Chapter 3

Reduce Immigration


Illegal and legal aliens are a jobs problem

I wrote a book in 2011 titled, Americans Need Not Apply. It is 45 chapters worth of facts about the difficult times Americans are facing while trying to be employed at the same time that illegal foreign nationals are holding jobs in the US. This book also touches on the notion of legal foreign nationals taking American jobs. The statistics on foreigners working in America are really amazing and account for a big reason as to why Americans are unemployed. Illegal foreign nationals have impacted those in lower skilled jobs and manual labor while the influx of legal aliens has taken the best jobs from Americans, especially recent University graduates.

Can you believe that over 2 million legal immigrants begin working each year in the US from green cards and worker visas? Numbers USA statistics suggest that my numbers are high as theirs come in at just 1.5 million. I think I am right but in either case, these represent the people who enter legally each year, and no matter which number is correct, it is a very large number. There are not enough jobs to support such a large number. Another large number comes from those already in the country or relatives, who gain green card status, thereby making them permanent residents.

The huge number of students who come in via student visas are not counted in these statistics, nor are those whose visas have expired long ago, but who are now trying to gain a green card status (permanent resident of the US while an alien). So, if we add the annual green card total each year, the number is more like 2.5 million or better. How are Americans expected to compete in the jobs marketplace when the US government provides such preferential treatment to foreigners?

What if the American government liked Americans?

Let's pretend we were living in a country that actually liked its citizens and its leaders worked for the benefit of its citizens instead of its corporations and special interests. Let’s also pretend that this country would tolerate no intrusion that violated that sacred precept. In other words, let’s pretend that America was set up for Americans first.

Now, suppose a class of people came into this country with or without invitation and began to take jobs and take sustenance from the citizens for things they should pay for themselves. Citizens in such a country would rightfully believe that their government would deal with the issue immediately upon discovery.

In fact, without the citizens even being aware that such a perpetration was taking place, a government, caring first about its own people, would solve the problem. If you and I were lucky enough to be citizens of such a country, would we not expect that our country would address the problem appropriately and immediately? Since the United States has chosen to purchase the largest sweeper known to mankind so it can sweep this all under the rug undetected, what does that say about our country?

At a minimum, we would expect that no matter what notions our government had about how to make life better for its citizens, it would permit none of us to suffer any pain from a temporary intrusion or infusion of a class of people into our country who were not invited. Unfortunately, we are only pretending that our government would care enough to protect us from such an invasion of uninvited people into our country.

Instead of protecting its citizens, our Congress and our President has instead, through its policies and permissions and demands, invited and incented foreign nationals to take whatever they can get from American citizens, legally and illegally. In so doing, the leaders in America have ended the American dream for many Americans.

With well over two million non-Americans legally taking jobs each year, would it not be prudent, if we were not ready to completely shut off legal immigration, that we would at least reduce it substantially until our economy recovers. I would propose that we shut down the level of foreign nationals who have guaranteed American jobs to about 20% of today's level or perhaps even less.

Can our institutions of higher learning not produce competent replacements for the foreigners deemed necessary in the US business sphere? Or perhaps is the demand based more on the price of labor than on the competency and abundance of labor. Either way, Americans ought to vote for Americans first.

The goal of our national government, elected by the people and for the people, must be to assure that American high tech jobs in America are first filled by American skilled workers. If there are not enough skilled workers available then the next group to gain opportunity should be American fresh college graduates.

If the Universities in America who have benefitted financially from the influx of foreign students want to tell Americans that our children are incompetent compared to the foreign nationals who take our children’s jobs, let them go ahead and defend that to the inquirers and the applicants. Let them produce a document notifying American students that are accepted in their Universities that their preference is for foreign born students who can easily gain positions in American companies. 

If American Universities want only foreign students, let them tell us all so we can create American Universities that are for Americans only. Only the real dumb Americans think that Americans are dumb and need foreigners to make our country great. The rest of us know that the government and the universities have no problem selling us out so they can gain from placing Americans in an inferior position.

Can an American apply?

Once upon a time, corporations reserved a number of their new hires for American born nationals who were about to graduate from college. Then, those companies started to move operations overseas so hiring a cheap worker with a visa, who was a foreign national in America, no longer is a foreign idea. The fact that the foreign national demands less in wages does not hurt the scenario either.

Illegal aliens take a lot of American jobs

Statistics from various sources including the government agree that illegal aliens are the fastest growing population segment, followed by their anchor babies. In addition, the number of Mexican illegal aliens apprehended is about ten times the combined numbers of all other illegal aliens. So, we do know the source of the problem. The second statistic is not as important for jobs but it shows that there is a large population of OTM, which is code for “Other than Mexican.” This group includes aliens who do not necessarily like America.

These statistics are more than likely correct but don’t expect most estimates by the government of the number of illegal immigrants to be anything close to the truth. One statistic that is out there in almost all surveys is that the number of foreign born people in the US is 40 to 50 million. I think the number is actually much higher as the illegal population alone is at 50,000,000 and growing, though few statisticians will admit it. Think about the jobs that 50,000,000 illegal foreign nationals take from Americans.

For the last ten years or more the government has been telling us there were less than ten million illegal aliens in the country while they admitted the arrival rate was something like 1 million to two million per year. Does that mean that those who have been here for awhile are taking up stakes to make room and are leaving or is it that the numbers are, and have been growing at one to two million per year. Who knows whether the rate is really three million per year?  Ask yourself; are there any new people in your neighborhood?

