Please vote for Lou Barletta for the US Senate. I am no longer a candidate. Thank you for your support.

When I felt compelled to run for the US Senate as a Write-In candidate after my 2012 my campaign fell apart, I was still invited to various venues to talk about why my candidacy still was important to Pennsylvanians. Mansfield had invited me and this is the speech that I prepared in 2012. I would deliver the same speech today in 2016.  In January 2016, after I announced my candidacy for the 2018 Senate race, I examined the speech to be delivered to Mansfield in 2012, and I adjusted it to fit the requirements of being invited tonight, four years later.


Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen. Thank you for inviting me tonight.

I issued a press release yesterday, Monday, March 5, 2012.  I am using a part of this 2012 press release merged with some other material for my 2018 announcement. I would like to share with you all for my discussion of the RRR plan this evening. First, let me offer some introspection from that original press release:

A retired Marywood University Professor from Wilkes-Barre is challenging the establishment U.S. Senator Robert P. Casey. Brian Kelly is running as a write-in candidate because Senator Casey is not willing to share his cush. Casey has chosen not to provide financial assistence to Mr. Kelly, a constituent of hi..

Sixty-seven year-old Brian Kelly (in 2016) entered the original race on October 18, 2011. He planned a full campaign. He won the prestigious endorsement of the Independence Hall TEA Party. Unfortunately, God intervened in his campaign and decided that this year (2012) was not Kelly's time. His web site continues to be

"The people are more fed up with Bob Casey Jr. as each day goes by, and they cannot stand that our country is so sick, and there is no healer out there yet who can make us well.

Kelly is not a doctor and has no magical healing powers but in his career as a Senior Systems Engineer with IBM, he was acknowledged as a “problem solver. “

well.” Kelly said.

“There are a lot of problems with our country today but nobody is suggesting that we look at the obvious solutions, integrate the solutions, and then make them happen. RRR is a plan that I developed and I wrote a book about it.

It is a guarantee to bring about the economic recovery we are all looking for and it will also create an awful lot of jobs. We just need the guts to do it.

I got my guts up again and I realized that the only way for the RRR plan to ever save America is for me to get back in the race and see it through, In case you were wondering, RRR is not warmed over 999 from Herman Cain,” Though Cain’s plan had much merit, RRR is an awful lot more.”

Kelly knows he is facing an uphill battle against Casey, particularly when it comes to fundraising, but he says voters will side with him when they check out the RRR plan and see how it is a “can’t miss” opportunity for American prosperity.

“Nobody has ever taken all the pieces necessary and put them into such a comprehensive, workable plan,” Kelly said.

What is RRR?  Well each principle begins with an R. The main ingredients of the RRR plan include the following:

Set 1

Reduce Taxes –I recommend reducing the domestic corporate rate to 8%, and the foreign corporate rate to say 15 – 20%.
If you want to build in Asia, you will pay more to sell in America than Domestic corporations. 

Making it in America will cost you less in taxes

Restructure the tax code from 75,000 pages to less than 100 pages. No special favors, no subsidies, no crony capitalism in the tax code.

If your business plan attracts no business, then you will fail! John Q. Public is not a keg that can be tapped for bailout elixer.

Reduce Immigration –America loses over 2 million jobs a year to foreign nationals. We know how to solve the illegal issue. My 2011  book titled Americans Need Not Apply! spells out that solution.

Each year, over a million legal foreign nationals on visas or with green cards take the best American jobs.

Americans are not dumb enough to choose to educate our children so foreigners can take their jobs?  But government is dumb enough to do that to us!

85% of 2011 college graduates moved home with mom and dad. Jobs are scarce & wages are lower.

Reduce Regulations---Larry Ellison of Oracle, the Database Guy says it is not taxes and wages but government regulations and rules that make it difficult to do business here. 
My 2012 book Kill the EPA tells us right where to start to solve this one.
FYI, Each federal regulator destroys avg of 98 private sector jobs/ year.”
Logical conclusion -- less regulators…

Set 2 

Reduce Spending  -This will solve deficits, unsustainable debt, bailouts, porkulus, insolvency, and other major economic ailments. Let’s go ahead, balance da budget

We’re broke! Any questions?

Repeal Obamacare -- You already know why!

Reindustrialize America #1 need is strong defense.  Can we really count on China to make our planes, missile systems & our spare parts?

Let’s say it as it is. Corporations are not American corporations if they manufacturer their products off shore – overseas or in Canada, Mexico, or South America?

Less than 5% of Apple’s workforce is employed in America? Is Apple a domestic company?

Set 3 

Reduce Offshoring  -- Americans are not being recruited for overseas positions.  When jobs go overseas, they are gone from Americans!

Raise Tariffs – Key factor for reindustrialization. When you raise tariffs on foreign imports, more goods are produced in the US. That means more jobs!

Reducing offshoring and Raising tariffs are part of the RRR mercantilism solution – the cornerstone of RRR.

Revitalize Energy    2 biggest problems:  Govt interference &
                                                                Energy monopolies

US has more oil reserves than the entire world. We can make a huge industry out of energy&create a million + high paying American jobs.

We should then thumb our noses at people who want to kill us.

