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Original Date  January 2016
Date:               September 30, 2018

Important Correction

After much consideration Brian Kelly is endorsing Lou Barletta for the US Senate. Please do not vote for Bob Casey as he is not a friend of the people. I do not have to run for the US Senate because Lou Barletta is such a good person and his agenda is my agenda. Thank you.

Additionally, Kelly is endorsing John Chrin as the representative in NEPA to replace Matt Cartwright. Chrin is more a local than Cartwright and more importantly, Chrin is a good man. Cartwright will not change. He was on the wrong side of every important issue and will continue to vote against the people of Pennsylvania to please the Democratic leaders he worships.   


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First Ever PA / US Candidate Running for the US House and the US Senate Simultaneously!
WB's Brian Kelly Expects to Beat the Odds and Win Both Times!

Will PA choose incumbent politicians who hate the people or a candidate who loves PA & America?

Like you, Congressional Candidate Brian Kelly is disgusted with the current leaders in government. He is asking for voters to forget about what big government can do for them. The results are in and the verdict is "0." Kelly is asking voters to write him in twice -- once in 2016 for Congress and once in 2018 for the US Senate. 
Brian hopes to help release our wonderful country from the grips of the socialists and communists.

Cleaning Out the House and Senate

Ladies and gentlemen, house-cleaning begins at home.  Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will not take the fall for all of America.  They will not come into their friend Bob Casey's territory to help his constituents (US) clean our political house, as they are the masterminds of why we are where we are.  I regret to say that our Senator is their friend much more than he is our friend

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Subj: OMG- a 'Keeper'- "What Is Donald Trump?" (Well written & FUNNY too! )

What Is Donald Trump?

I did a search on ‘’ (I don’t trust snopes) for the author Don Frederick & there’s one by that name who writes for Bloomberg, but I couldn’t find this particular column. --- It’s great, whether he wrote it or not. It's what we all think but simply cannot say it so well!

The 1st Lady.................................................................

I received this as an email right after my campaigns were announced in 2016. When elected, I will make sure this does not happen again. Why our Senators and Congressmen permit this today is a sin against all Americans. We have been betrayed by the White House and by our elected representatives. This is just one area that is very obvious. Somebody who steals so openly would have no problem stealing secretly. 

RRR: The Best Solution for America- Designed by an American

When I announced my candidacy to run against Robert P. Casey in October 2011 for the US Senate, I knew that it would be much more difficult than my local congressional venture in PA D-11. I had already examined the economic and job killing problems caused by the Barack H. Obama / Robert P. Casey Jr. administration, and I knew that with the proper plan, a good government could turn the economy around.

Have you noticed that neither the President nor Casey appears interested in helping people get back to work? You may know that when Obama came into office just 30% of the people paid no taxes. Now, that number is 47% and it is expected to soon pass 50%.This is not an accident. It is the Casey / Obama plan.

I am not prepared to accept that America should fail. So, in late 2011, after analyzing the problems with the economy and jobs, I developed a guaranteed solution that can help Americans beat the government and gain a real economic turnaround. The full plan comes with a bonus package of lots of jobs.

Some Employers Are Not Quite American

Two years ago, I decided that the corrupt and indifferent politicians in Washington had to be replaced by real people. That is when I decided to run for Congress. I had no funding and chose not to take a dime from anybody. Our D-11 representative had become a career politician. Somewhere between term 1 and term 13, he had begun to represent himself and his family, and the local political hacks, who continually assured his election.

I was both disgusted and frustrated with this representative. So, I said to myself: “If not me, then who?” I was a College Professor at Marywood University at the time and I knew I would be able to handle my career and prepare a regular-person-type campaign to run for the Democratic nomination against the incumbent and a young county commissioner, who had become deeply involved in politics.

I was very reluctant to run for office as most would be. However, at 62 years of age, I realized that it was the right time in my life to give something back to help Pennsylvania and to help America.

Sometimes we get the government we deserve!

But, when we make a mistake, by the grace of this country's Founders, we can correct it through an innovative notion that corrupt politicians refer to as "the next election," a phenomenon they never forget. Well, we the people do forget the next election too often but not this time! We can deserve a better government if we act properly in this next election.

Poor quality changes often begin with something small that is not noticed right away. Some see the EPA’s decision on light bulbs as a simple innocuous act. On its own, perhaps that conclusion has validity, but not when the history of government regulations is brought into the picture.

After more than a hundred years, our government has taken away the right to use the Ben Franklin / Thomas Edison incandescent light bulb. Who doesn’t use them? So, a small government commandment becomes a big deal. Out of nowhere, light bulbs are bad and human exhalant is bad and cattle flatulence is bad and farm dust is bad. For years, milk has been treated as a toxin. What is that all about? It is all about the government taking away all personal freedom to satisfy its own perverted ideology

When Big Time Politicians Line Up Against Regular People, the People Lose

So, Let’s send them home this time and never let them come back.

