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PA US Senate Candidate Kelly Challenges Presidential Candidates to Adopt Unique RRR Plan

Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania – January 11, 2012 --- Brian Kelly, a US Senate Candidate from Pennsylvania today announced an original approach to re-awaken the US economy with a concept that he calls     R-R-R: a unique plan for economic recovery and job creation. Kelly is offering the plan, complimentary—free-of-charge to all presidential candidates, including President Barack H. Obama and any Democrat who chooses to challenge the current President.

“I think that any of the Republican candidates can get the same level of traction from adopting the Kelly RRR plan as Herman Cain got from announcing his 999 plan. All presidential candidates are welcome to co-opt the entire RRR plan and make RRR their own mantra. RRR is not only a sound plan for recovery; it is actually a great marketing notion.

“Since I have a marketing background in that I worked for IBM and I taught Marketing Management as my first collegiate undergraduate course, I guarantee that any candidate can secure marketing traction by adopting the RRR plan as his own plan. I am more concerned about saving the country from its current death spiral than I am about any rights of my own to this comprehensive RRR plan,” Kelly said.

“If the future President adopts my RRR plan, I will have accomplished more than I could ever hope to accomplish as an elected Senator of the United States. RRR is an idea that will resonate with the American people and it will put the country back to work. Like 999, it will be remembered by all Americans, and it will stick. Moreover, if President Obama studies the plan, and chooses to adopt it, our recovery can begin even sooner, Kelly added.

“Nobody has forgotten Herman Cain's 999 plan. Just like 999, RRR would be forever etched in the minds of Americans. Long after people have forgotten why Cain suspended his campaign; they will remember the simplistic charm of 999. Whenever somebody asked Cain how he would do anything; he was quick to answer: “9-9-9.” And he always answered with a big engaging smile. People remember 9-9-9. The people will also remember the three Rs or R-R-R. Any presidential candidate who adopts RRR will gain a double digit lead in the polls virtually overnight,” Kelly quipped.  

Actually there are four sets of three R’s each and Kelly explains them in detail on his web site www.kellyforussenate.com.

Here are the R's

Set 1: Reduce Taxes; Reduce Immigration; Reduce Regulations

Set 2: Reduce Spending; Repeal Obamacare; Reindustrialize America

Set 3: Reduce Offshoring; Raise Tariffs; Revitalize Energy

Set 4: Reduce Redistribution; Reduce Lying; Reduce Government.

“There may be many more R’s but just like  ‘Readin, ‘Ritin, and ‘Rithmetic, the identified R’s above are the ones that are the most important for America’s future. One additional R that I would insist on being on the list is Remember Mistakes,”  Kelly offered.

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About Brian Kelly:

Kelly is a retired IBM Senior Systems Engineer and a retired Marywood University Professor. He is the author of 46 books that are mostly technical in nature. Kelly’s recent books are about America and Americans and the list includes the following: Taxation Without Representation; Obama’s Seven Deadly Sins; Americans Need Not Apply; Healthcare Accountability; Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!; Kill the EPA -- so humans can live; and RRR-- a unique plan for economic recovery and job creation. Like many Americans, Brian is fed up with the progressive / Marxist agenda in Washington that places the needs of everyone and everything, in front of the needs of Americans.

Brian Kelly is running for the US Senate in Pennsylvania as a Democrat against incumbent Robert P. Casey, Jr. His campaign has made most of the chapters of his latest two books, Kill the EPA, and RRR available for download for free on his campaign web site, www.kellyforussenate.com. Hard copy will soon be available at his major distributor, www.itjungle.com/store.html To request information about availability of a hard copy of the book, feel free to send a quick email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please make press inquiries to Dennis Grimes This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..