Hello Fellow Pennsylvanians.

  I ran for Congress in PA D11 last year and don't worry, I don't plan to run again for that office.

 I refused to take a dime of contributions from any source because, as a first-time candidate, the one thing that mattered most to me was that nobody would own me. I planned to spend $0.00 on my campaign and I felt the press would hear me out if I were on the ballot and then the people would know who I was, without me having to spend a dime. Call me naïve. I learned that the press is interested in the press, not the people. So there was no major coverage of the fact that a regular guy from Wilkes-Barre, PA was taking on the machine.

In fact, one of the two big papers in NEPA, the Citizen’s Voice, a.k.a. the Scranton Times when in Lackawanna County, actually endorsed the thirteen term incumbent, who had some major league questionable financial dealings with taxpayer dollars in his past. The same press had reported that millions of dollars had gone to his family members but none of it was “proven” to be illegal. The Times / Citizens Voice begrudgingly told its readership about my candidacy.

The Times Leader (TL), their major competitor was much fairer. I conclude this is because Capital Cities, the union buster former owner, which helped spawn the Citizen’s Voice is long gone. The TL , was most gracious to me, and they seemed to go out of their way to assure that I was on the people's minds. Unfortunately, the TL didn't like me that much as they endorsed the third party in the race, a young to middle aged man who was a career politician.

If you think it Is easy attempting to represent we the people then I would advise you to give it a shot. Go ahead and run for a big office like Congressman. The press, the radio stations, and the TV stations love election time because they expect candidates to send their campaign donations directly to media outlets in exchange for paid advertising. Even though you, as a candidate would be making news of which the people would be interested, it does not matter to the advertising department of these organizations. In small fairness to the media, they do exist because of advertising dollars but a little fairness in reporting might help their circulation. 

Yet,like me, they would give you minimal free exposure if any at all if you have no advertising budget. And, of course, they will endorse only the candidates that put revenue in their coffers. Maybe that just happened by accident in my case, but I would think if you ran with no budget, you would find the same thing.  This is the truth I report right here and right now since it actually happened to me. I would suggest to all my fellow citizens that the press, especially our renowned TV stations, cannot be trusted with our trust… at least as far as election information goes. Yes, it is a shame. But, that is how it is..  

So, when I knew that nothing much would come my way, I spent $4000 or so dollars for tee-shirts, match books, signs, etc. I spent my own money though I don't really have much.  I managed to squeak in a “victory party” out of these meagre funds, and we celebrated my 17% vote tally at the Barney Inn in Wilkes-Barre, our local fun hangout.

Before I continue, I would ask all citizens to pray for my good friend "Fish," the owner of the Barney Inn so that he gets back on the warpath some time soon. Like he did for so many before me, Fish opened up the Barney Inn in WB for the celebration bash. I told WBRE, WNEP, and WDAU, who had asked where I would be on Primary Election night that they were not invited. I would have told the Citizen's Voice the same thing but they did not even ask. WILK permitted me to speak out several times on their Sue Henry Show. They are a news organization that, like the Times Leader, does have the people at the top of their agenda. I would have invited WILK but they too did not ask.

The TV stattions did not give me even a second of air time, and in so doing, they served the people very poorly.  They would have done the same to you or anybody else who chose to run against the machine. Without a second thought I permitted the Times Leader to attend our gathering because in this past election, they were surely for the people first, and revenue second. Their people are top notch professionals, and if wasn't too much on the brown-nosing side, I would mention them by name.

I will say that my campaign presented to the Times Leader and award that I think they appreciated. At some point in the future I may add a link to the briankellyfor congress.com site so that you can read what I wrote about them back then.

The result of this one time election for me was that I got 17% of the NEPA vote for the seat once held by Congressman Paul Kanjorski. I had no idea what I would do vote-wise, but I knew who I was and that the best I could do was give it a shot. My wife, who shows me in many ways that she loves me a ton, told me afterwards that she would have been happy if, when we tallied it all up, we had just enough votes to account for my family and the neighbors  She was concerned because we were not well known that we might not even get 100 votes. If we got 1%, Pat would know that everybody that we know voted for me. It's funny the things you think on the ole campaign trail. Hah!

There sure is risk in running for office. I will now tell you the brief story of my wonderful wife only because men and women seeking public office for the right reasons will find their siblings and relatives rooting secretly that they stop running so they don't get hurt. Short of that, they want them to lose. I think that about describes my wife, my beautiful, kind, and dear wife.

Unfortunately, as a country we cannot be so gracious as my wife Pat. We must stop thinking that the way to preserve our democracy and our Constitution is that only politicians should run for office, and that anybody who runs is therefore labeled a politician. Please help good people get elected, so they can help us all. 

You may not know me, and you may never care to know me, but I suggest regardless, that you and I should give every woman and man, who chooses to break with tradition, and seek a public office, the opportunity to do well for the good of all the people, 

I know I am not a thief but I cannot speak for all who run for office. Congress has stolen our Social Security and our Medicare, so does that make them thieves. You bet it does.

A number of good people with good reason figure every politician is a thief and so they feel that anybody who runs for office, even for the first time, must be a thief also. We are untrusting of those who we do not know, even if they look OK. Therefore, we are often willing to bring back somebody we think is a thief, than to vote in an unknown.

