The burden is on the people

Can you believe what the President and our representatives have been doing to US over the last three years? If we were to call them by name, the list would include Obama and Casey.

We have had the worst of the worst—bailouts, porkulus, debt, deficits, de-facto cap and trade energy tax, excessive regulation, offshoring, Obamacare, rampant socialism, redistribution, illegal immigration, immigrant preference for American jobs, government control, and worse than all of that, no apparent interest in solving our economic dilemma or the lack of jobs and the dilution of the wage scale.

What a legacy for Congress and the Administration. It is a wonder how Obama has managed to maintain double digit approval for such a dismal record. He now tries to keep his distance from Congress but most smart members of Congress are keeping their distance from Obama. Even Bob Casey Jr. chose not to be with the President when he came to Scranton, Casey's home city, in late 2011. 

The list of bad policies goes on but you already know the list. Though the question is hackneyed from overuse, let me say it anyway as it is very important for us not to forget. "Is it not time that we the people take back our government and make it work for US again?" Our first objective as voters and as regular people in America must be to remove all corrupt politicians from office.

If you can find a politician that is not corrupt, I would say, look again. It seems to me that just about all office hoders are tainted, and this sorry lot is clearly not doing the job.

Back in 2010, I saw corruption in my backyard from my own elected Congressional representative from Northeastern PA. He said it was all legal and the House panel gave him an OK but the people knew that the chicanery was more than just simple mistakes. I knew that if anybody else got elected, the corruption would end, so I chose to run for Congress against this 13-term incumbent.  A Republican, Lou Barletta won in our legislative territory and the thirteen term reign was ended. Few could have had as good a set of connections as out thirteen termer. He had to be stopped or there would be nothing left in either the National Treasury or the borrowers' pool.  

Now, Pennsylvanians have a big government guy in the US Senate. And, so again, I find myself entering the foray to replace this man who has become a rubberstamp for President Barack Obama. He votes against Pennsylvanians whenever Obama needs the votes. Though he probably is an otherwise nice guy, my aim is to defeat Robert P. Casey, the Senior Senator from Pennsylvania. He has not served us well. The people of Pennsylvania have a right to honest and sincere and competent representation.

For this reason, I am pleased to submit my name for your consideration. I am sure you will find that I have the three qualifying attributes noted immediately above. Let me repeat them. The people of Pennsylvania have a right to honest and sincere and competent representation.  Besides that, I love America; and I think it is about time that we have representatives in Washington that are for Americans first. 

Government has already grown too large, and it is growing even larger, with Bob Casey and Barack Obama's help. Its largeness is dangerous to our personal freedom. Bob Casey Jr. loves large government because he and Obama can pretend to be beneficent and munificent with our money. I’d rather not use those big words. I would prefer to be real and honest.

Americans should play on a level field. Foreigners whould not have advantages in hiring practices. Additionally, redistribution must not be used to dampen the true American spirit. I promise no beneficence and no munificence for anybody but I do promise a fair shake for all Pennsylvanians and all Americans. We have not seen that for awhile for sure.

What’s your is yours and I promise not to take it and what is your neighbors is your neighbors, and don’t plan on getting any of that if you elect me as your Senator. I love to say that I am for helping helpless people, but I am not for making people helpless. We are all obligated to help the helpless but it is the biggest of sins to consciously make people dependent and / or helpless so that government assistance is their only option.

In the US, only 53% of adults pay taxes.  That is dangerously close to the point when the receivers determine how much the givers must give. We all should be concerned that once the other 47%, which Obama and Casey have increased from 30% after Bush II, become the 53%. Who then will want to work in this country? Everybody should pay some federal income tax so that all have a stake in the affairs of the country. Even if it is just a few bucks, all should understand the weight of taxation on Americans.

No matter what religion you espouse, taking from your neighbor so you do not have to labor is against that religion. Able bodied people who take from their neighbors, even through the government, may have a big issue when they meet their maker. 