Set 4

Reduce Redistribution… Margaret Thatcher said that eventually you run out of other people’s money.
…We’re there. We’re broke.  We must help helpless people but not make people helpless.

Reduce Lying. Does the white House and Congress lie?
What happened to truth in government? 
Lots of governments choose to lie. As kids, we were taught to believe that lying governments are all communists. Maybe they are.

Reduce Government:  Why not reduce government to a size we can afford to maintain a strong defense+ protect borders 

Obama wants a huge government. With 2.7 million federal employees. It is time to put government & govt intrusion on a diet.

Remember Mistakes  -- Biggest mistake was in 2008 when we elected the most progressive Marxist / socialist President of all time. 

We need to undo the Obama mistake & the Senate mistake in November 2012.
That, ladies and gentlemen is the RRR plan – all 13 R’s!

It is a bold plan & no candidate has offered anything like this.

The Obama / Casey agenda has put the country deeper in debt; has turned its back on Seniors, and has moved us away from our Constitutional roots; and it has caused gasoline prices and most other prices to skyrocket.

How can a President or his Pennsylvania minion Robert P. Casey Jr., look the people of America in the eye and say he is doing everything he can for energy and for lowering gasoline prices, when he won’t even permit oil in from Canada?

Two plus two always equals four unless the words come from the Obama administration. That’s why one of the R’s essential within RRR is “Reduce Lying.”

“Are Americans to conclude that perhaps Canada is not close enough to the US and so that is why their oil is no good?

The President’s actions, and Mr. Casey’s point of view, show both of these politicians are not friends of fossil fuels. Yet, I bet both turn on their non-solar heat in the winter, especially up there in Scranton.

Despite being hypocrites and using fossil fuels for heat, light, and transportation, neither Obama nor Casey is inclined to open up any US public lands for energy. But both are willing to lie about how much they would like to.

Maybe the President thinks nobody is paying attention. Do they really think Americans are dumb enough to believe such drivel?”
“If it looks like it, feels like it, smells like it, and tastes like it, it is probably it—and it is not something else.” We got your message Mr. President. We just ain’t buying it! “

I am a lot more conservative than most Democrats. I see the problems today as having to do with simple economics and runaway, over the top, government assisted greedy capitalism.

“The issues should not be about Democrats or Republicans since everybody wants a better country. It should be about saving the country no matter who is offended.

Yes, even conservatives can find issues with pure capitalism, especially when the heavy hand of government is in the mix.

Along with a number of other essential ingredients, the RRR plan uses mercantilism, a form of capitalism in which the home country and the people in the home country are primary. People benefit from business, not vice versa. The people are what it is all about – not corporations, unions, or government. If you don’t use American workers, you are not an American company.

When England fully switched from mercantilism to free-trade capitalism in 1860, within fifty years the US, which practiced mercantilism at the time, became the world’s # 1 industrial power.

Thirty or so years later, the dollar, not the British pound became the currency of the world. That is not so shabby, eh?

Don’t you think it is time for America to go back to its original formula for success?”

“From January 13th when I officially withdrew until this past week, I was speaking at whatever rallies would have me and I was writing and calling people who were running for all elected offices, but mostly those from Pennsylvania. I communicated with Presidential Candidates to Senatorial Candidates to Candidates for the House of Representatives.” Kelly noted.

An optimist at heart, I thought that I could convince all candidates of the viability of the RRR plan and that America could be off onto a path for success. Have you ever tried to get the attention of an important person?
I spoke personally with Senate Democratic candidate Joe Vodvarka, who made it on the ballot v Casey in the primary.

I spoke to Republican Senate Candidates, Tom Smith, Mark Scaringi, and David Christian when we were all together one time, at the Lebanon R-12 project.

I even spoke with Mark Courtwright, D-17 HOUSE candidate. I thought I had a taker in Courtwright. I called him, and then emailed him and though we had a nice discussion when he campaigned at my house, in the end, he chose own plan, rather than RRR as the way to go. Can anybody tell me the name of anybody’s plan other than RRR. I rest my case.

What good is a plan if nobody knows what it is Name one other plan besides Herman Cain's 999 plan that you have heard of that you remeber?

I did my best. I offered each candidate the best of the RRR plan and my support. I also emailed Welch and Rohrer but neither had the time to respond.

I did my best to reach all of the Republican Presidential Candidates but they had never heard of me because like you, I am just a regular Pennsylvanian. I heard nothing back. So, there was nobody left but me.”

“I am so convinced of the viability of the RRR plan that I offered and still offer to endorse any candidate of good will -- Democrat or Republican, who chooses to adopt the precepts of the RRR Plan.”

“If I had a lot of takers at my door, I would not be reentering the race. My goal is to work to assure that our country recovers from the current administration and the current economic malaise caused by all governments of the past and present.

I now know that the only way to get this done is to do it myself. The new leaders in America must use the best plan for economic recovery and job creation to help America regain its swagger and its moxie in the world. RRR is the needed recipe.

“Unless my phone starts ringing off the hook that there is somebody out there who does not suffer from “not invented here syndrome,” the force behind RRR so that America is first and so that Americans are first will be me. Maybe there is nothing at all wrong with that!

Thank you for inviting me here tonight. I wish you all the best.

Extended Handout for the meeting is here: