Kelly for US Senate Press Release! Kelly for US Senate Press Release! Kelly for US Senate Press Release!

Democrat Brian Kelly Formally Announces for US Senate Against Casey; Gets TEA Party Endorsement!

The "Unknown" Clone of Barack Obama cannot be trusted to return the government to the people!”

Highly Detailed Press Release follows….

Wilkes-Barre, PA (October 18, 2011) --Democrat Brian Kelly, resident of Wilkes-Barre, PA, officially entered the 2012 race for U.S. Senate against Robert P. Casey Jr. at a Press Conference held on Tuesday, October 18, at Independence National Park in Philadelphia. At the announcement, the Independence Hall TEA party endorsed his candidacy Kelly also held a press conference Tuesday in Harrisburg at the Hilton Inn. A similar press conference is scheduled for 3:00 PM, Friday, October 21, at the outdoor pavilion of the Barney Inn, 189 Barney St., Wilkes-Barre-- Kelly’s home city. The candidate urges the locals to come out for the event.

Brian Kelly has worked with businesses in the private and public sectors as a national computer expert, a university business professor, and as an information technology consultant.

Kelly ran a low-budget congressional race in 2010 to try to unseat 13-term incumbent U.S. Rep. Paul Kanjorski. He garnered nearly 20% of the vote in a three man race--despite his refusal to accept campaign contributions. “As I seek the Pennsylvania Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate, I intend to expose the ‘unknown’ Sen. Casey for who he really is -- a political clone of Barack Obama. And in order to achieve my goal, my campaign will accept donations this time around,” said Kelly

Kelly has used his M.B.A., his business knowledge and experience and his computer skills to help many Pennsylvania businesses be more successful. Brian Kelly understands Business and he knows exactly why the economy is so sour at this time.

"Pennsylvanians must understand that the reckless spending and zealous regulatory policies of Casey and Obama have cost the United States trillions of dollars, and are directly responsible for the joblessness and double-dip recession that is hurting America Neither Casey nor Obama have much personal experience with private sector jobs so it is understandable that their solutions are way off the mark and have not worked. Unfortunately, Americans are paying big time for their incompetence.” Said Kelly

“There is little doubt that these are tough times. Nobody really knows how many dips there will be in this recession. But we do know that without controls on spending, our wild deficit and debt will keep us in recession for years to come. America needs to become like we were before the progressives-- Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and of course Pennsylvania’s own Bob Casey Jr.-- took power from the people. In this light, I have outlined eight major principles that I will use as a guide in helping our country recover and prosper:”  Kelly said.

Kelly’s eight principles are as follows:

1. Americans First – Border security, fence, States’ rights, shut down excessive legal and all illegal immigration, reward businesses that hire Americans
2. Fiscal Conservative--- no bailouts, no takeovers, no porkulus, for balanced budget amendment, reinstitute Glass Steagall, repeal CRA, repeal Dodd / Frank!
3. Hold Line on Taxes – John Kennedy style and the FAIR Tax. ,
4. Pro-Life – Human life begins at conception
5. Smaller Government – Downsize or eliminate harmful, costly agencies such as the EPA, FDA, USDA, Interior, etc. repeal Obamacare.
6. Transparency / accountability – openness, Fire all czars
7. Pro Israel – Israel is our only friend in the Middle East
8. Strong Defense—“Speak softly and carry a big stick,” win all wars in which we engage. Exit strategy -- get out quickly with a win.

Kelly says: “Today, JFK would be considered a conservative!” He finds his views on taxation to be very similar to JFK’s:

“John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s views were modeled after those of Andrew Mellon, who had the Timothy Geithner job (Treasury Secretary) during the 1920’s recession.

…Both Mellon and JFK knew how to end a recession and so do I.” stated Kelly.

Here’s what Kennedy had to say about taxing and spending. We present two quotes:

"In short, it is a paradoxical truth that ... the soundest way to raise the revenues in the long run is to cut the rates now… And the reason is that only full employment can balance the budget, and tax reduction can pave the way to that employment. The purpose of cutting taxes now is not to incur a budget deficit, but to achieve the more prosperous, expanding economy which can bring a budget surplus."