The way I see it is that those who work for the good of all, will more than likely have more of an opportunity for eternal rewards. After all, in addition to carrying the weight of their own lives, they have also carried those not willing to help. My Party, the Democrats have actually encouraged this behavior. Democrats have a knack of creating helpless people out of regular people. It is just too easy today for a person to get a handout that hooks them to government for life. The example shown to  children often creates generations of dependency.

Campaign Goals

I have one major goal and a number of other goals that, upon reflection, are also major. My major goal is to help restore good government to America and restore prosperity to all. It happens to have a lot of sub-goals.

Why is America not energy independent?

Our government actually hates us to use using energy of any kind. One of the big reasons there is an energy shortage is the government does not promote exploration and drilling and in fact does everything it can to assure America is short on energy. We have so enormous amounts of unavailable energy in this country that could quickly be available if government were not in the way.  

If we are permitted facts instead of government's intentional understatements, America’s combined energy resources are, according to a new report from the Congressional Research Service (CSR), the largest on earth. Yes, this supposedly energy deficient nation has the largest energy reserves on earth. Our reserves eclipse Saudi Arabia (3rd), China (4th) and Canada (6th) combined. Russia is the closest to US, and the Russians are doing all they can to maximize the value of energy to their home country while we sit around playing poor boy.   

None of the US reserve estimates include America’s shale oil deposits and, in the future, the potentially astronomic impact of methane hydrates. As an FYI, methane hydrate is sometimes called burning ice because it comes from ice crystals that burn with a beautiful blue flame as the methane (gas) is released. The world's usable methane hydrate is estimated at 10,000 trillion cubic feet and is about twice the total of all known carbon fuel reserves. 

The US is rich in methane hydrate. For example, a pair of relatively small areas off the Carolinas' coasts, each about the size of the State of Rhode Island, shows intense concentrations of gas hydrates. USGS scientists estimate that these areas contain more than 1,300 trillion cubic feet. That is an awful lot. But, the US is not active at all in energy exploration so, until there is an administration change, we will remain energy poor.  

A wise government, with a coherent energy strategy would be making effective use of its natural resources. Instead the Obama administration with full Casey backing have gone to war with the oil industry and are doing everything they can to slow its ability to find and exploit these American resources.   

I advocate a plan to reindustrialize America from top to bottom and this country will need more fuel to host more industry. Government should be helping to achieve to this goal; not contributing to our dependence on the resources of unfriendly countries.

By recreating a vibrant energy sector, we can provide very good paying jobs in industry and in energy for Americans. While we are at it, we can continue to use America's best scientific minds to assure that for each ounce of fuel consumed, we get the most productive use of that fuel. If the fuel is gasoline, that would mean that over time, our vehicles should continue to get more miles per gallon. A country that can send astronauts to the moon, can do a lot more than sit by and be outclassed by countries that use their energy resources to advance their countries. And, while we are using what we have, we should be exploring wind, and solar, and geothermal, and every other alternative on the planet, except gasohol, which we already know doesn't work.

Less fuel for government!

While we are working on getting more energy from our actual fuel reserves, we can use the same notion of fuel efficiency as an effective way to characterize our government. Big government doesn't work. A government that runs on less fuel and less bluster, less narcissism, and less special interests, will help us all in more ways than a government that uses its fuel inefficiently. 

The fuel of government, of course, is our money, confiscated from us by corrupt politicians for their own purposes. Less fuel used by Washington  means lower taxes, limited government, and severely reduced spending. If we choose to provide less fuel for our government, then later generations from our children forward can take notice that we, the people in this generation, took on the challenge of government corruption and we have learned fiscal restraint and responsibility.

In such a country, in contrast to one which takes from thrifty ants to give to slothful grasshoppers, everybody would have more, not less! Government should get nothing to waste, and if it wastes a drop of our precious collective effort, the perpetrators should be prosecuted and at the higher, elected levels, they should be impeached quickly from office and sent home immediately. I think the Founders would approve of that. 

Capture Back America

It is now our turn. In fact, it is our American duty to hold our leaders accountable. When they do not take seriously their oath to uphold the Constitution, our most precious document, we must call them out. The Constitution, in writing, is the one and only document that ensures our freedoms. Every two to six years, we are given the opportunity to deny the lousy office hoders a re-election. This is not a duty to be taken lightly. When scoundrels occupy our government offices, it is our obligation to kick them out and keep only those who represent the will of the people.

