photo ID to vote in federal elections in July 2007 since it would impair the ability of illegal aliens to vote Democrat to save the country.

11. Robert P. Casey, Jr. is for Hispanics and Latinos who are non-citizens taking American jobs and has done little to assure that it is Americans first in America.

Abortion Rights

12. Casey claims to be pro-life. His father was an ardent pro-life supporter and it hurt his national political aspirations.  Casey Jr. will not let any morality issue stand between him and an election victory. The Senator has publicly stated his support for overturning Roe v. Wade, however every time he gets the chance to reduce abortions he goes the other way. For example, he voted against barring grants to organizations that provide abortion services. He voted to overturn the Mexico City policy, which bars the issuance of federal funds to overseas organizations that perform or refer for abortions. He voted for Obamacare knowing its abortion provisions, and he voted against its repeal knowing his vote would encourage abortions. He is not expected to be endorsed by pro-life organizations in the 2012 elections, and pro-life groups have been lining up to picket him as he attempts to gain recognition from various universities in Pennsylvania. 


13. Robert P. Casey Jr. is for big government and big spending and high taxes. Like his friend BOH, if you got it, he wants it. But, he and his family, who because of the Governor, are major power brokers in Scranton PA, expect that they should be able to keep theirs. Casey hasn’t met a government regulation he dislikes, especially those that regulate “your” behavior and not his.

As Senator he is exempt from binding regulations but he welcomes our collective sacrifice. He especially loves energy regulations that keep the cost of gasoline high. For example, Casey opposes drilling for oil in Alaska or anywhere else it might be found in the US. He claims that he supports increased federal investment in hybrid and alternative fuel technology hoping to wean the US off of foreign oil. Unfortunately Casey has not figured out yet that you need gasoline and oil for cars.

If we debate, I hope to tell the Senator that having a windmill or a solar panel on a car will get you no place, especially on a nice clear night, but perhaps even more likely because such vehicles are twenty or thirty or forty or more years away. .

14. On major economic items, Casey is for Big Government and for saving poorly managed companies so they are not taken over by American companies that know how to be successful in business. Since these poorly managed companies cannot make it, they are more inclined to donate to the Democratic party, so that they may receive their share of corporate welfare. 

Casey likes regulations and he likes giving big bucks to any company to  prop it up, especially if there are union leaders involved in the deal. His mentor, Barack H. Obama also likes poorly managed companies that permit the unions to have their way because there are two campaign financing sources invloved -- the corporation, and the union. When both survive and do well, Casey and Obama have done their job and the campaign coffers swell.

The Casey record speaks well to his devotion for helping the downtrodden corporation. He voted YES on $60B Porkulus in September 2008, YES on additional $825 billion Porkulus bill in February 2009, and YES again on $192B Porkulus  in July 2009.  Have any of you benefitted from any of those billions? I know I have not. Unfortunately, the Senator was not interested in knowing if the money spent was used effectively as he voted NO on paying down federal debt by rating programs 'effectiveness' in March 2007.

Overall, if we had to depend on Robert P. Casey Jr. as our nation’s top economist, we would be broke. Oh! We are broke! I rest my case. Check this person’s opinion of the Senator from the site


Rep. Bill Shuster
Sen. Bob Casey

February 7, 2009

We cannot at this time afford to throw Billions around like it was Thousands. Our children, grandchildren and their offspring should never be saddled with such a tremendous debt. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee. This Bill is wasteful and has little to do with a stimulus for our country. Please vote against this bill and promote thie defeat of this bill among your colleagues. Special note to Senator Specter:  Please retire NOW.

Altoona , PA

End of note


Nicely said and to the point!

For the record, Brian Kelly does agree with this writer’s perspective. Senator Casey was a better Senator than Senator Specter at the time this email was sent because Specter had just turned Democrat and nobody likes the flip and the flop and then the flip back. But, most good Democrats will say that doesn’t mean too much because Casey himself has done nothing for PA but lots for Barack Obama. Specter was not even a good Republican so being better than Benedict Arlan won't get you many free lunches at McDonalds.    


15. On Energy, the Senator from Scranton is more tuned into the environmental miscreants than the problem caused by depending on enemies in the Middle East and South America for fossil fuels. Our economy and its entire people run on fossil fuels. Perhaps in Scranton, the Senator has his own wind turbine and a massive solar collector that he perhaps shares with his neighbors, but in other PA neighborhoods, we pay for fuel.

