For Pennsylvanians, Robert P. Casey Jr., Is the "Unknown Senator."

We're all sorry about that!

Robert P. Casey Jr. is pictured in the beginning of this article because he is the antithesis of what is good for Americans and what is good for Pennsylvanians. Other than a few scattered photo ops over the last six years, Casey has been absent from local PA events. For example, he was a no-show at the Plymouth Twp. Annual Kielbasa Festival. I know because I was there.

Unlike his father, who was a fine statesman, and a great Governor, Mr. Casey Jr. has been against just about everything that would help regular Americans, and for our state, plain ole Pennsylvanians. The Senator did perform very well, however, as one of many water carriers for Barack Hussein Obama but few in PA can suggest he did anything more. Unfortunately, for the Citizens of Pennsylvania, Senator Casey had little time, and so he shall be remembered when he leaves office this fall as an unknown around Pennsylvania.  A very high ranking unknown for sure, Mr. Casey Jr. is the “unknown senator.”

Ballot access is very difficult in Pennsylvania, and though I had launched what would have been an effective campaign against Mr. Casey in October, 2011, as Democrat, it was not to be. My dedicated campaign team projected that, hard as we may try, we would not be able to gain the number of unchallenged signatures necessary to be on the ballot for the Primary.

Bob Casey Jr.’s picture is here also because you can count on him to be unaccountable.  He is against any plan that is designed to get America back on its feet. Ask him about the RRR plan, for example, and he will pretend he does not even know it exists. But, then again, try to reach him. His reputation as the unknown senator from PA is not without cause.

Don’t forget I am a Democrat but unlike Mr. Casey Jr., I am an American first.

Progressive / socialist /Marxist /Casey & Obama style Democrats are hoping to hold America down so long that they can suck away all our air and change our government for good from one of freedom and liberty to one of conformity and shared misery. When Casey and Obama are finished, America will have no oxygen and will suffocate and die.

I developed a master plan for economic recovery and job creation as my campaign theme in late 2011. The plan is nicknamed, RRR. I wrote a book about it, which I released in early 2012. At the time, I expected to use it as my campaign theme as it is a blueprint for economic recovery and job creation. These are notions not on the Casey or Obama agenda. Neither want to be held accountable for their failure to help the people but they love coming to the media with sound bites that make them seem like they really care. They do not care. Please get hat notion out of your heads.

Unlike former presidential candidate Herman Cain's 999 plan, the Kelly RRR solution, explained in detail in the book and on focuses on many more areas that need to be addressed for US to turn our economy around and stimulate job creation.

Cain’s plan addresses only the tax structure, which surely must be changed as a start to solving our economic woes. But we need a lot more innovation than merely tax changes. The RRR plan, which also addresses taxes, reaches into many other critical areas that are impeding economic growth.
The short list is on every conservative campaigner’s platform: You have seen this list before:

R1. Reduce taxes
R2. Reduce immigration
R3. Reduce regulations
R4. Reduce spending
In addition to these first four Rs, there are a number of other R’s to help assure the resurgence of the US economy with many jobs to follow. The major aspects of RRR are designed to fundamentally alter our purely capitalist economy into one that is a combination capitalist / mercantilist system. It is designed to assure success just as the colonists enjoyed success after following England’s lead in the 1800’s. The difference between pure capitalism and pure mercantilism, is that with mercantilism, the home country is the home team. All others businesses, more than likely large corporations, not inclined to help the people of the home country be gainfully employed in thriving industries, reverse roles with the people. The people are again empowered, and the corporations get nothing but through the people.

In January, I completed the details of the RRR program in a book simply titled RRR. This book, available in early January 2012, is designed to explain each of our major economic problems, and then solve it. When I was a candidate for achieving ballot access, no economist and no other candidate for office was offering as comprehensive a solution as RRR, and still none is today. That is why I have made an offer to all national candidates—for the Presidency, the House, and the Senate, from any state, to adopt the RRR plan with no citations necessary. I need no royalties and want none and would be honored if a candidate for office would choose America instead of their own partial solutions. RRR is a complete solution for all but social issues. I would be happy to campaign and speak for any candidate who adopts these sound principles that will benefit America. The one line synopses of the nine other Rs in the plan follow:

R5 Repeal Obamacare
R6 Reindustrialize America
R7 Reduce Offshoring
R8 Raise Tariffs
R9 Revitalize Energy
R10 Reduce Redistribution
R11 Reduce Lying
R12 Reduce Government
R13 Remember Mistakes

The RRR plan is good for the economy. It is good for the people. It is good for jobs. And, for those corporations that want to sign up to be American-centric, it is good for corporations. It is the solution balm that offers a gutsy, unique, real, and workable path to get America back on its feet. There is nothing like it anywhere else. All we need is the national resolve for the RRR plan to make US successful again. We need the guts to do it.

Robert P. Casey Jr. eliminated Carl Romanelli Jr. of Wilkes-Barre from running for Senator in 2006. Some think it was through corruption and cronyism as Mr. Casey Jr. he held the office of State Treasurer at the time while running for US Senator. How was Mr. Casey Jr. able to induce the judiciary to remove enough of the 90,000 plus ballot signatures Carl Romanelli brought in, to get him just below the magical 67,000 needed to run. Ask the unknown senator about that? Also ask him why—when he saw a person able to achieve so many signatures, that instead of ripping this person apart, Casey Jr. did not choose to stick up for him, as you and I would have done.

Do you think a man who could eradicate into dust, 30,000 signature petitions would ever consider debating me or anybody else who is simply a regular person. If Mr. Casey had contacted me just once during my campaign, which may fire up again using the write-in approach, I would have been and still would be pleased to explain the merits of the RRR plan and permit Mr. Casey Jr. to adopt it as his own.

Bob Casey Jr. from my perspective does not hob nob with regular people. I am not a guy who hates the rich. They got what they earned. I worked in Scranton and I worked in Dunmore so close to the Senator’s home  and yet I never saw him once in Public unless it was a campaign. So, for me, he is the unkown Senator. If he were not an unkown senator, then he would simply be unknown as nobody of regular ilk ever sees him on the streets.

You may know that I formally invited the “unknown senator to debate,” yet I did not expect the phone to ring with hizzoner on it ever. He could have called if he really was a person of the people. Is he?