Note:  When you would like to reelect your own representative or Senator. Ask them to take the pledge of 76 regrets and make sure they mean it. If they agree to sign the 76 regrets, then maybe they deserve another chance.

This is not a note from the candidate but rather a proposed note that you can ask your representative or Senator to sign to be sure that the same ole crap does not happen in the 113th Congress. When you see "I' below, it is not Brian Kelly, it is the incumbent.

To:  The People -- the Citizens of the United States of America.

From:  Representative name or Senator name

Subject: 76 Regrets: An apology for not serving the nation well in the 111th Congress and in the 112th Congress-Senate. 

Dear People of the United States, 

I was either part of the infamous 111th Congress of the United States, serving either as a Senator or as a member of the House of Representatives or I was a Senator in the 112th Congress-Senate. I recognize now that the 111th was the worst Congress in the history of our country and if the 112th House was not dominated by members of the TEA party, elected by the people to change the change, the 112th could have been ranked as bad as the 111th. I would like to disassociate myself from both. Please hear me out.

It is the beginning of the election season again and I am again running for office.  I would like to represent the people of my district / state as I did in the 111th Congress. So that you believe I am worthy to serve, I would like you to know that I subscribe to the 76 Regrets listed below.  I either did no worong or regret that I did worng.  If you ask me to fill this out I will and I will say I regret for things that I did that I regret and I will say N/A for things that I did not do as well as for things in which I do not believe.  

I know that there is a grassroots movement continuing across the United States to  "throw the bums" out. I think that in many ways the American people have the right to do just that as the 111th Congress as well as the 112th Congress-Senate has moved the country to the verge of socialism, progressivism, and perhaps even communism.  I regret my part in this Congress. In retrospect, I agree it was as bad as any throughout history, of which I am aware.  I ask your consideration in this election because I fought against this Congress and still am fighting. I am honored to take the pledge.

I know it would be easy to say that I am not one of the villains and ask you to retain me without giving you supportive evidence.  Well, it really isn't so easy because in many ways I am ashamed of having even been a part of these past representative bodies. Yet, I will say it.  I am not one of those villains.  I have been on the side of the American people all the way.  When you look at my record, you will see that I am with you. I even like to drink TEA and admire the work this group has done.  And, so, when you go to the polls in your own districts and states, I would like you to think of me as someone who is for you as I have been and will continue to be.

I am proud to say that I received a perfect score on the Freedom  '76 Regrets Questionnaire that you are about to examine.  Like you, I am hoping to have a lot of replacement players in the 113th Congress.  Knowing that this is how you feel. I still want to serve, and so, I would ask that you consider a few veterans like me, who can help the youngsters get more good things done for America in the next several years than they otherwise would be able to do.  I regret that I did not complain louder. The change that removing many of my colleagues, almost entirely Democrats / Progressives,  will accomplish is good.  Additionally, it is necessary to establish a cold reality in order to set the nation back on course.

Please accept either my 76 regrets or my N/A on the 76 items below . Additionally, I promise to will the nation well. 

Humbly Yours,

Name of Representative or Senator


The Freedom '76 Regrets from the 111th Congress and the 112th Congress-Senate follow:   


1. I regret that Congress forgot this nation was America, land of the free.  No more of that!

2. I regret that this Congress looked like part of the "Blame America First" crowd. I love America and will do all I can if reelected to stand up for America with no apologies.

3. I regret that the Congress has placed our Judeo Christian principles far back on the burner.  This country was founded under Christian beliefs, and these are the most tolerant of all.  All religions may prosper in the US.  Love conquers all but we must also be strong.

4. I regret that this Congress enacted the bailouts, deficit builders, energy tax, Obamacare and other measures that have contributed to this major recession.


5. I regret that this Congress supported Union card check, which I now realize provides a fundamental imbalance in the corporation / union standoff.  Secret ballots must rule the day in all elections or intimidation is the rule of the day.

6. I regret that I permitted corporations to gain too much power. Corporate recovery preceded the people's recovery. I am for the people, and when the people conflict with the corporations, you can bet that I am for the people.

7. I regret that the huge bills this Congress authored were filled with freedom-depriving controls on the behavior of freedom-loving Americans. I am for rugged individualism and freedom and not for federal regulations of individual behavior. 


8. I regret that this Congress spent 15 months of precious time on Obamacare, a jobs destroyer, while our first priority should have been Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

9. I regret that this Congress enabled the government to take control of healthcare, and the healthcare industry. I realize this must be undone. 

10. I regret Obamacare and its stifling effect on the economy. I will work to create a 100 page bill that accomplishes good things for the people but eliminates government control.

11. I regret that this Congress did not pass TORT Reform in the healthcare industry.

12. I regret that that this Congress did not enable insurance companies to sell across state lines.  This can save billions of dollars.

