Question: I have read a lot of the stuff on your site and, other than that you don't seem to be a normal Democrat, and I am not so sure about that, why should I vote for you?

Answer:  Thanks for the question.  I wrote many of the things on this site myself so I am not sure if you mean all of them or just some of them. If you have really read them all, please let me know what it is that disturbs you.

I am not sure that I can convince anybody that I am worthy of their vote. The fact that an ordinary guy permits himself or herself to go through this process, it is so painful, in my opinion, that ought to be enough. I believe in a representative democracy it ought to be easier for all Americans to run for office. Let me take a crack at this question though it intrinsically annoys me.  Don't hang up early on this... OK? 

About being a normal Democrat, perhaps you are right. I don't seem to be one because I am not in today's thinking.  The Democrats have changed, not me.  I'd like to think that I am how Democrats once were when my dad was a staunch Democrat and he convinced me to change from Independent to Democrat.  Perhaps Democrats should be that party again. 
The key phrase in all of this is "for the people." Democrats had always been for the people. It was always implied that the people were Americans.  Today, Democrats have an extremely hard left agenda like as if Russia was a good place to live.  I do not think that way. Since Progressivism, Socialism, and Communism have proven to be bad for the people, wherever they are brought forth, a Democrat Party that is hard left is for just a few people. It is not for the common, hard working, regular American person. 

Your parents and my parents would have disdain for a party that seems, as its goal, to assure people they can be dependent on government and all will be OK. That is not my Democratic Party.

Why should you vote for me?  I am not really sure. If I were taking big campaign donations from all of the people that could buy a piece of me, I am sure somebody interested in my success would have an answer to that question.  I am answering this question myself and the best I can come up with is because I care about the same things you care about. 
If you were different and you liked the government running everything and telling you what you can and cannot do, then I would not be the right candidate for you. I am not for an all-powerful government that infringes on the freedom of the people.  If you like having over 50% of the population on the dole, taking from the people who work by using the government's tax collectors, then I am not the right guy for you.  If you want to get lots of real good stuff, other than good spirit, from the government, without ever having to give anything back, I am definitely not the right guy for you.

If you want help in achieving a better life, think of me when you are voting. If you want a government that tries to motivate the people to be self sufficient and to be rugged individualists, and lovers of liberty and freedom, count me in. if you want an America for Americans first, please include me in your voting plans. I am the right representative for you.

By the way, I am a staunch American. I think that we all should help fellow Americans first and foreigners second. If we choose not to help because our hearts are hard, then that is for the churches to help us.  It is not the government's role to force us to be nice to others by taking our wealth without our permission and giving it to somebody else.  Government has nothing to give but that which it confiscates from others. If anybody is going to be charitable, it should not be the government after stealing the fruits of the labor of the people, it should be the people themselves.

Think about all the taxes you pay that do not go for roads and bridges, or to defend our precious country. Should it not be the people and not the bureaucrats in Washington who determine which charity gets your donations, and how much?  Do we need the hand of what can easily be a corrupt government to tell us how good we should be to our neighbors?

No!  We go to churches to get God's message to treat all well, to be charitable with our gifts, and to help all that we can. It is our choice to do so.  We go to government for things churches do not give -- such as roads, bridges, security, and defense.

You should vote for me because I will take your vote to mean that all of the freedom robbing bills that are now becoming law, or have become law under the worst Congress ever---the infamous 111th--- these laws that reduce our freedoms and steal our hard earned wages, should all be repealed the day I get in office.
There was no good reason for government, the least efficient and least capable manager of goods and services to be in charge of healthcare.  Yet, a Congress more tuned into special interests than the people's interests forced its will on the people.  Only those who like the principles of Karl Marx , who want to place government bureaucrats between their doctor and access to care could go for such lies.
Besides Obamacare, there is no reason for government to levy the destructive energy tax called cap and trade other than to send more jobs overseas and place a major tax on everybody who heats or air-conditions their home or who drives a car or, quite frankly -- anybody who exhales carbon dioxide.

You should vote for me because I will be a voice of common sense against terrorism and I will help the Congress help the President work to combat this threat very seriously, not frivolously, while sparing the lives of American troops. I do not think those thoughts are mutually exclusive.
I will make my voice count in Congress. I will yell loud and clear, I want no enemy combatants tried in US courts.  I want Gitmo to be retained as a safe and secure place that helps Americans, even if it may ruin Obama campaign pledges made to other countries. The reasons to close this first-rate facility in a tropical setting are hogwash forms of hard left propaganda.
I think that if you read this and you read the rest of this site, and maybe even some of my books, then you will know that I am your best choice for Junior Senator from Pennsylvana. Just give me the word, and I will pick up the challenge and I promise you that I will go. I will get my job done for the people. I will propose as much pro-people legislation as possible, working to repeal those laws, especially the new ones, that hurt the people, the country, our wonderful way of life, and the American Dream.

If you feel the way I do, and you too are running for the Senate from Pennsylvania, then let's talk. I would rather America, and of course Pennsylvania be saved than to ever be the Junior US Senator from Pennsylvania.  

God bless America!