Bob Casey Jr  and the Romanelli Election Scandal of 2006

The Democratic Party leaders knew they had the right name and they were intent on ensuring that the new real Robert Casey would win his 2006 bid for the U.S. Senate. The history of lawsuits filed since then suggests that to assure Casey’s election, they committed a few illegal acts. For many, this is hard to believe but for the rest of us, we continue to ask, who else is going to jail!

In their zeal to elect their man, Bob Casey Jr. from this man’s vantage point, they subverted the most intrinsic right of an American – the right to vote. But, they had it all going for them so why not assure a good guy’s election?  After all, the power structure at the time was in their favor.  Remember, corruption spawns more corruption when opponents are weak.

You see, it is well documented that the power brokers illegally utilized staff members to challenge the nominating petitions of Carl Romanelli of Wilkes-Barre. Some have gone to jail in the famous Bonusgate investigations, but President Nixon, whoops, Bob Casey Jr. has remained unknown and anonymous and quite slippery regarding any blame coming his way.

He is the unknown senator, and his stealth behavior may keep him from getting thrown in the slammer but it should not give him an intrinsic right to gain reelection to the US Senate – just because he thinks we are stupid! Check this out this link for more information.

Carl Romanelli seems to be a good-hearted man. At 5 ft. 5” in height, he once challenged the six foot three Casey to a basketball game in which winner takes all. Romanelli already knew he would lose any match against Casey that was refereed by the fine political class of Pennsylvania – in all branches of government. He lost even when the odds and the facts were in his favor because, I regret to say, Pennsylvania is corrupt. So, so why would Romanelli not try to get a match, any match, that might be completely viewed by the public.

Romanelli was and still is everyman. He is not special and his political ideology may not be anything close to mine. But, he was a real man and he entered a real opportunity that all citizens have afforded to them. This man was a Green Party candidate. I am surely not for Romanelli or the Green party agenda but the Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania native had a right to be on the ballot against Bob Casey Jr. I am pleased to speak for ROmanelli and his constitutional right to run for office against big politics.

The power brokers in the Democratic Party, my party, saw Romanelli as a big threat to Casey’s candidacy, since the Green Party had many points in common with the Democrats. Well, perhaps more importantly, they had less in common with the Republicans. Perhaps, more importantly again, speculation was Bob Casey Jr. would not become a US Senator if Romanelli were permitted to run.  So, he had to be stopped.

Casey, who seems to only like the notion of Democracy when he can use it to assure himself a victory, claims to not have had a role in the dehumanization of Romanelli or the outrage separating Romanelli from his many ballot petitions.

The Casey loving Democrats were so incensed that Romanelli put up such a fight that euphemistically, they not only planned to take his house and property to pay for legal fees and other charges, they executed those plans and could have made a lifetime beggar out of Romanelli. Nobody asked Romanelli if it made him feel as if feel he lived in China because that would not have been politically correct – yet it would be pretty correct for regular Pennsylvanians. More than anything the Chinese may have complained because even they would see that such political actions are wrong, period. They already know Americans are corrupt so the Romanelli / Casey debacle would just give them more fodder for their line of thought.

Ask Bob Casey Jr. if, with such a rising debt, all Pennsylvanians and all Americans should all learn what life in China may be like. Will we call it, “The China Syndrome.” Maybe not, that name is taken. How can Americans take away an American’s right to run for office if he or she has over 55,000 signatures that even the courts say are valid?  It is because the Democrats and the Republicans in Pennsylvania have fixed it that we are boxed in with just the two party system, like it or not. Since all the power brokers are in one party or another, they gang up to injure a citizen or an entity that is not one of their “gang.”

The Ballot Access Battle Casey Won?

In mid June 2011, When Carl Romanelli lost his second appeal about being denied his constitutional right to run in the general election against Bob Casey in 2006, there may have been jubilation at the Casey home in Scranton but Pennsylvanians, both Democrats and Republicans had no reason for joy . On June 29, 2011, Randy LoBasso, writing for Philadelphia Weekly hit it on the head when he wrote:

“ In fact, back in 2006, Pennsylvania was called one of the worst places – in the world! – to have a free election, according to the Helsinki Accords. Part of that includes the fact that Republicans and Democrats need just 2,000 signatures to get on a statewide ballot while independent and thirty-party candidates are required a fable-worthy 67,070.”