13. I regret that Congress added so many regulatons to important legislation that a normal human being would get sick looking at them.  2700 pages cannot be read by normal human beings. I will work to assure that bills can be read by normal human beings in time frames that normal human beings can deal with. No bill should be larger than 250 pages, and those that size should be few and far between. Additionally, before such a bill over 25 pages can be voted upon, it must be spoken and made downloadable as a file that can be played on PCs and sound systems.  

14. I regret that the ability of Medicare to handle its obligations was reduced by more than $528 billion because of Obamacare

15. I regret that Obamacare and its Medicare provisions is about to place all Americans, young and old, but especially Seniors, on a health rationing program that minimizes the doctor / patient relationship. 

16. I regret that Congress passed the Obamacare bill, which is dangerous for the unborn. I will work to fix this. The unborn should be the first protected.

Fiscal Responsibility

17. I regret that the Congress ignored fiscal responsibility and brought the US to the point of bankruptcy. 

18. I regret that this Congress by its actions and / or inactions, contributed to larger and larger deficits and a staggering debt to be paid for by US grandchildren.

19. I regret this Congress permitted takeovers of GM and Chrysler. I do not regret the fact that without a bailout, Ford has thrived.

20. I regret Congress funding bailouts for companies that should have failed. No company is too big to fail.  Survival of the fittest. National interest needs to be better defined and may not include political interests. 

21. I regret that Congress continually supported Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Community Reinvestment Act, even now.  This must be undone and I will work to make it happen.  

22. I regret that I did not force that the provisions of the Glass-Steagall Act, preventing wild activities by financial institutions be reinstated. I will assure this if elected.

23. I regret that I did not work to repeal The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act which allowed commercial banks, investment banks, securities firms, and insurance companies to consolidate and basically play the market llike a roullette wheel.

24. I regret that this Congress put a big smile on the faces of the Communist Chinese, and other trading "partners" moreso than Americans. I will work to revamp all trade agreements to give Americans their due opportunity with a playing field tilted towards our country, not the rest of the world.   

25. I regret that Congress did not read the TARP bill well enough and I am sorry that I permitted it to be used for things not covered in the thirteen original purposes.

26. I regret that Congress voted for continuation of TARP and that I permitted the Congress to lose control of the implementation of the law.

27. I regret that I did not pay enough attention to assure that Congress could not unconstitutionally delegate its powers to the Treasury Secretary. 

28. I regret that this Congress has spent taxpayer money like drunken sailors and they have placed excessive burdens on the backs of our grandchildren. 

29. I regret that this Congress clearly discouraged the private sector from expanding and creating more jobs.

30. I regret that Congress did not take decisive action regarding our current immigration problems such as illegal foreign nationals taking American jobs.

31. I regret that Congress has not addressed the un-American corporate offshoring of American jobs.

32. I regret that Congress has not addresses the influx of legal foreign nationals via our liberal Visa laws, such as H-1B. Such Visa holders take American jobs, including University Professors. Did I tell you that I have been replaced at Marywood University with a foreign national.

Foreign Policy

33.  I regret the Congressional role in our national policy has shown weakness and not resolve; timidity and not strength.

34. I regret that the Congress has not been consistent to a foreign policy. The US should stand by our friends, oppose our foes and sometimes oppose our friend's foes

35. I regret that Congress did not endorse a strong stance on radical jihadism rather than permitting the administration to apologize for our being American.

36. I regret that Congress did not promote American values and American exceptionalism instead of permitting the President to highlight minute flaws.

37. I regret that Congress, without even an unofficial murmer, has permitted the US to apologize to our enemies, making us look like wimps across the world.

38. I regret Congress's backed the ousted president of Honduras rather than the people of Honduras after they ousted a tyrant as their President.

39. I regret that the Congress did not join the voices of dissent in Iran as they demonstrated about their country's corrupt elections.

40. I regret that the Congress did not chastise President Obama when he backed Ahmadinejad rather than the Iranian people during the recent populist revolt.

41. I regret that the Congress permitted the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu to leave America embarrassed

42. I regret that Congress did not chastise the President for delivering a pro-Hamas, anti-Israeli address at the UN. We treat enemies better than friends. 

43. I regret that Congress permitted the President to renege on missile defense for Poland /  Czech Republic after these governments took huge risks for US

44. I regret that we permitted the president to go uncriticized for getting nothing at all from the Russians for the President's betrayal of the Polish people.

45. I regret that Congress continues to permit America to look weak with regard to the nuclear situations in Iran and North Korea. 

46. I regret that the Congress did not work with Columbia so this ally could help us in our mental war against Venezuela and Hugo Chavez.

47. I regret that the Congress agrees to cut the technology budget that keeps us ahead of our enemies and prevents most attacks on our soil. I will work to keep Space Shuttles operative and change NASA's mission form praising certain "religions" to working for the success of the US. 

48. I regret that Congress has not insisted that all wars are fought to win wherever we choose to fight. The pansie approach does not create soldiers with a will to engage in the next battle.

49. I regret that Congress permitted the President to cancel the space program, thus making US dependent on Russia and China for rocket support.

50. I regret that Congress permitted the President to reduce our nuclear stockpile while rogue states are building nuclear weapons.  "trust but verify?"