Why do such words sound so foreign today? Maybe some of us are not as worthy as citizens and so we too easily forgive our politicians. Consider this caution: If you find your hand outstretched to a politician, even if you know the person, you are behaving no better than a beggar in the market, and unlike the beggar, your intentions are not noble. You are hoping to get something that your neighbor can never get as you have used your paltry influence to deny your neighbor a fair opportunity.

The following applies only to whom it applies, so please do not get upset with me.

If you find yourself ever again in such circumstance, please put your hand back in your pocket. Unless you do, you have become part of the problem, not the solution. Only then, when we behave equally, can we all be equal under God and man. Give to whomever you choose and gain the inherent reward of giving but take only from those who willingly give, and make sure your need is real, and is for the reason that the givers have freely given. Government can neither take nor give honestly.

A cursory study of early American history tells us that this country was not formed to be a progressive / Marxist / socialist nation. People came to America to be free from oppressive governments. America was built from the sweat of rugged individualists, not wimps looking for favor from King George of England. So, it is up to we the people, the greatest constraint against politicians gone wild, to do our job to rein them in and kick them out when they forget US.

The good people of America are the underpinnings of our democracy, and we must be good people, unmoved by the bribes that our politicians would like to hand out. We must take appropriate action when we are not served properly by our legislators. We are obligated not to sit still. We are the grassroots movement that assures democracy can continue. We cannot afford to be the reasons why our democracy collapses.

Tea Party is America-First

Though the corrupt and biased press and the mostly Democratic politicians, who want no check on their power, complain about the great TEA Party movements as anti-American, their words could not be further from the truth. Though maligned by those who want to make America a third-world power, the TEA Party notion is formed from your mothers and fathers and grandparents who have been paying attention. TEA Party people are fair minded and simply can no longer take the stench of Washington, and its corrupt practices. 

The TEA Party is so American that it can be looked at as a modern day version of Frank Capra’s John Doe Society. Many John Does would be willing to leap off tall buildings if it would help save America. But, Americans can win without such self-sacrifice as Capra showed us in “Meet John Doe!”  We win by being good people and by standing up for our country. Whether we know it or not, most of us are TEA Party people, just waiting for the next Tea Tax to show off our stuff.

Are we not all fed up with blatant corruption, crony capitalism, bribery, and self indulgent politicians? Are we not disgusted that today's politicians have no qualms about committing egregious sins against the people, such as the trashing of the Founders most precious legacy, the Constitution?

It is up to US to reclaim our pride, our country, and our America--right now, before it is too late. The TEA party is just one more vehicle--one more weapon if you will, in the people's arsenal. It permits US to join together to fight the powerful forces of corporatism, government, and big union bossism, which when working in concert are destructive to the notion of liberty and individual freedom.

We the people cannot let propaganda diminish our will to be free. We cannot let corrupt and biased media and self-serving corrupt politicians get away with telling us that our parents ever wanted a country in which the takers outnumbered the workers, or a country that those fighting for freedom are summarily maligned so that those who steal freedom have an easier road.

All Americans must support protecting the rights of all other Americans to live freely and independently. Let’s start assuring this by getting out our measuring sticks and paying attention. Let’s compare our liberties as we pass from one political administration to another and let us all measure whether our personal liberties are gradually been eroded. And, of course, let us scream bloody murder, and not give up even an ounce of our freedom to satisfy the agendas of the special interests. 

Can diminishing our liberty be good for America? Obviously, as a measure of our sanity, we must say, "No." In fact, we should say, "Hell no!" Our federal government has gotten too "grabby." It is controlled by the 545 human beings that routinely we select to the Presidency, the House, and the Senate, and also those who are approved to serve on our Supreme Court. Do you think this small cadre of elite Americans has served us well?

Most polls say that we do not beleive they have done us well. Our leaders have not done a good job of taking care of America or Americans. If they had done a good job, we would not be calling them out right here and right now, and this essay would not have had to be written.

