If Casey Is pro-life, why does he vote the other way?

Senator Robert P. Casey Jr. claims to be pro-life; but is he pro-life? If he is pro-life then one would expect the major pro-life organizations to be supporting him. But, they are not. Instead, they are gunning for him? For all of the good Casey does for Obama, why do you suppose that Miguel H. Diaz, and not Pat Casey, the Senator’s brother, was appointed as Ambassador to the Holy See?  Some pro-life organizations several years go saw Pat Casey as a shoe-in for the position and yet it did not happen.

Around the same time as the flurry about Pat Casey was happening, and Scranton’s Bob Jr. was ready to sell out his Catholic stock, an unknown Bishop with an Italian surname exactly the same as a new Congressman from Scranton PA was complaining to the newspapers, to the TV, and surely to the papacy that Senator Casey and Vice President Biden, who loves saying he is from Scranton, PA were not acting like Catholics.

And so, a battle between church and state seemed to be a sure thing unless one backed down, and soon. Unfortunately it seems the Bishop was unarmed as the church, when trying to deflect a lot of other bad press, let him hang out to dry and requested his resignation without the rest of the plebeians having any idea that a senator and a VP were so powerful.

The next notable event in Northeastern PA was that the Bishop mysteriously resigned and was replaced by a fine Bishop who understands the meaning of the term “amelioration.” It seemed like Casey and Biden had thin skin so they waged a battle with the Catholic Church about whether they were good Catholics or not. Surprisingly, they won.

From their perspectives, perhaps they had to insist that President Obama take action as this particular Bishop seemed to be preparing to withhold communion from both of these “perpetrators,” due to what appeared to be their anti-life actions in office. If the Bishop acted, both Biden and Casey would be embarrassed publicly.

So, do we live in secularist society when political pressure can cause a Bishop’s permanent retreat from duty?  Bishops are a big deal in the Catholic Church, and most Catholics would think they are beyond being affected by anything political in nature.  You make the call.

With every gift, however, often there is a price that is not always enumerated when the gift is given. Perhaps the gift of the Bishop disappearing was in exchange for the pulling back of another gift. Did Pat Casey, a good man who appeared destined to become the Ambassador to the Vatican lose his privilege because his brother needed a Bishop off his back?  It is all supposition and nobody in the know is interested in revealing the truth to the public. If our representatives can remove Bishops from the chessboard of American life, what chance do you think we pawns have in influencing the behavior of such god-like public officials? That is why I am running for the Senate – for we the people. Watch what happens to me.

There are many people lined up to vouch that the Senator is a great guy. Since I do not know him personally, I cannot figure out why he is so great to so many. If it were not for his record, and his deep admiration for the President, perhaps I would not have a negative feeling either. Sorry! I see a man who perhaps they do not see. I see a man who is evasive, nondescript, and mostly absent from duty while on the battlefield. It’s how I see it.  And I see a man who is two-faced on pro-life. I see a man who is well described as the “unknown senator.” 

If he is really pro-life, do you think there really would have been a pro-life protest in front of the Casey home on days leading up to Christmas Eve when Obamacare was to be passed?  To my surprise, the very progressive / liberal Scranton times covered the event but they downplayed it. Yet, they did cover it. But some bloggers missed the coverage. If the Times / Tribune prints it, it’s news. Laura Legere, Times Staff Writer put out a column on December 22, on one of the days of the multi-day pro-life vigil at the Casey home. Click here to read the column.

Randall Terry, a major pro-life activist did not see the Senator’s actions as innocuous as reported by Ms. Legere. In a letter to supporters, Terry gave the reason for the vigil as: “Because Casey is in the midst of a carefully choreographed dance of treachery and deceit… 

Terry continued:

“The word on the hill is that Casey will vote for cloture that means he will vote AGAINST a filibuster that would kill the bill. The Dems need 60 votes to end the filibuster. They have already bought Leiberman; they are trying to buy Casey and Nelson right now.  In other words, when he votes against the filibuster, it INSURES THAT THE BILL WILL PASS. Then like only a true hypocrite and deceiver he will vote against the bill.”

The rationale for the 2009 protest was that the abortion-permitting health care bill may have come up for a vote on Christmas Eve. Our own Casey / Obama would then have had to vote for the tax-payer funding of the murder of babies on that day, Christmas Eve, when the Christ Child was born. Or, of course he could simply vote for cloture, and, like pilate, wash his hands of any guilt.  These are some of the reasons why Casey is not the darling of the pro-life movement.