51.  I regret that Congress did not decry the punishment of American heroes, such as the Navy Seals, and the CIA for doing their jobs to protect Americans. Add to this the punishment of border guards who get placed in prison for helping America.  

52. I regret that the Congress permits political correctness rather than a winning philosophy to guide the military. (Shoe bomber, Fort Hood, Underwear Bomber, Manahattan bomber, etc.)


53. I regret that the Congress permitted the lies about the Consumer Price Index (CPI) used to determine COLA for Seniors.  I now know that it is rigged so  Seniors receive no increase in benefits, though one was really needed. Not including food and energy is ridiculous. Congress must tell the truth, even if the President will not.

54.  I regret that the Congress systematically lies to the people so that the Congress can pass agenda items without Senior Citizens full scrutiny.

TEA Party

55. I regret that the leadership of this Congress mocked the greatest grassroots movement in American History since the Revolution itself--The Tea Party.

56, I regret that I did not do more to ID the TEA movement as a helpful force that transcends political parties. I now see that the silent majority are no longer silent. 


57. I regret that the House voted for Cap and Trade (Energy Tax). Its junk science would add thousands of dollars per year of new taxes on all Americans. I will work to defund the EPA so they can be instruments to preserve our environment rather than political instruments, helping Al Gore become a billionnaire. Yes, that is an inconvenient truth.

58. I regret that the Congress has not taken major steps towards real energy independence. Drill here, drill  now, nuke plants, wind, solar -- everything. We see the President languishing on Gulf permits and anything helpful to American and yet we are not squawking. I will work hard to be a voice of the people.

59. I regret that the Congress has left US in a position in which we are still dependent on foreign oil.  Yes, we must be careful offshore drilling and we must have a no mistakes permitted policy to protect the environment -- vis a vis the Gulf catastrophe.  


60. I regret Congress was too concerned about Harry Reid's, Nancy Pelosi's, and Barack Obama's agenda than it was about the will of the American People. 

61. I regret that Congress permits the "free press" to be lapdogs for the administration, thereby not bringing the people the truth. I will work to have hearings that take the lapdog press to task for lies that create angst among the people.


62. I regret that Congress permitted the Department of Education to indoctrinate our students in K to 12.

63. I regret that Congress did not take action to reign in the forces that are making our children non competitive in the global markets.

64. I regret that Congress permitted without open objection media programming that indoctrinates children such as that on Nickelodeon's  Nick News for kids. 

65. I regret that Congress permitted the Executive Branch to engage in love-fest style indoctrination tactics against our youth using the Department of Education.

66. I regret that Congress has done nothing to seriously improve education in the US and that Congress voted the government control of higher Education with additional funding. 

67. I regret that Congress has not worked harder to minimize the negative impact of poor teachers being able to teach.

68. I regret that Congress did not do more to help the quality of US education so that students all do not get A's just to make them all feel good.

69. I regret that the past equalization of unequal students created lowest common denominator education that contributes to the US becoming a weak nation.

70. I regret that Congress did not put forth that Education is critically important to the survival of the country as a republic. 

71. I regret that Congress has not permitted excellence to reign in schools nor has it promoted excellence in teachers or administrative staff.

72. I regret that I did not sponsor legislation to eliminate the Department of Education thereby preventing it to become a tool of the Administration in indoctrinating the youth of America. Give me one more chance and they will be gone.

 Post 76 Final Regrets (though surely there are more) 

73. I regret that I did not work to defund the Environmental Protection Agency who have messed up the work of the Environmental Agencies in the states. If there are major environmental concerns for the nation, Congress, not an unelected body should determine what needs to be done. SHort of that, such work should be done by the states in a federal government.

74. I regret the moral of the new US story in that we have always been a moral and religious people and Congress permitted Barack Obama's radical agenda to affect US negatively.  I do regret that I was not more active in opposing his agenda but I promise to be a major ally of the people in the future.

75, I regret the Education component of Obamacare in that any school that takes a dime of federal dollars is now subject to federal rules and regulations. Bye Bye America.  This is tantamount to a sneaky takeover of the college education system. This is wrong, if you bring me back, I will fight to turn this around and all of the nasty things above which I swear I regret. The objective is to have less, not more government.

76 I regret that I did not quote John Adams often enough: 

"We have no government armed with the power capable of contending with human passions, unbridled by morality and true religion. Our constitution is made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." John Adams, to the Officers of the First Brigade, Third Division, Massachusetts Militia, October 11, 1798.



end of regrets



Post Regrets P.S.


These are serious times and serious men and women must pledge to not behave as the 111th Congress and the Senators that joined them.  The default call, if you do not accept the 76 regrets from your Representative or Senator is to feel free to reject their regrets and go ahead and replace your representative with somebody new.  The country will gain from your honesty and your commitment to America.


Please do not, however, reelect anybody who has not signed up for 76 Regrets as they have proven to be even more than Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ought o be permitted to be. Throws those bums all out!


The best!