This small group of 545, compared with all of the three hundred plus million Americans, who claim no power or prestige, should not, with such a fine and authoritative Constitution, be able to lord over any of US and force we the people into submission. Five hundred thirty six of these leaders are elected by US on a regular basis at two, four, or six year intervals. We enjoy the right to expel the bad ones regularly through the electoral process.

Yet, unfortunately, some of us have become so selfish on our own with our hands out for bigger gifts from these corrupt politicians that to onlookers, we may appear to be no better than those who are in fact, undeserving of welfare. If we cannot see the difference between our taking graft and the poor taking welfare, then let me offer this. The poor must take welfare. Those who choose to gain the favor of politicians rather than turn them in as scoundrels, are lower than the stuff at the bottom of the ocean. Yet, everybody who was once bad and taking can decide to be good and giving, and that would surely be good for America.    

Do we not see or do we choose not to see?  Many of us not only ignore the vices of the corrupt, when they help US, and they choose to ignore somebody much more needy, we promote them to our neighbors to assure their next election. We must correct our own excesses before we should ever expect that our politicians will believe that we are sincere. Until then, the politicians that in our hearts we actually disrespect immensely, will beleive that they have free rein, because we took from them. And if we took from them; they will be right.

There are such personal things that nobody discusses that are granted by having great relationships with politicians. Yet, we know they do not come completely honestly; and they do not come without a cost in our dignity. These include jobs for our children, and our friends and family. Why should our friends and family not all be helped before all other people?  Well, it is because it is wrong. You and I know it is wrong and God knows it is wrong, and our corrupt politicians also know it is wrong. Yet, it helps them get elected, and they know they've got you the moment you accept one of their "gifts.".

Of course there is also the possibility of other more favorable treatment for us, here or there, even if we know such treatment for us is unfair to the rest of Americans. Many of us take what we should not take from a politicallly connected giver who does not own the right to give. For our own gain, we may even choose to disenfranchise those in the local community where we live, simply because they have never met the honorable so and so from such and such.

By having our hands out, when instead we should be admonishing our representatives to do their best, we become part of the problem as we permit the corruption to continue. Many justify it because the whole game is unfair. Yet, in our desire to use our own minimal influence to triumph over the rightful recipent of government help, whether it is a ticket being fixed or a job for a friend, we contribute to making the environment even more unfair than even we can stand when we look at it objectively.

Some of us, in our roles as citizens, have the power to make the game fair. But, if it were fair, would it still be as good for us? Unfortunately, in the backs of our minds, because we sin when we accept largesse and graft from politicians and we know we do, we may choose to forgive the crooked politicans simply because that have been nice to us. Even then, though we have become part of the problem of improper receiving, there is irony in that we may still wonder why we have a crooked government.

How about if we start making it better by operating more fairly in our own lives? We have a right to throw out the bad guys and this should permit our good friends and our good children to compete fairly in a fair world.

Yes, politicians will always have things that they can give to us all, but all of their gifts come with a big price. Through government dictates, these "gifts" have been confiscated from ourselves and our neighbors. Is that really what we want if we examine it properly? Whatever a politician has to give, it is only because the entire community trusts them to administer things fairly. When we become the politician's problem by wanting more than our due, or what our politicians' actually have available in their easy bag, who is the real bad guy in the process? So, perhaps one of our roles is to help our politicians to be more honest, by our being honest, rather than persuading them to go bad.

Let us not become line busters simply because we gave a few extra bucks to the honorable so and so from such and such, while our more needy friends down the street could not afford to do so.

The gift of graft does not flow just to politicians, it also flows from them and that makes their terms of office uninterruptible as even good people think it is OK that life goes on this way. "It's just the way it is!"  Is it OK if  somebody has gained from their illegitimacy as long as we can gain too?

And so, though we do not like to be reminded as in these words, especially if we think we are otherwise holy people, many of us choose to ignore our representative’s unfaithful execution of sworn duty because we have gained so much from their corruptness. Unfortunately, there are many people, perhaps me, and perhaps you, who want all other corruption to end except for the corrupt politician who leans their way. When it comes our way, unfortunately we may not be as excited that a particular corruption should end. Nonetheless it should. 