By Casey pulling an Obama on us and choosing to vote against anything that helps US in our use of fossil fuel energy, the only kind that really helps make America strong, he is shortchanging all Americans. When Al Gore opens a chain of "gas stations," for cars built to run on fossil fuels, then and only then will Robert P. Casey Jr. choose to urge his friend Barack Obama to relieve the stranglehold from the real energy producers in the US.


16. On Education, Mr. Casey did not oppose schools singing the mmm mmm mmm Barack Hussein Obama song funded by the Department of Education. Kelly says the Department of education should be disbanded completely as it is an expensive political tool. States should determine education, not the bloated overpaid federal government. Keep the feds out of our wallets. The Federal government cannot be trusted. Casey opposes school vouchers so that government and the unions can have more control of our children.


17. Though the world is in fact getting colder, and the science of global warming has been repudiated, Casey is an ardent environmental whacko, who believes that human exhalant is a poisonous gas as it contains carbon. Check out how he votes and ask if that is good for America.

Mr. Casey voted for the Cash for Clunkers program which has hurt poor people looking for a vehicle as all older vehicles now cost more. The idea was to take all environmentally weak cars off the road, even if it hurt the very people who depended on the lowest cost vehicles. Additionally, it has increased the cost of spare parts as so many fully functional cars were frozen and then destroyed.

Would it not have been a better deal for Americans to give away their cars to welfare recipients, collect the $4500, pass GO and the the recipient, when retiring the vehicle could return it to a pool of cars. In other words, the car had to be used for transportation and could not be sold for drug money. What a waste of an aopportunity and so costly. But, only poorer people in need of a vehicle or those needing older vehicles repaired would even notice.

On the environment, everybody wants it to be as fresh and clean and as good as it can be but nobody wants to walk five miles to work. Most strong-willed Americans do not want the Obama plan either, which is to stay home and permit the postman to bring a check every month. Though this helps reduce the expense of gas needed to drive to work, it does nothing for the American spirit. 


18. Endorsed Senator Barack Obama in the Democratic Party presidential primary and became Barack Obama's minion on all voting matters. It was like Obama never left the Senate as Casey became as far left as liberal Obama when Obama left the Senate to become President. Remember, in the PA primary, Casey and Obama bowled together at the Holiday Bowl in Altoona, PA. Neither could throw a strike.

ACORN funding

19. Casey voted to keep Acorn on the Taxpayer dole. He was just one of 7 Senators to vote against a measure that would have blocked federal funds to ACORN. Since Obama once worked for Acorn, Casey really had no choice but to be kind to ACORN. Is Casey his own man? Was he ever?

Man on the Run

20. There is an essay on this site called Which Senator: Carl Romanelli or Robert P. Casey, Jr. When you read that essay, you will understand that there is good reason to speculate that Senator Casey is a man on the run. In the background envision Paul McCartney and Wings plaing "Band on the Run." But, this is far more serious than that. 

In this article, we introduce a problem that Casey has that occurred before he was Senator. As PA State Treasurer, Casey OK'd payment for PA government employees, who worked to remove a Green Party candidate, Carl Romanelli, from Wilkes-Barre, from the ballot in Pennsylvania. Casey's seemingly innocuous signature on these illicit pay vouchers is made more serious because Casey, while holding the Treasurer's Office in PA actually OK'd the payments that permitted himself to defeat Rick Santorum for the office of Senator, which is a big prize in any league.

Without a third party to interfere with voters' "clear choices, Casey was a shoe in but if Romanelli were in the race, the pundits suspected that Santorum would have gotten the edge and thus, a third term. So, the question becomes, "did now Senator Casey have any role in having PA public servants work as his private servants to assure that ROmanelli was not on the ballot? Eventually, this will be decided in the BonusGate scandal investigations that are now ensuing. Only one person benefitted from all this, Robert P. Casey Jr. You tell me. Do the people of Pennsylvania want another scandal on their hands? The people should demand to know whether then current Senator from Pennsylvania is suspected of any wrong doing. Then, let the elections begin.    


21. Other than these "few" things, the Senator from Scranton has done a fine job!