--- From JFK, Nov. 20, 1962, news conference   By the way, this Kennedy speech was right after the Cuban Missile Crisis. Kennedy was already trying to solve domestic issues.

Here’s another Kennedy quote on taxation:

"Lower rates of taxation will stimulate economic activity and so raise the levels of personal and corporate income as to yield within a few years an increased – not a reduced – flow of revenues to the federal government."

– From JFK Jan 17, 1963, annual budget message to Congress, fiscal year 1964

“If the Democrats had listened to Kennedy, our current recession would be over.” Kelly quipped.

“No Progressives will ever give a JFK type of taxation message. They just don’t get it. By cutting taxes up and down the line and reducing spending, JFK was looking for a big revenue surplus – not a deficit. By increasing spending and increasing taxes Obama has been creating huge deficits and increasing debt.” Kelly offered.

“The bottom line on Kennedy economics is: Don’t plan on Obama or Casey switching to Kennedy economics any time soon. So, you may want to buy a new pair of recession boots that can last about 10 more years, unless these villains are replaced.”

“Obama is much trickier than ole ‘Tricky Dicky,’ from the early 1970’s, President Richard Milhous Nixon was the original trickster but he has been outclassed on all of the spin fronts by the new trickster in chief, Barack H. Obama. Question: Who is it that Obama is trying to trick? Answer: all Americans.

Obama has placed a new name on some old stuff that never worked, has perfumed it up a bit, has repackaged it with some more demanding rhetoric, and now he is selling it to the American public like as if it is new. Obama does not have time to see if the trick is working since all of his efforts are on his reelection campaign. This new trick puts some nice lipstick and a new name on the old porkulus bill of 2008 but it still smells the same.  The President thought you and I would not notice. Somehow porkulus II has morphed into the “Jobs bill.”  I call it tax and spend,” Kelly noted.

What does the so called jobs bill have in it other than Obama pork? Nothing! It is just the same old stuff -- increased spending, increased taxes, larger deficits and crippling debt. Even the Beatles would call Obama and Casey out on this one. Remember this tune from the 1960’s: “No, No, No, Not a Second Time…” Kelly sang.

Substitute Obama for the word Oh! In these lyrics and it is a full take.

“Oh, you're giving me the same old line,
I'm wond'ring why,
You hurt me then, you're back again,
No, no, no, not a second time.”

“Senator Bob Casey has been with Obama 98% of the time. He has not been with Pennsylvanians. So, the Beatles song applies to Casey too--  ‘ No, No, No, Not a Second Time.’ ” Kelly offered.

“As I was reviewing this speech last Saturday, my wife called me in for a nice breakfast, and afterwards I glanced at the editorial section of the Times Leader, the local paper. The headline read, ‘Obama can ease housing crisis.’  My Irish wit overwhelmed me and I repeated the headline for my wife and my sons, and I added an appropriate ending: ‘Obama can ease housing crisis by moving out of the White House.’ They roared. Now, that is as good a double entendre as I have ever fashioned!” Kelly said.

Kelly has written 45 books.

Kelly is a noted author who has written 45 books on high tech and political topics. His five published political books along with his new book titled Kill the EPA mirror his eight guiding principles. Kelly not only has business experience, something neither Casey not Obama can claim, he has six books that hit the nail on the head about the issues affecting Americans today: They include the following:

  • Taxation Without Representation--- "Can the U.S. Avoid Another Boston Tea Party?
  • Obama's Seven Deadly Sins
  • Healthcare Accountability
  • Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!
  • Americans Need Not Apply!
  • Kill the EPA!

Kelly offers the following additional thoughts:

“Jobs are clearly a huge problem today in Pennsylvania and across America. We all know that government does not create jobs. Businesses do. Government can either impede businesses with huge taxes and overwhelming regulations, or it can get out of the way.”

“Businesses hire when (1) they see a vibrant economy and (2) they hope to grow their businesses. Right now, there is a lack of demand, and government has been trying to “stimulate the economy” by borrowing money, a strategy that can only fail. Robbing from Peter to pay Paul is this government’s biggest sin of fiscal mismanagement. Businesses do not invest their green tickets when the government is determined to destroy the economy and punish successful businesses simply for trying.”

“When government spends like drunken sailors and conspires to increase the burden on business; instead of growing, businesses contract. They hold onto their cash. They stop hiring and begin to let workers go– exactly what is happening. Now, Casey and Obama want to use more of the same medicine. It won’t work because it can’t work.”

“When government gets its own house in order (friendly tax policy, balanced budgets, etc.) business will invest in hiring and expanding. Government can induce businesses to grow and to hire new employees only with a tax policy that provides meaningful, long-term tax credits & breaks. The little business teasers that this administration, with Bob Casey’s full compliance, put forth are a joke and businesses see them as jokes. So, they keep their money. An administration that wants growth makes the positive news for business permanent, not short term, and businesses will then be jumping over themselves to create jobs.”

"I have spent my life working in both the private and public sectors. I know what must be done to create jobs and get the economy moving.” Kelly said,

In almost every case, government programs are the cause of joblessness. Kelly knows how to create jobs: “It is not by punishing the private sector with high taxes and impossible regulations. Moreover, we all know that you can’t fix the problems in Washington by sending back the same politicians who created them. Pennsylvania needs representatives who are of the people and for the people. I am not a politician. I am a Pennsylvanian.” Kelly states.

“Voters can rely on me as to where I stand on all of the issues that we are facing.  You can rely on me to speak the truth and be assured that the trust that you place in me will be honored. You can count on me to do what I pledge to do. I speak from just one side of my mouth. Kelly said.

"Most Pennsylvanians do not know the real Bob Casey. He ran like a conservative in 2006--but voted like a tax and spend liberal for the next five years," Kelly said

“Pennsylvanians know Bob Casey Jr. has been AWOL while on the job. He is not a leader. He is a devoted follower of Barack Obama. Where has he been? When he does show, like when Obama’s regulations are on the table; Casey votes to kill Pennsylvania jobs. Casey does work hard, but not for Pennsylvanians. He works hard for Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. Meanwhile, Obama’s regulations continue to prevent the PA economy from being rejuvenated so that it can grow again.

“When I look at Bob Casey Jr., I see a pleasant enough man. Despite the kindly look, this Bob Casey has engaged in some murky politics during his political career. Ask Carl Romanelli, Jr. from Wilkes-Barre, a Green Party Candidate who tried to run against Casey in 2006, whether our Senator plays fairly.

Casey would argue that he is not a flip-flopper but one of his buddies has a name that is spelled “John Kerry, the only man who was solidly for and solidly against the same notion, at the same time. Casey has one too many views on abortion, yet for political purposes claims to be consistently pro-life. Not true! I see a man who many Pennsylvanians think of as soft on America and soft on Pennsylvania. Casey is a man who is best described as the “unknown senator.”  Kelly said.

Where was Bob Casey when Pennsylvanians were hammering Arlen Specter over Obamacare in the summer of 2010?  AWOL! Specter could have used a little help. Casey has this well oiled way of hiding whenever there is a matter he should either defend or assert to the contrary.

Kelly has Casey pegged as the unknown Senator from Pennsylvania. In early fall 2011, Casey was winning in all polls against unnamed Republican challengers? “Will an “unknown” senator be able to compete with a named Republican? Will Casey’s campaign advisors continue to use this “unknown” and hidden approach to help provide the unknown senator the cover needed for his bid for re-election?”

“Americans cannot afford six more years of Obama policies that kill jobs, redistribute income, steal hundreds of billions from Medicare and force Pennsylvania workers to give up their hard-earned insurance policies so non-workers and Illegal aliens can get premium coverage. Bob Casey and Barack Obama want to ration health care for everyone in America– except those who break our immigration laws.” Kelly opined.

“There is no free lunch.” Kelly said.

Kelly expects no support from the Democratic Leadership in Pennsylvania even if he wins the primary. “They think there is a free lunch. They have proven by backing the Obama / Casey progressive Marxist agenda that they are not for Pennsylvanians. As a Pennsylvanian with a conservative agenda, I can hardly expect their support. So, I am especially grateful for the Independence Hall TEA Party’s endorsement. The TEA Party is of the people, for the people and by the people.” Kelly offered.  

Brian Kelly is often asked that since he is not for the redistribution of wealth, then how can he be a Democrat? Kelly’s response is that permanent welfare makes people dependent on government, and the people lose their sense of self worth. It goes downhill from there. Those on the take often choose to be on the take for life. I am for helping helpless people, but I am not for making people helpless.” Kelly offers.

Kelly loves America and he writes about America and he knows why the country is so appealing, even to those who care nothing about its foundation or its people. “They just want to sneak in and live here. If they got nothing from us, they would still sneak in because we are a better deal than Mexico or further south…Why our government chooses to lure them in with free education, free healthcare (EMTALA), and free citizenship for their children, rather than suggest they find another country is a big reason why most Americans hate most politicians, Kelly said. 

“Our government lets people who care nothing about America sneak in and dwell here, and then the government figures out many ways to either give them paychecks out of our wages or it permits them to take our jobs In Kelly’s America, Americans come first. If something is good for regular Americans, then it is good. I see nothing good about foreigners, legal or illegal being the chosen workers in the corporate or university schemes to create more profits for stockholders or institutions. I am for Americans first. Americans should not be getting the leftovers. “

“Right now, Americans are out of work. Americans have not been consulted on who should take their jobs. Americans are looking for work. They are not asking the government to give foreigners their jobs – whether the foreigners are legal or illegal.” Kelly said.  “

There is an email on the Internet you may have seen about what Hoover, Truman, and Eisenhower did when the economy was down and there were a lot of foreigners holding nice jobs in America, These presidents protected American workers They ordered the deportation of ALL illegal aliens in order to make jobs available for American citizens that desperately needed work. Today we permit 2 million legal aliens into the country each year. They come with visas and often are given green cards (permanent residency). Congress and the President would slow down the influx of legal workers while so many Americans are out of work.

It is reported that during The Great Depression, President Herbert Hoover ordered the deportation of ALL illegal aliens in order to make jobs available to American citizens that desperately needed work. Harry Truman deported over two million Illegal's after WWII to create jobs for returning veterans. In 1954 Eisenhower deported 13 million Mexican Nationals in a program called 'Operation Wetback'. These programs were not by accident. Americans were hurting and these presidents believed that Americans come first.

“Don’t these presidential actions make sense. Why, if this was a good idea then does our President and a good part of Congress want to grant amnesty to illegals and raise the visa cap so more foreigners can take American jobs? Kelly asks “We have between 20 million and 50 million illegal aliens mostly employed and we continue year after year to bring in over 2 million each year, legally. These two million must have jobs or they face deportation. We do this while about 20 million Americans are out of work.

I wrote a book of over 40 chapters because this upsets me so much. Its title is Americans Need Not Apply. Yet, nobody’s jobs bill even discusses the fact that foreigners are doing quite well, and Americans are not. Legal aliens, for example must be employed to live here. Why are Americans the last considered for jobs? If the President and Congress – both Republicans and Democrats wanted to find a few million jobs so they could pass a jobs bill that would really work, we do know right where the jobs are. Why not address illegal and illegal immigration and give Americans priority for all jobs, Kelly asks?

“Don’t expect this president and his # 1 supporter Bob Casey to act on this notion. So, Kelly says, “We must suck it up and wait until we can get a good president, and a Congress that believes Americans must come first!.”

“As most Pennsylvanians I do still believe in the real deal American Dream. Quite frankly, I think Pennsylvanians are sick of the notion that the new American Dream, as delivered by the anti-American progressives in the Democratic Party, is a ‘handout.’ ” 

Summing it up, Kelly has this to say: “I encourage all Pennsylvanians to learn as much as you can about all candidates running for all public offices, especially the presidency. The survival of America is at stake. Most Pennsylvanians do not know who the real Bob Casey actually is. I can tell you who he is, because I have watched him during the Obama presidency: ‘If you like Barack Obama and his progressive / Marxist policies, you are ‘gonna’ love Bob Casey.’ ”

Press Information:

Press kits will be available online in a few days at The site is full of position papers, most of which have been written by the candidate. Feel free to contact, Dennis Grimes, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional press information. If anything special is needed for the press, feel free to contact Dennis Grimes at 570.259.7610.