How can we not see that our leaders, not those of us who they glradly help to assure their reelections, are the greatest stains on America today?  When we are complicit, we are enablers of the politician's continual sins.  Our leaders clearly are to blame for our perils today in America. So, as hurtful as it may be to our own ability to prosper, we must work to bring in new blood--even blood that may not favor us at all. We all know what we must do to be honest. Dishonesty is not one of the things on the list. We are not as dumb as they make us out to be, but once we are on the take, from any source, for the good of America, we must end it as soon as we realize it.  If this essay helps in any way, for that I am thankful.

That means that we must be brave enough to vote against our selfish interests and vote for what is good and right and just for the guy down the street. The government has not yet suspended elections so we have the opportunity to chop off the head of a bad government and replace it with a head that thinks clearly and works for all of the citizens of the country—not just the favored. There are no lords in America other than God, our eternal savior.

When government no longer works for the people, the people have the power in the US to replace the government. It is written in our Constitution, which we all must understand to gain its benefits. Isn’t that wonderful? It all starts of course by paying attention and by not listening to biased news outlets run by corporations looking for government favors.

Our national government unfortunately in recent years has decided on its own that it has more power than the states and the people that live in the states. Based on popular reactions over the last several years, it would certainly appear that neither the people nor the states are going to put up with a change towards a pure progressive Marxism country.

I have not only decided that it is time to speak up and this essay is just a part of my response, I have also decided to run for elected office to help change this disturbing pattern of unbridled federal power.

In the signature of my personal email, I include two quotes that can help us be better people. When we do not hear the sermons in our church for one reason or another, we can still get good sermons elsewhere, and they can help us live truthfully and honestly. Below are two quotes that help motivate me to be a better person.

In these difficult times, remember the words of Edmund Burke: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." 

Alexis de Tocqueville also offers some commentary that fits these times: "Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word, equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude."

Americans want to be free and so to be free, Americans, and I mean all Americans must choose to be good Americans before they can expect their representatives to be good.

From many observations, our Federal Government has been operating in an unconstitutional pattern as reflected by the work of the 2011 / 2012 Senate. The Senate, for several sessions has been in full accord with the first Marxist, progressive socialist President the country has ever seen. One unlawful regulation after another is being brought forth against the people, and the Senate either stands up in support or lets it happen, unchallenged. 

For example, can you tell me the last time that an incandescent light bulb hurt you or anybody else in your family? Can you remember a day that Freon in your AC system created an issue for you or anybody else in America?  Have any of your family members suffered from used car price gouging after the Cash for Clunkers program encouraged Americans with cash to get rid of their clunkers? I know it affected my family. What happened to the Americans without a lot of cash? They had to pay more for their next vehicle while the government destroyed their next opportunity for a "new" car. .

Bogus issues are being brought forth by a power crazed federal bureaucracy to stifle personal power, personal freedom, and personal liberty! Where would you think Pennsylvania's Ben Franklin would stand on such violations of personal freedom? 

The US national government has forgotten that the people of all states, including the people of Pennsylvania are Americans, and none of us are interested in a country that wants to remove freedom, rather than protect it. The Founders never intended for the federal government to dominate the states. In fact, the Constitution was written to protect US from the power grab that has become most manifest in the Obama Administration. When have you ever heard of the federal government suing a state. It could only happen in an administration concerned more about power than the people.

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania’s Senior Senator, Robert P. Casey, Jr. thinks differently than we think. I would suspect that even his dad [RIP] would vote against him in the next election if given the opportunity. Casey thinks that America can do fine by being a second-class power with no energy other than what we can beg from other countries. America, the most energy rich nation in the world is not permitted to make US all energy independent because guys like Bob Casey, and guys like Barack Obama think it is OK that we pay others huge prices for energy so that we might reduce our consumption. How does that make snse from a man who spends more time in a jumbo jet than in the White House?

