Big Government Doesn't Work

The  government of the United States was once run by the people. That is how it was set up and that is how it was intended to be. Today, the national government is so big, way too big, and the leaders are so brash that in many ways they do whatever they want, and we the people can go to well, you know where.

Why would the US government grant over 1.1 million temporary work visas last year to foreign nationals with more than that scheduled for this year? Are we not in a major recession? Why would the US government grant over a million permanent residence documents (green cards) last year with even more to come?  A green card as you may know is an official US document issued by the U.S. government to aliens, allowing them to have permanent residence and to work legally in the United States.


During a debilitating recession, why would a government of the people, with almost 20% unemployed citizens, grant over two million work permits to foreign nationals each year? In three years, the White House can credit without dispute something less than 800,000 new jobs. During the same period over three million new foreign workers got jobs in the US. If they were not employed, they would be deported. Additionally, over three million foreigners here on temporary visas got those visas made permanent. Can the US economy right now afford such benevolence to foreign workers at a time when Americans are without jobs?
What if we just did not give the two million foreigners each year the jobs that were once held by Americans?  That could not help but improve our employment picture. However, the employees of this government do not know they work for the people. They work for the politicians whose only goal is reelection. By their indifference to we the people, every day the government tells us exactly where to go for redress. Unfortunately Satan is not holding any temporary hearings.  It is that simple. And, the atheists are not talking.
It is not my intent to show any disdain for government employees per se. We just have too many of them. Soon, I fear they will outnumber us. Moreover, it is a fact they are often unmotivated and often have delusions of grandeur about the positions they hold for which we pay them a salary often better than our own. Andrew Jackson was very concerned about paid government employees when he wrote: “No man has any more intrinsic right to official station than another. Those who hold government jobs for a long time are apt to acquire a habit of looking with indifference upon the public interests, and of tolerating conduct from which an unpracticed man would revolt.” When we look for answers in government, the point is we don’t see the face of Obama, we see Obama’s decisions in the face of the government employee.
We are only discussing new legal aliens in this short thesis. Of course it is not appropriate in decent circles to suggest that of the 20 million illegal foreign nationals, some of them might be taking American jobs. Yet, I saw a statistic yesterday on mainstream TV that said that if there were just 20 million illegals, and we sent them all home over an appropriate amount of time, over seven million Americans would be re-employed.  I would like to suggest there are really 50 million illegal aliens in this country right now, and I would like anybody to prove me wrong.  They can't!  How many jobs is that?

Our monstrous national government is so big that it sues whole states in court to show its power. How much standing do you think an individual American needing a job has today with this behemoth government when it is so big that it has no fear of taking whole states to court? My bet is a four letter word N-O-N-E!

The US Government in Washington is not kind and docile. It is reckless and demanding and most interested in growing itself out of control. It reminds me of that red squishy thing in the movie, “The Blob!”  Like it says in the theme from “The Blob:” the central government “creeps, and leaps, and glides and slides.”   It grows by leaps and glides and slides into every facet of our lives from light bulbs to one ply toilet paper to the amount of sugar in soft drinks to choosing not to enforce our borders from those who decide to live here with no visa, no green card, and no documentation.  

In fact, the government is so huge and imposing that it is giving many Americans the creeps. Can anything or anybody stop it from consuming everything in sight? Nothing could kill the movie Blob creature no matter how all the stars in the movie tried. Only by accident did the teenage heroes in the movie discover that the Blob was afraid of the chilling effect of the CO2 in fire extinguishers. 

The movie ends with the Blob being frozen stiff first, shrunken, packaged up on ice, flown to the Arctic Circle and then dropped into the tundra with expectations that it would stay dormant for all time. Would it not be nice if we could freeze our big blob government into inaction or at least into submission so that we again could gain control?  It is simpler that you can imagine, and the operative word is V-O-T-E. If you are unemployed because of this government, your vote can literally bring back your job.