Two years ago, in the waning years of the heyday of Information Technology, I was a successful Assistant Professor in the Business Information Technology at Marywood University in Scranton, PA. Additionally, I ran my own IT consulting practice. From my perspective, I was an average guy trying to make ends meet in a tough, competitive world, and because of hard work, for the most part I was successful.

In my personal life, like many I became concerned that our government had gotten out of touch with the people and our national officials were doing everything but representing the people. So, I decided to help out. My first venture was to run for Congress in 2010 because politicians had failed in their job of representing the people. There is no other explanation. They forgot that “We the People” run the country and the role of our representatives is to support and represent US.

It seems like most of us have gotten the infamous email attributed to Charley Reese. Reese picked this title for his piece:

"The 545 People Responsible For All Of U.S. Woes."

How Can any Real Recovery / Jobs Plan Pass Obama/Casey Muster

Having written forty-six books and numerous articles, with seven books in the patriot classification, by sheer volume, I have become one of America's most straightforward and some say, “eloquent conservative spokesmen.” I am very proud to be the author of Taxation without Representation, Obama’s Seven Deadly Sins, Healthcare Accountability, Jobs Jobs! Jobs!, Americans Need Not Apply, Kill the EPA, and many other books.

Like many Americans, I am fed up with the progressive / Marxist agenda in Washington that places the needs of everyone and everything in front of the needs of Americans. So, quite simply, I believe it is time to adopt a plan built for recovery—the RRR plan. Unlike every candidate’s set of meaningless talking points, the RRR plan is not just lip service to get elected.

I began my venture of running against Senator Casey, knowing that it would be difficult to achieve the ballot access requirements. When my team told me there was no way we could get all the signatures we needed, I figured that we were done and so, with urging, I withdrew my candidacy. So, for a while, I was able to say that I was running for no office.

Preparation & Speech from Feb 21 in Lebanon PA.

This is the speech delivered by former Senate Candidate Brian Kelly at All About You Catering in Lebanon PA with annotations. At the bottom there is a link to the expanded handout for the meeting.

The annotations are because I got some questions from the audience about what I really meant by such and such. So, the annotations are explanations that were not in the speech.

This speech was written to convince the US Senate candidates at the meeting that the RRR plan had both the substance and the appeal of the constituency that any candidate who would accept RRR as his platform  (only males running), would have a better opportunity for success in becoming a Senator and the AMerican people would have a better chance of coming out of what can only be called, the "Obama Funk."

Comments on this speech can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Here is the speech: 

The burden is on the people

Can you believe what the President and our representatives have been doing to US over the last three years? If we were to call them by name, the list would include Obama and Casey.

We have had the worst of the worst—bailouts, porkulus, debt, deficits, de-facto cap and trade energy tax, excessive regulation, offshoring, Obamacare, rampant socialism, redistribution, illegal immigration, immigrant preference for American jobs, government control, and worse than all of that, no apparent interest in solving our economic dilemma or the lack of jobs and the dilution of the wage scale.

What a legacy for Congress and the Administration. It is a wonder how Obama has managed to maintain double digit approval for such a dismal record. He now tries to keep his distance from Congress but most smart members of Congress are keeping their distance from Obama. Even Bob Casey Jr. chose not to be with the President when he came to Scranton, Casey's home city, in late 2011. 

The list of bad policies goes on but you already know the list. Though the question is hackneyed from overuse, let me say it anyway as it is very important for us not to forget. "Is it not time that we the people take back our government and make it work for US again?" Our first objective as voters and as regular people in America must be to remove all corrupt politicians from office.

Political Corruption

No matter how far you look, even in our wonderful state of Pennsylvania, you will find nepotism, cronyism and lots of corruption. Some think Luzerne County, my home county, leads the corruption brigade for the country. If it weren't for Cook County (Chicago), Maybe they would be right!

All of these ills occur at the local level, the state level, and also on the national stage. When special interests and lobbyists flaunt their affiliations with our current leaders, it is a prescription for bad government.  All of the corruption must end now! None of us should care in which level of government corruption occurs. It is all bad, and the people are the losers!

This is a fairly lengthy essay and the tone is to help us all unite to eliminate corruption in many aspects of government and the political process from ideology to honesty and truth and the lack thereof. . There are three main parts to this essay. In the first part, we discuss corruption in Washington DC, and how it affects us, and what we can do about it. In the second part, we look at NASA and other areas in which the US is about to abrogate its leadership role in the world. In the third part, we wrap it up with a look at healthcare with Obamacare and what is neded when we finally repeal this corrupt and dishonest legislation. FiInally, we summarize and offer a few additional points to help US prosper in the future in a less corrupt world with a stronger America.