The Founders of our country gave primary power to the states and they formed a Constitution to deny the Federal Government power over the states. Though the commerce clause is often used as the big loophole in the Constitution to permit a large Federal Government, we know from history this was never the intention of the Founding Fathers. We all know how intrinsically evil it is as we watch the charade in Washington and we hope each day that there is no news and there are no additional freedom-depriving laws. But, most days, we are disappointed!

The fact is that the states have all the power but the feds, because of our poorly schooled and often corrupt national representatives, are taking more and more of our freedom away. The feds, ladies and gentlemen, are represented by our Washington Congressmen and Senators. So, to change what is happening and to give states back the power, we must rid ourselves of these poor excuses for human beings, and elect regular people.

The states have permitted the states' authority to be taken away by Washington elites. This is unconstitutional. If we fully realize that in each election we have the chance to gain more power back to the state government, and we have more opportunities to protect our own freedom, logic suggests we will do exactly that. It is OK to fire bad representatives, even if in the past, they have been our friends. So, what happened?

Somewhere along the way the Congress and the President asserted that the federal bureaucracy of the government—not the people per se—rule  this country. This is called progressivism, and it is a big disease that the President, the Congress and the Senate, both Republicans and Democrats have been spreading for about thirty years and probably longer. It is anti-American.

It must end. While we have the chance, we must throw them all out and quickly, unless they take the pledge on the site. Check out the pledge; see if you like it; and if there are more things that need to be in the pledge, send them to me: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thank you.

Throw the Bums Out -- Stop Government Control Now!

Why should Pennsylvanians want Washington to be in control of our state? You know the answer. We don't! I think it will take a long time before any political party fully gains the trust of the American people, and that is very good. These miserable selfish squanderers have all proven to be un-trustworthy and no national party platform, of which I am aware, includes the word, "trustworthy." That ought to give us all an idea that the current party leaders are either completely untrustworthy, or they have no clue as to how little we trust them.

Nonetheless, by voting ever two, four, or six years, continually, we are in fact in control.

No Party, not even my own, deserves the trust of the American people right now. Americans must all maintain vigilance to assure that the government is never in a position again to hurt us. It is way past the right time to clean up this mess in Washington; but it is not too late.

Let us begin the transition by doing some simple things. First of all, let us stop honoring these scoundrels who have sold America down the river. Let us stop immediately the practice of referring to elected officials as the honorable so and so from such and such. Let them prove their honor in the new realm. Let it not be given ceremoniously, simply because they were elected.

There is a lot wrong with the government of the United States. The people are still OK but there are some who are learning how to game the system from a government that has gone bad. We discussed what we the people must do above. We cannot expect to engender honest politicians when we choose to be dishonest.

At this point, there may be more wrong with our way of life than there is right. It is time for good American citizens to stop it all before it spreads into a disease that the media claims is our fault and that it is irresolvable and irrevocable. Of course, this corporate controlled corrupt media looks for every excuse to suggest that only President Obama is able to lead America to the promised land, even though his promised land may be forty years hence.

Hopefully the number of Americans who will be so blockheaded as to invite the worst US President of all time back for another term will be small? Perhaps there can be a separat emessage sent to these that election day is on Wednesday as if they believe Obama has served them well, the idea of a Wednesday election may fly with them also.

Those of us in the Democratic Party must take some action to end the charade. We have a bad President. He is bad for America. I think that Democrats such a myself and others, especially those who have read this essay, have a duty to speak up and say no to Obama. Democrats should insist on "Anybody but Obama." Only then can we begin AMerica's recovery.


We all know that by keeping things the way they are, America will fail as a country, and all of the wonderful work of the Colonists, the Revolutionaries, and the FOunders will be for naught. If we fail, there will never be another America.

Instead of a President we have a faux ordinary person, an imposter of a real person, an elite aristocratic, corporate controlled ideologue who enjoys masquerading as a media personality. Appearing all the time as if he has just graduated from charm school, gifted with superior intellectuality he is convinced in his superiority so much that that he has the confidence to teach us that black is not black; blue is not blue, and that he is not a socialist. The best thing we have going  for us is that this is still America--at least for now. So, we can use our heads to logically conclude that this fake man is not about helping America. He is about destroying America. Along with his cronies in the Senate and the House, including Pennsylvania's own Bob Casey, their arrogance has no limits. We can have the last laugh, however as we can get rid of them all before the end of this year. Sounds like a plan!