The law offices of Ajay K. Arora, of New York City will tell you that H-1B visas and any other US visas are well achievable for foreign students if they choose to use their law firm. They do not look for American students as clients because foreign workers ultimately work for far less money, whether they are legal or illegal. Corporations just love not having to spend their last dime on employees. They also like the fact that foreigners know if they don’t work extremely hard, their apparently benevolent corporate sponsors will turn them over for deportation as soon as a replacement player arrives.   

The H-1B visa is just one of many US visas but it is one of the most annoying for Americans who have prepared for their careers with many years of post high school education. It is also very annoying for their parents with whom they continue to be forced to live. The unemployed do have few choices.

The total-life plan in today’s big government may have influenced some parents to be initially pleased that aspects of Obamacare help them pay for the healthcare of their overage, unemployed children.  Unfortunately, if you ask them straight out, you would find that no parent paid the freight to any University or cosigned the monster Sallie Mae loans so their child could become overage and unemployed, regardless of how inexpensive his or her healthcare insurance may now be.

The Arora firm is just one law firm that makes tons of money making it more comfortable for aliens to enter the US as students, and then later citizens. In tough economic times, each successful Arora client means a recent American college graduate will be unemployed until they choose to downgrade their aspirations. Meanwhile the Arora clients from CountryX with visa or green card in hand, get to brag about enjoying the American Dream. 

There are many law firms such as Arora available to help H-1B visa aspirants (foreign students and foreign workers) to gain their ultimate goal of legal employment in the United States in a professional capacity. Unfortunately, there are no such law firms to help United States students and other citizens who have been discriminated against because of the favoritism our Congress and the monstrous federal bureaucracy give to non-Americans.
What is an H-1B visa?

The H-1B Visa is a nonimmigrant visa. The term nonimmigrant in this context means that the recipient is expected to go home when the visa is completed. But, less than 1/3 of them do go home. Congress created the H-1B visa and its requirement for college educated foreign workers for specialty jobs but then lifted the “temporary” part. Our Congress is tricky like that. Some might call it deceitful and corrupt. Congress thus can tell the people it is temporary since it is a non-immigrant visa but the law means something else.

What about other non-immigrant visa types?

Other non-immigrant visas such as F and J (used by foreign college students and students enrolled in US training programs) do not allow the holder to apply for permanent resident status. These visas clearly are intended for non-immigrant foreign nationals.  Congress created the H-1B visa as non-immigrant visa but as noted previously, the dual intent part is actually un-American.  Among other things, dual intent permits the H-1B visa holder to work in the US as an alien, having promised never to try to become a citizen, yet recognizing that if the alien could be a citizen they would hop on the opportunity, and it would be granted to them without much effort.

So, with H-1B, the “temporary” legal alien knows they can become a citizen very easily but Americans are duped by Congress into thinking these non-immigrants will do their six years of visa work and exit the country, freeing up an American job. But, they never leave, and Congress knows they never leave. As tough as it may be to swallow for an American engineer collecting unemployment, H-1B holders are permitted to file an immigrant application while still holding a non-immigrant visa. This means they are permitted to apply for a green card for permanent immigrant residence, and it will not affect their non-immigrant status.

How can this be? The only reason this visa is typed as “non-immigrant” of course is because the US has elections every two years and Congress wants to be reelected regardless of how they have hurt the American people. In other words, like so many other things, Congress is not the solution here. It is the problem, and this is just another clever lie and another reason why all Americans must vote out even our Senate, and even the whole House if they fail to address this critical jobs issue.
Often the applicant who gains the H-1B visa is already in the US on a student visa (F or J visas). The “specialty” occupations include research and development jobs, scientists, lawyers, engineers, actuaries, financial analysts, architects, doctors and nurses, accountants, computer analysts and programmers, web and graphic designers, and even fashion models.

Yes, fellow citizens, unless you own the company, these are America’s best jobs. Parents wondering why Johnnie or Susie cannot get a job after graduating from college or graduate school now have a major problem solved. You can thank Congress for the H-1B visa scam. While Americans are still losing their jobs, every H-1B visa holder gets some of the best employment the United States can offer.

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