That, my Democrat friends is why I chose to back a Republican for the House of Representatives after I lost the primary election, He was the better man.  There was and there is no dount about it. Forget about whether the former congressman was a thief but then again, since just about all Congressmen are thieves, let's let the ages argue about that.

For Pennsylvania, I saw Lou Barletta as an honest man, regardless of which party he was from. Think of all the people you know who are honest. There are many, yet most of them are not in politics at all. None of you would want these good friends to run for office because, according to the common perspective, it would either mean they really were not honest or it would mean that they would soon become dishonest if elected. 

That thinking dooms America to a leadership scenario which includes a class of people, which none of us like, and it excludes people like you and me.  Hey, we have to let some of our better ones go serve to help the rest of us. When a good one agrees to work for all of us, our job is to encourage them, not to make them think there is no use, and that they are dishonest because they chose to help.

A great poet once said “ I’m nobody, who are you; Are you nobody too?”

Let it be known that I, and all of the others waiting to be able to serve, yet finding public service a corrupting venture—we are all nobodies.  I happen to love being a “nobody,” other than to my wife and kids. I hope I am a respectable man and to my family, I hope I am a “somebody.” We all know the role of the husband is often to hold the family together from a muscle and financial standpoint. It is no small task, I admit. And, of course my wife has duties far greater than these.

As nobodies, we all have a duty to this great United States of America to keep her from being taken from us and given to a group, which does not care at all about our founding, our values, and our liberty. As a nobody, I chose to run for the great office of Senator of this United States from the State of Pennsylvania, where I was born, and where I lived most of my natural life.

Am I qualified? That is for you to decide, not the pundits or the press. I submit that I am qualified for I am who I am and I present who I am on this Web site. I unabashedly love America and because there are those who minimize her, and many are in the top levels of our government, I am compelled to do what I can to rescue our America from the forces set to destroy her.   

There may still be some people who ask why I am running for the Senate. Keep asking, please. Make the press give you an answer. By the way, here is another question, "Why would anybody running for the Senate ask that such small amounts be donated to their campaign when the election laws permit much more." I can answer that.

As I have already explained, I cannot run for office and you cannot run for office unless either the press is forced to present our candidacies or we can pay the press to inform the people of our message. Since I learned that the media is not structured to help the financially poor candidate, those of us who choose to run for office must have guaranteed ways of reaching the people, or the people will not take us seriously. Moreover, without the opportunity to send a counterblow, the established candidates will be able to laugh at us with impunity.

Having said all that, I still don't want to take a dime from corrupt sources though admittedly, I suspect it is tough to filter out the good contributions from the bad. Never having received contributions, you can understand how tepidly I offer that statement. Quite frankly, I am happy that anybody would want to donate to this campaign. Thank you. I suspect if you choose to donate it is because you think in many ways as I think.

I limit the amount of the contributions because I do not want any one to affect the election in a way that would not benefit all of us. I took no donations in my Congressional campaign because that would assure that nobody got an “in” any place before John Q. Public. After all, most regular people do not have a buck to spare and should not be asked to help this campaign in a way that would hurt their own ability to continue their own lives.

There are some very liberal people out there who do not care much about you and I. They care about government and government power, and they want to exert power over government. I do not want a dime from them, and I surely am not interested in them having any say in my campaign. I do not ever want to meet them personally or know their names.

Many of these people enjoy making people helpless by persuading government to help make them helpless. This has many advantages to these rich progressives and they must convince regular people to become helpless to gain the financial rewards from the federal government. But this is a path of destruction and moral bankruptcy. I do want to help helpless people but I do not want to help make anybody helpless.

Unfortunately, the purpose of the progressives running today’s Federal Government appears to be to convince people that it is OK if they are nothing because the feds are something and the feds will make it all better after the people all elect to be helpless.

I prefer to keep the dollars I earn and I suspect that you prefer to keep the dollars you earn. Only a progressive would want our earnings to be confiscated as taxes by the government, and then delivered to those who caught the bait. 

I cannot in good conscience take a dime from these people and I certainly cannot accept the limit from anybody who wants to affect my position on helplessness and conservatism in general. Big progressive donors would like your next Congressman or Senator, no matter where you are from, to make it easy for you not to work. Then, they can provide some crumbs from government’s big fat table until they think you owe them a favor. These donors, to repeat, help make people helpless, I don’t want these people anywhere close to me, and so I don’t want their big donations to my campaign.

But, I will take your $5.00 bills and up to $100 to the extent you can afford it. I will do this because I learned the hard way a year ago that I can’t win an election without some campaign financing because the people will not vote for anybody that the people do not know.

Vote for me because I am the man you want to help make America strong again. Check out the rest of this Web site to learn all about why I am the right person for US Senator from Pennsylvania. At the very least, even if you think it is audacious that a person from High Street in WIlkes-Barre, a noted poor neighborhood, please do not vote for Robert P. Casey, Jr. He has proven that he represents the worst that America can deliver.  

I do promise that I will work as hard as I can to help bring America back to the people. Bob Casey and I are 100% opposites. He is an avowed disciple of Obama and I sincerely beleive that Obama is ruining America.

If you choose to donate and then, even more importantly, if you vote for Brian Kelly for Senate, it is because you have learned that I dislike politicians, especially the dishonest type, but I love Americans. Let's, all of us Americans bring back America as the land of the free and the home of the brave. Let us vow to take back all the liberty we have just recently lost and dip back even further to make this country great again.