Eileen F. Toplansky, writing for American Thinker has the danger of Obama sized up pretty well as she writes:

"Whether the source of Obama's attitudes is his rage against colonialism and imperialism as described by Dinesh D'Souza's  in The Roots of Obama's Rage or is  based on the communist teachings of his mother, or the ideas of terrorist Bill Ayers or the Black Liberation theology of Reverend Wright or the Islamic education he received in Indonesia at an early age, all merge into Obama knowing exactly how he wants to transform this nation into a weakened, socialist country.  And so far, he is victorious.

In essence, this man is fulfilling all of these people's and his own wishes in every way, shape, and form.  This is not stupidity; it is crafty manipulation.

Feel free to read more of this fine piece at American Thinker

We, who have seemingly become old farts merely by the passing of time  remember the constant message that helped us learn typing without getting the manual type bars messed up: "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party." How about if we substitute country for party and we make the phrase gender neutral? "Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country."   I would like to ass, "If not now, then when."  

It is never too late to be a good American.

Many of us want to be good Americans but perhaps we are saddled with knowing that in our lives, we too have taken from government and we may feel guilty for that. It is OK to feel some remorse but get over it. We have a lot of work to do. If you want to repent to yourself and your God for those small sins, please do so. It is not too late. Use the repentance as the acknowledgment of your call to become the citizen you would like to be. Together, we must fight to keep pur America.

We still have time but the day of unwanted change is coming fast. Until this government becomes fully Marxist, we have the opportunity to repent for our past grabs from the treasury and we can all work for a better America that is built for all Americans equally. If not now, then when? 

Wrapping up this essay, let us acknowledge that it is time to end special favors and redistribution. Now, not tomorrow is the time! It is time to get Mr. Robert P. Casey Jr. and about thirty-three other Senators out of Washington before the end of 2012--the very next chance we get.

Right now, the Senate, which has not even passed a budget in almost three years, is the weakest link in our freedom chain. Considering that the Founders expected the Senate to pass a budget each and every year, you can see how far the Senate of the United States has drifted from sound fiscally economic principles. How can we have a robust economoy when our federal government chooses not to have a budget. Feel no guilt when you step into the voting booth in the primary or general election and you vote to fire your representative. They deserve it.

We need only look to Congress to know why the economy is in such a predicament.  The people’s opinion places Congress lower in respect than most people for whom we have absolutely never had any respect. Congress deserves it! But, rather than simply scold them in polls, vote the bums out! That is my suggestion. Get rid of this scourge as quickly as possible, and to make sure you and I do not become part of the problem, let’s keep our hands in our own pockets and not out into the graft receiving line. It is time for all of us to be better Americans. None of us want to go down with this corrupt Congress.

So, again as a reminder, the Kelly Senatorial campaign offers its solution: Since we all have been aggrieved by the 110th, the 111th,and the 112th Congress, and since Senator Robert P. Casey Jr. has been a stealth member of all of these forever infamous assemblies, we should have no qualms about sending them and him home with pink slips that are written with clarity.

They have not served the American people well. Don’t bother writing them to change their ways. Many of us have chosen to write them and their automaton email machines have cranked us back replies of sympathy and a sermon as to how we are wrong. They already know that they have served us poorly. They do not care. It was their intention. They hoped we did not notice. We have no other path available than to simply chase them back home.

It is time to clean Washington out with a major disinfectant! Washington needs new leadership, who will actually represent the people. That ladies and gentlemen is Y-O-U, and I. We have been punished by Congress for too long. If you are looking for the singular reason why I ran for Congress and now why I have chosen to run for the Senate, it is in front of you in this essay. Washington is corrupt, self serving, and incompetent. That is why I decided to run for office. That is why I'm asking for your vote.

I will work to make sure that your vote for me will guarantee your voice in Washington. We all should be sick of how things have been and we need to fully understand how bad things will be if we do not change the Congress and the office of the President without delay.