Surely as Batman would have had to go back to being Bruce Wayne, in December, 2009, it was time for Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr. to again become the “unknown senator.”

To gain a better appreciation for the terms used on the web by bloggers, and to learn a bit more about the trust factor in using news from blogs vs. the mainstream media, consider taking this link:

Lifenews notes that “Since his election, Casey has received just a 50 percent grade from the National Right to Life Committee covering numerous votes on abortion, abortion funding and other issues such as limiting the political free speech rights of pro-life organizations.”  To read more about Lifenews, click here.

A blogger tried to solve the dilemmas surrounding Casey by making some sense out of Casey’s problems with the pro-life activists. The best the blogger could offer was that “his father must be going nuts.”   Far enough from Christmas to avoid another holiday protest, Casey / Obama eventually voted for Obama’s bill in March 2010, though all pro-life organizations were against it.

So, should the Senator be challenged on calling himself pro-life? I think so.  Apparently so do the people who work for life day in and day-out. Casey, who works for Obama day-in, and day-out, may not have heard their message or the screams of the charred babies.

Michael Savage calls a spade a spade and therefore many people like him. For the same reason, many people do not like him.  Casey / Obama and Barack Hussein Obama appear to many to be one and the same person. So, if you do not like one, you should not like the other and vice versa.  One spends time in Scranton and the other in Chicago though they are one and the same. So, when you hear about Casey, think Obama, and when you think Obama, think Casey!

Savage was pining in mid-summer that he had seen the race card being used in the new and improved Obama campaign in his words, “for a month and a half now.” That would make it late July 2011. The following Savage quote is from NewsMax:

“Every other word out of [Rep.] Maxine Waters mouth or one of the other members of the Congressional Black Caucus is that the white people are racists, the people in tea party are basically racist and Nazis. This is crazy rhetoric coming out of a party. I’ve never seen anything like it,” he said. “And for Jimmy Hoffa Jr. to say take them out, this is a declaration of war.”

Savage was referring to recent comments that Waters made at a town hall meeting that “the tea party can go straight to hell.”

Feel free to read more on Newsmax.com: Michael Savage has a new Novel 'Abuse of Power.'

Of course Bob Casey cleared up the issue for Pennsylvanians when he offered no comment. Bob Casey / Obama may really be the one and only, “unknown senator.” Surely, this well oiled Casey tactic of hiding whenever there is a matter he should either defend or assert the contrary, is planned to help provide him cover for his next bid for reelection.   

One of the pro-life groups that wants Casey eliminated (not in the Jimmy Hoffa Jr. sense) because he is pro-Obama (pro-choice), created a major ad to influence Casey in the Obamacare debate. It shows that the father would not approve of the son.

The ad reads:

‘In a landmark speech, the late Governor Robert Casey, Senior said

“Nothing could be more foreign to the American experience than legalized abortion. It is inconsistent with our national character, with our national purpose, with all that we’ve done, and with everything we hope to be.”

But right now, Robert Casey, Junior is poised to vote in the Senate for a health care bill with federal funding for abortion. The bill will result in more abortions—abortions that Americans will be required to finance. Senator Casey, trading the lives of unborn children for a health care bill is inconsistent with our American character.’

‘ “The abortion debate is not about how we shall live, but who shall live. And more than that, it’s about who we are.” Contact Bob Casey, Junior today and tell him to vote NO on any health care bill that funds abortion. Paid for by Susan B. Anthony List, Inc. ‘

Casey Junior chose not to listen and Obamacare is now the law of the land.

Casey voted against pro-life and for Obamacare.

The inspirational speech by Governor Bob Casey, Sr. referenced in the ad was delivered at a University of Notre Dame commencement ceremony in 1995. Back then even Notre Dame felt comfortable supporting the unborn.
Marjorie Dannenfelser, the president of the pro-life group, talked with LifeNews.com about the new ad when it was run. She said the following:
“Senator Casey, who calls himself pro-life, will soon have the opportunity to vote against the greatest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade,” she said.

“The question is, will he see the illogic of his position that ‘health care’ could ever include abortion?" she continued. "Will he put his party’s ideology ahead of the lives of innocent unborn children? The decision to oppose this bill would have been a no-brainer for Governor Casey. Bob Casey, Sr. would have supported the idea of health care reform, but never at the expense of the little guy – the unborn child."