Pennsylvania’s antiquated laws not only hurt Pennsylvanians at all levels from providing competition for entrenched politicians in our state government elections, they affect our national elections. I can see a day when citizens from other states pressure Pennsylvania lawmakers to change our laws to stop national elections from being corrupted from the scum in Pennsylvania. What a legacy our state legislatures bring home to us. Before that happens, Pennsylvanians should do something about ballot access. Please!

On March 9,  ODIHR (Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights) released a report on the U.S. election of 2006. The report singles out Pennsylvania for its unfair elections. Did I ever tell you that 2006 was when Senator Casey was elected?

Please note this in this election Robert P. Casey Jr. used the influence of the Democratic Party and perhaps some Republican cohorts who like the status quo, to deny Carl Romanelli, a green party candidate, his constitutional right to run for office in Pennsylvania.

Two years earlier, the state’s Democrats did their best to deny Ralph Nader his opportunity.  So, our sitting Senator was the direct beneficiary of unfair tactics and to assure his election, like Jeremiah Wright and Barack Obama, he pretended he did not know it was going on. He is a very effective, “unknown senator.”

Pennsylvania is not getting better at protecting voters rights. In fact, Some of the most popular third parties, say they faced concentrated efforts to get their party knocked off the ballot statewide in Pennsylvania in 2008 and 2010. Perhaps Pennsylvanians should recall all of our legislators until we can become as American as America permits. Get the scum out of our counties and out of Harrisburg. More importantly perhaps, let us not send scum to Washington ever again.

After OJ was acquitted and Casey Anthony was acquitted, many of us have understandable disdain for the legal system.  For your information, in June 2011, Romanelli’s lawsuit was decided and the people are the big losers.

It did not matter in the lawsuit to the court that a member of the Republican Party running for Senator would need just 2000 signatures on his nominating petition. It did not matter to the court that a member of the Democratic Party running for Senator would need just 2000 signatures on his nominating petition. It did not matter to the court that Robert P. Casey Jr., a Democrat running for Senator needed just 2000 signatures on his nominating petition. It did not matter to the court that in Pennsylvania, Casey’s opponent, Rick Santorum, a Republican, needed only 2000 signatures on his nominating petition. 

It also did not matter to the court that Carl Romanelli, a nobody from Wilkes-Barre PA needed about thirty-five times more signatures than either Santorum or Casey (67,070) because of a well schemed Pennsylvania ballot access law that helps Republicans and Democrats eliminate a challenge from anybody not locked into their slimy system.

By the way, even though over 100 state employees were involved and were paid in Bounsgate, and after the Grand Jury found that between 2004 and 2006 alone, Pennsylvania House Democratic Caucus employees were secretly paid $1,641,550 in taxpayer money as compensation for working to elect Democratic candidates, the courts said that none of that mattered in the Romanelli case.  Wow! Corruptus et annuncio!

You simply won’t believe this. Guess who the Treasurer of the State of Pennsylvania was at that time and guess who still is suspiciously silent on the matter. He is an ostensibly, “unknown senator.”  Why would the unknown / anonymous senator not be professing his innocence from Scranton to Washington on a regular basis?  Despite the stealth senator’s silence, Ralph Nader, one of those affected by scandal, thinks Robert P. Casey, Jr. whose very fabric could be used in US stealth technology, should be investigated.

As upset as anybody could be about anything, after being denied his rightful place on a Pennsylvania ballot for President, Ralph Nader wrote a letter to the FEC noting that that the Grand Jury’s findings, if true, constitute knowing and willful violations of federal campaign finance law, which is punishable by both civil and criminal penalties. Bob Casey Jr. was the State Treasurer at the time. He signed the “Bonusgate” checks. But, as usual, he was unavailable for comment as he is the “unavailable senator.” 

“The message of the Democratic Party’s challenge and the court’s ruling is this: if you’re a third party or independent candidate, you risk being punished with personal bankruptcy just for trying to run for office,” said Liz Arnone, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States, at the time. “Pennsylvania’s outrageously prohibitive signature requirement and assessment of legal fees, if the signatures are successfully challenged, are meant to intimidate anyone outside the Democratic and Republican parties from running.” Take this link for more informationon the state of ballot access in Pennsylvania.  Those who want to help bring Pennsylvania’s ballot access laws down to earth might check out this link.  

So, Romanelli, a regular guy with a regular job needed just under 70,000 according to Pennsylvania law (67,070). Having run for Office, I know that the best I can do is get about 10 signatures per hour when combing the neighborhoods with a list that tells me who is a D and who is an R. I want all Pennsylvanians to know that means in just a three week window before the primary election, people like me, who choose to run for US Senator must get 2000 valid and indisputable signatures on their nominating petitions to be accepted in Harrisburg before midnight on the last day. Whoops, they must be in by 5:00 PM so the three week thing is a bit short in real time. 

