Cleaning Out the House and Senate

Ladies and gentlemen, house-cleaning begins at home.  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will not take the fall for all of America.  They will not come into their friend Bob Casey's territory to help his constituents (US) clean our political house, as they are the masterminds of why we are where we are.  I regret to say that our Senator is their friend much more than he is our friend

If we are not willing to clean out our contribution to the major problems of an unresponsive, anti-Pennsylvania Congress at home, there sure is no reason for the citizens in other states to "bail us out." 

We are in this jam because our Representatives for many years have forgotten "We the People." Every town in America has no choice but to expel this Congress in 2016 and the Senate again in 2018 and 2020 so they cannot hurt us again.  Regardless of whether this Senator helped you or your family get a job, get a contract, or get a new playground for your community, every citizen of Pennsylvania is paying for it big time including you and me.

What's good for California is not necessarily good for Pennsylvania.  When we send all the incumbents from around the whole country packing, we have no choice but to include our own incumbent, Bob Casey, home grown Pennsylvanian though he may be.  The call of the Founders is to throw them all out unless you really have seen an effort to listen and respond well to the demands of the American people.  Anybody who has written to Senator Casey from Pennsylvania knows that in return for your stamp, you receive another stamp with a meaningless response that adds up to the proverbial deaf ear. Regular people stopped mattering to Senator Casey long ago, and that is a shame. No more of that for Pennsylvania!

That's why I have chosen to run for office.