There is a NARAL banquet in Bob Casey Sr.’s history. To show his devotion to pro-life and his disdain for those who would kill babies in the womb, I repeat some of the story here. The late Governor Robert Casey of Pennsylvania was one of many Democrats who were appalled by the many candidates' performance at a NARAL banquet.

Casey Sr. had signed a PA law restricting abortion that eventually was upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. He thought the Democratic Party’s stance on abortion was wrong in principle--and also politically suicidal. He accused the "special interests" who controlled the party of insisting on "a litmus test on abortion. . . . And every four years, those same special interests lead the misguided Democratic Party right off the same cliff."

In other essays on this site, we have discussed Casey Sr.’s rejection by the Clintons at the 1992 Convention. Party leaders demonstrated the same determination to squelch dissent as they had shown in the past in 1976. For example, the same thing happened when Ellen McCormack was denied even a small space on the convention floor to distribute pro-life literature. In 1984, the National Right to Life Committee PAC tried to place an ad in the Democrats' convention guide, claiming the pro-life vote "can be your margin of victory." The ad was rejected because, an official pointed out, it conflicted with the party platform.

Most Democrats in Pennsylvania are not for the nasty, baby-killing, mom-destroying platform endorsed by national Democratic leaders. Bob Casey Sr. would not be swayed. His son, Casey / Obama, thinks for himself, and that will be his demise as people learn he may be related to Bob Casey Sr. but that is as far as it goes. They are not of kin in their thinking.

Before we move on to other areas on this site, such as a pure and simple introduction to my platform bullets, let’s wrap up this informational piece on the thinking of Bob Casey Jr. I hope that like me, you too think that discussing your opponent’s record is a valid act so that you can set yourself apart from the incumbent’s philosophies.

Here is another tempter about what people say about Senator Casey. They say that despite the rampant rumors that Senator Chuck Schumer had assured Hillary Clinton that Casey was not really pro-life, the good people of Pennsylvania made him their Senator, throwing out Rick Santorum, the kind of pro-lifer who actually opposes abortion. Was Chuckie telling the truth? Check this out:

“In Casey's first year in office, he voted in favor of an amendment to a foreign appropriations bill introduced by the fanatically pro-abortion, and powerful Senator, Barbara Boxer that overturned U.S. policy against providing taxpayer money to groups that perform abortions overseas. It also granted overseas abortion providers taxpayer money. There's a ‘pro-life Democrat’ for you. Did Bob Casey have to please the nasty Barbara Boxer instead of Pennsylvanians? Perhaps he did so to please Barack Obama, his buddy!

Unfortunately, I hate liars. There are many more Democrats who are guilty of the exact same hypocrisy as Casey. But as one opinionist noted, almost all of them are Marxists, so they don’t wear pro-life on their chests like Casey. They do not try to gain the pro-life vote by lying about their pro-life stance.

Here are a few more quotes that I found on the blogosphere:

“He votes the pro-abortion agenda. He’s a disgrace to his church.”

“He’s a stealth pro-life candidate. He’s a disgrace to the pro-life community.”

 He says that “Sen. Bob Casey is worthless.”

Posted by Sherman Frederick
Monday, Aug. 08, 2011 at 04:56 PM

“In one of the saddest e-mails I have received of late (save the almost daily ones I get from Sen. Harry Reid, of course), Sen. Bob Casey of Pennsylvania sent this platitude-filled bag of horse apples.

It was entitled "Time for Action on Jobs".

Really? Is it time now? Cause if you're not sure, Bob, how 'bout we wait another half year just to make sure.

Jeez, do these politicians know how stupid they sound when they write stuff like this.”

Thank you for your attention. I think the people of Pennsylvania should get to know Bob Casey Jr. by his record.

If I had his record, I know I would not be smiling, and I would not be getting Bishops in my church fired simply because they see me the way they see Bob Casey Jr. Is he a good man? You make the call!

Remember, I am running to replace this elitist rogue, lace curtain Irish Bob Casey. My roots are shanty Irish and I had the nerve to begin working at five years old and I have still not stopped. I learned early on that if you didn’t work, you had nothing to spend. 

I love America and Americans and anything that is not for the good of Americans will be the first things that I target for removal from government when you favor me with your vote and I am your US Senator.

I welcome your support and when I am looking for targets, I welcome your help!