Calculating my theoretical maximum, that gives us a high average of 0 per hour times twenty-four hours -- times 21 days = 5040. When I did this last time, the best I did was 6 per hour because most people do not answer their doors if they do not know you. Besides that, if we use the full 21 days, it does not permit me to verify and arrange the petitions, have them notarized at a several hundred dollar cost to me, and drive them to Harrisburg, wait in line behind all the other candidates since they cannot be dropped off at Voter Registration in anybody’s home town even if those folks are not busy.

So, if I were to not sleep and not use anybody else to get my signatures, I could get just 5,040 signatures in the three week window permitted for a D or an R candidate. My friends advise me that the Democrats will scrutinize every signature and work with the courts and Bob Casey Jr. to throw out as many of my signatures as they can. They look for smudges or apparent misspellings, and they smile each time they find one. I a not suggesting they create the smudges but with all those Harrisburg employees getting paid for Casey, you tell me what their orders are!  Let’s simply compare the salary with the W-2 amount and just check those people. What do I know?

You may know that our laws prevent a Green Candidate cannot from running in the primary in Pennsylvania because our lawmakers are not interested in not getting elected.  As taxpayers, we should not rest til we change that. Democrats or Republicans who win a primary need zero petition signatures to get on the general election ballot. However, other parties, such as the Green Party need at least 67,070. How is that fair?

How many signatures can a green candidate get.  They can begin getting signatures some time after the primary but they must be finished some time before the general election. All of the times and dates are set by the legislature. 

So, let’s say the Green candidate does not sleep and they work from February to November to get signatures. That means they can get up to 10 times 24 times the # of days involved (28 in February plus 31 in March, 30 in April, 31 in May, 30 in June, 31 in July, 31 in August, 30 in September, and 31 in October. =  271 days times 10 signatures per hour times 24 hours = 240 X 273 = 65,520 signatures.

So, the conclusion that a reasonable prudent person should reach is that since 67,070 are required, no Green candidate can run without getting help from somebody else. It is infeasible that a candidate can achieve more than 65, 520 signatures since they have no more time to do so. 
What does that prove when the idea of a petition signature is for somebody to vouch for the candidate? Who has 67,070 friends or relatives? Anybody who loves fairness must conclude this system is not fair, and the rest of the 13 colonies would have fought a revolutionary war against Pennsylvania if the Founders knew the aberrations Pennsylvania would make to our precious constitution.

Please note that if Romanelli were able to get 11 signatures per hour and he required no sleep, could hold no job, and he were able to assure that all people would open their doors when knocked upon, and they would be kind enough to not refuse his request to sign his petition, his 67070 number was theoretically achievable.

However, unless Romanelli were an iron man, he would be dead attempting to do this full-time as no human could endure such stress. “In this case, Casey would have won anyway so what is the big deal if Romanelli killed himself trying to get on the ballot?” Only a Democrat, insensitive to the people but pretentious enough to suggest he is more attentive to the needs of the people than anybody else, would say so what if Romanelli is dead if Casey can win.” I rest my case and I am a Democrat.

Let’s pile on a little. It also means that Romanelli would not be able to have any signatory use an abbreviation such as WB for Wilkes-Barre or a format of the date different than the one prescribed, or be a letter off in any of the items on the line. And if all, 65,520 signatures were perfect, the irony is that Romanelli or any other Green Party candidate would lose because they still would need 67,070 signatures that were perfect. Do you see how ridiculous Pennsylvania’s laws are? Despite all odds, the Romanelli team garnered 95,544 signatures. Wow!

Nobody running for any office in Pennsylvania should need to hire other people to get signatures for them so that they can meet the restrictive ballot access laws in Pennsylvania.  The laws are written so that nobody but a hard-core machine politician can ever be presented to the people in an election. How bad is that?

It did not matter to the court that Romanelli got over 90,000 signatures, a herculean effort to get on the ballot. Obviously he had help but the system and the courts makes one need help. It is not very fair but that did not matter to the courts, who ignored all of the arguments that Romanelli had been denied his constitutional rights.  Amazing how the judge did not see it but any thinking person in Pennsylvania can see it. What does that say about our great stte, in terms of the housecleaning it needs. I wonder if one of the judges was in the crew that took the big raise when the people said no years ago. Pennsylvania is not only the land of taxes. It is the land of corruption and it is time for that to end at the state level and in Washington.

It did not matter, and in fact the court admitted that it took into consideration the fact that at the time he benefitted from Bonusgate, when Bob Casey Jr.was running for the Senate, he was the PA State Treasurer who approved for years the Bonusgate payments to hundreds of employees engaged in taxpayer fraud. “That did not matter!” What?

It did not matter that Casey’s office authorized payment to government employees to work against Romanelli to get him off the ballot. It did not matter that Bob Casey’s name was on the checks to those who served so faithfully in “Bonusgate.”  Yet, according to the court, Romanelli’s constitutional rights were not violated in its 2011 ruling.

It did not matter that of the 95,544 signatures Romanelli submitted, by February 2007, Commonwealth Court Judge James R. Kelley had already ruled that Romanelli from Wilkes-Barre, was exactly 8,931 signatures shy of the 67,070 he needed to qualify as a minor-party candidate in Pennsylvania. The Democratic Party hierarchy had successfully eliminated enough signatures to keep the Pennsylvanian from challenging Casey.

Let’s simply subtract 8931 from 67070, the minimum for Romanelli to gain general election ballot status according to the bogusgate laws set forth by our corrupt legislature. This tells us that the Kelley court had found that just 58,139 signatures were considered valid. These remained after over 37,405 signatures were voided by the courts because the court said they were not proper. I recall hearing ROmanelli on a local radio show telling the listeners that he was not able to examine those signatures that were cast aside by the courts. As I recall, he suspected the judge had not looked at them either.

Despite the fact that the number of signatures required by the legislatures was so immense that nobody could have determined their validity in a fair and just way in an acceptable time frame, and that without the taxpayer funds used illegally against Romanelli, such a huge number could never have been proven wrong, the courts said none of those facts mattered.

What? None of that mattered? Are you kidding?

Thus, according to the court, Romanelli did not have his constitutional rights violated. I suspect that most taxpayers have a different opinion of the matter as I do. I wonder what tricks ole Bullet Bob Casey has in store for me. Whoops, I did mean Ballet Bob Casey.  I keep asking people to watch the census of all prisons to see if a guy with my name appears on the list if Casey uses the usual method to win. Help me then, if you can.

I submit to you that with 58,139 verified and valid signatures, which is 29 times greater than the number that Casey and Santorum needed to get on the ballot, Romanelli should have received satisfaction from the courts instead of contempt and punishment. 

To make his life miserable so he would just go away and not bother a nice guy like Bob Casey, he was assessed over $80,000 in penalties simply for trying to get on the ballot. His constitutional rights clearly had been abrogated. He was denied ballot access in Pennsylvania. Everybody has an opinion. My opinion is that by permitting this to happen, our legislators and the PA courts committed a grievous sin against all Americans and especially all Pennsylvanians. The Founders would not be pleased with Pennsylvania on this one.

Bob Casey Jr, claims to not have perpetrated this scam. Like many issues, Casey slipped into his disguise as the “unknown senator,” and he is “sine qua non” on his involvement. I don’t buy it for a second. Lawyers like to say he knew or should have known. Would Bob Casey Jr. not have been a big man to take the Romanelli’s side and say as most human beings would feel – twenty-nine times the number of valid, verifiable people vouching for him should have been enough to get him on the ballot. Bob Casey Jr. and Rick Santorum should have taken every PR opportunity to get Romanelli on the ballot rather than accepting an illegal and illegitimate scheme to keep him off. All of us would have higher opinions of both these gentlemen if they stepped up to the plate for a fellow Pennsylvanian.

I know I said this but it bothers me so much that I must say it again. While the court was making all these negative Romanelli decisions, it did take into account and it admitted that it took into consideration that Bob Casey Jr. was the Treasurer of the state when these shenanigans took place.

When he was running for the Senate, he was the PA State Treasurer, and it was certainly his office that authorized payment to government employees to work against Romanelli to get him off the ballot. Casey clearly became a US Senator as a result of their work.

The Bonusgate convictions reflect the goings on at the time. Yet, during this time, the “unknown senator” was invisible.  According to the court, Romanelli’s constitutional rights were not violated. At times like this, I wish instead of being a thousandaire, I was a millionaire because I would help Romanelli take this up a tick to appeal it ultimately to the Supreme Court.

Pennslyvania needs to be ashamed of itself and because of that Pennsylvanians need to understand their state lawmakers’ positions on ballot access. Ask your representative and your senator what they think about ballot access? 

If we the people choose not to engage, we will be subject to rule by the political class until there is no Pennsylvania and no America. Bob Casey and Barack Obama are leading us in that direction. Let us not follow these pied pipers but instead let us think for ourselves as the facts are, as Richard Nixon would say, perfectly clear. It’s us or them. Our legislators are not on our side. Ask Carl Romanelli.

The Pennsylvania state legislature should never again be the reason why democracy cannot be practiced in Pennsylvania. So, if you are reading this, call your PA legislators right now to change such a law that permits Pennsylvanians such as Carl Romanelli Jr. not only to be dismissed from a valid candidacy, but because he challenged the elite decisions, to also have his home on the line as the state has exacted such a fine on Romanelli, it is obscene.

But, Romanelli did violate the credo of the big PA political bosses. Whether the state has the right to take the house of a person in Pennsylvania who has the guts to run against all odds against a crafty, well connected politician is something that the people will decide the next time we citizens all vote.

Nobody in Pennsylvania should have to tolerate anything like what happened to Carl Romanelli. But, again that may be seen by my opponents as a diversion from the matter at hand, which of course is whether yours truly, is worthy of your support against Bob Casey, Jr.

If Bob Casey Jr. were in charge of a diversion to deflect state funds to state-paid perpetrators working against Romanelli’s right to be a candidate, would Pennsylvanians still love the Scranton magnate?  With what many of us see as a diversion, perhaps it should be the authorities, instead of pro-life groups, who picket in his front yard on this coming Christmas Eve, as has happened in the past.

To give some more history on this case, Romanelli, who I do not particularly like or dislike, had filed an appeal to a lawsuit to air out his claim that he was a victim of orders given by the Casey campaign to assure he could not run for the Senate.  He lost in June 2011. Too bad!  Don’t worry!  I am already looking over my shoulder as they can do the same to me. 

The neat thing about Casey’s run for the Senate is that as the Treasurer of the State of Pennsylvania, finishing up his Treasurer duties while his campaign was in full bloom, he got to decide which bills/invoices were paid and which were not paid. The people who helped rule out Romanelli’s candidacy, a purely political operation, not a state operation, were paid by the state in the form of bonuses (look up Bonusgate). All checks were signed by Casey but as the “unkown treasurer,” he was not photographed in the act.

Romanelli asserts these state workers were working for the Casey campaign, not the people of Pennsylvania, while Bob Casey, Jr. was writing them checks from the taxpayer’s treasury for their fine work on his behalf in keeping Carl Romanelli Jr. off the ballot for US Senator. These are grievous assertions and all Pennsylvanians must gain an opinion about this matter. Bob Casey of course, as the “unknown treasurer,” and the “unknown senator” has never told a lie but is his silence on the matter, an admission of guilt or innocence?

You make the call!

Will he do the same to me?

Please watch what happens as powerful people remain powerful, and in Pennsylvania, remember the laws will continue to support these power brokers, unless you vote them out. So, make sure you know where PA legislators stand on voter access, whether you like Bob Casey, Brian Kelly, Carl Romanelli or nobody. Then, if they are not where you are vote them the heck out! Thank you.

So, what do you think? What Casey did to this guy for merely trying to run for office in my opinion is nothing less than a sin against God and America?  Please check the prison population census daily when I announce my candidacy and if you find me locked up, please come to help.

The leaders of the Party, including two state representatives charged as part of the Bongusgate scandal, utilized more than 100 state employees-- working on state time – to scour through Romanelli’s petitions to find reasons to challenge the signatures, according to the suit.

They succeeded in negating roughly 37,405 of the 94,544 signatures Romanelli obtained, forcing him off the ballot for the November 2006 general election. Did that help or hurt democracy?

So, in the game of “whose the treasurer in PA,” a non Bob Casey once won on the reputation of Bob Casey Sr.  Ironically, the Treasurer of PA at the time Romanelli was victimized by staff paid by the PA Treasury, was a non Bob Casey Sr. trying to become US Senator. I keep saying this because I cannot believe the “unknown senator” is still able to deflect this as if he did nothing.

State Treasurer Robert Casey, same name as the fraud, at the time, had the power to stop Romanelli in his tracks by using state employees, and he or his staff or both managed to get Romanelli off the ballot. It was either our Bob Casey Jr. or his staff who OK’d payment to the perpetrators. Did Bob Casey Jr. actually commit such an abhorrent action when he was treasurer?  You make the call.

If he did, then the then US Senator from PA, also a non-Bob Casey Sr., seemingly used tactics of which the real Bob Casey Sr. or the Founders would not have approved.

Check out the Times Leader for more information.