The reason for all the institutional lying is that it is not good for the illegal alien apologists to tell the truth and so they simply do not. For example, the number of illegal aliens is downplayed by the immigration lobby, which we know is a coalition of liberal-radical academics, liberal politicians, federal and state bureaucrats, labor unions, La Raza (The Race, the leading immigrant activist group), other immigrant activists, and even some religious organizations that ought to know how to tell the truth. They do not want you to be concerned that the reason you are not employed in America is because the US government permits others to take jobs that would otherwise be for Americans.

Biased news media is anti-American

Then of course there is the biased news media, which stopped telling the truth years ago about things they do not espouse. These folks do their best to help the immigrant coalition in as many ways as they can. Most of the media live in gated communities so they do not see firsthand the impact of illegal immigration. Yet, many Americans believe the media is reporting facts, instead of the drivel they provide.

A few lies here and there can go a long way in helping Americans believe there is no issue with immigration. Even while putting the bones back in the soup to get a second batch is becoming a retro means of survival, good Americans do not want to blame those suffering even as they think know the illegal population is partly responsible for their problems.

Nobody wants to think the disenfranchised illegal Hispanics, for example, who are looking for more from a less-than-good situation, should be foodless or homeless. But, maybe so out-of work Americans can eat, as hard as it may be to digest, those from other countries who are here illegally should just go home. Americans who stay home twenty-four / seven and have nothing to provide their families know they cannot honestly buy the flummery that non-Americans have nothing to do with taking their jobs.

Illegal foreign nationals are not all on the government dole. Therefore, they must work to survive. Because illegals are working, the jobs they have would in normal times be held by Americans. Therefore, they are taking jobs from Americans. Illegal foreign nationals get the jobs simply because they will work for pennies on the dollar and they permit their employers to mistreat them without fear of being reported to the authorities. Americans will not put up with abuse.

Still, the media is not interested in anybody getting the true idea of the impact of illegal immigration on Americans. The media in America is a disgrace. Americans should consider turning off all the channels to put these pariahs out of work. The corrupt media simply chooses not to identify anybody as an illegal alien, especially if they have committed crimes. The media agenda is anti-American and pro-progressive and so they have no time to help regular Americans.

When forced to discuss illegal foreign nationals, the media most often chooses to call them out as undocumented persons or unauthorized migrants so that we the people are not as angry as we would be if we were told the real truth.

Despite the falsehoods perpetrated by biased and outright corrupt media outlets, the people are getting smarter. Taxpayers are getting quite annoyed at the sheer numbers of illegal aliens in their states, cities, and communities. More and more we see these uninvited visitors from other countries impacting Americans in many ways—from overcrowded housing, to lowering the prevailing wage, to taking American jobs. Only a fool would believe the government’s accounting of the extent of the issue. The actual numbers far exceed the official estimates.

Apologists for illegals have a huge dog in the hunt about downplaying the numbers because the actual costs to federal and state taxpayers are huge and rising each year.

Meanwhile, though America is going bankrupt, progressive legislators keep taking more taxpayer dollars to give to illegal aliens for education, medical and other reasons. Democrats hope one day these people will be permitted to vote so the Democratic Party can be vested in perpetuity. Democrats may not share in the squalor of these people who work for starvation wages. Yet, they cause it.

While we all scourge ourselves that we cannot do something for them, the big money people in the Republican Party also like the status quo. For them, it is not votes; it is profits. They want the illegal foreign nationals to stick around at their own peril to drive the wages even lower, and the profits even higher.

All of us have to be better people to have a better country.

It is smart for biased agencies, including our own government to undercount illegal aliens because that way the increased costs for larger and larger enrollments in schools as well as hospital treatment and other expenses do not have to be explained. It appears a mystery to the general population.

In Rick Perry’s Texas, school officials assure that illegal aliens are well taken care of with college in-state tuition paid for by Texans. In K-12 schools, Texas officials are actually recruiting teachers in Mexico so they can have effective bilingual educators teaching the many students who do not know English. Texas school data from six years ago showed over 700,000 students with limited English-speaking skills. If Texas were the United Way that would be a proper way to spend donor money but it is no way to spend dollars confiscated from American taxpayers.

It is not just Texas, unfortunately. Other U.S. school districts are recruiting foreign nationals to come to teach in U.S. schools to accommodate illegal aliens. Besides what we are doing for illegals, these teachers take jobs that could be given to Americans, but nobody in official circles at all levels of government seem to care about that. Why are Americans unemployed? Would a better idea for America not be to teach recent college graduates how to teach in Spanish? Would it not be an even better idea to make sure that all students can be taught in English? Who do we serve teaching somebody in the language of another country? Who are we kidding?

From my vantage point, since I have not given up one part of my Americanism to reap a profit from a foreign country, I still think like an American. From that perspective, think about this:  “As long as one American is unemployed, no foreign national, legal or illegal should hold a job desirable to that American.” That is my perspective.

The original three R’s

When we hear about the three R’s, we think of reading, writing and arithmetic. Despite all the dollars we spend on education, the US is not even OK on the traditional three R's, and it has been this way for a long time. The more we spend on education at the federal level, the worse the results. The US wastes over $150 billion per year just on the Department of Education. Since the Education Department began to call the shots, literacy in America has gone down. Logic suggests it is cause and effect. In recent testing, for example, the U.S. has just a 32 percent proficiency rate in math. This places us 32nd out of the 65 tested countries. This is nowhere close to good, and it is expected to have a huge effect on GDP over the next twenty-years.

We need a lot of work but as bad as our education proficiency is, we have the ability to improve that mark far more easily than we can turn the economy around. In my business classes at Marywood University (mostly juniors and seniors), there were few students who had not mastered the traditional three R's. However, thirty-seven percent of the freshmen, on average in the country, never even reach their junior year of college. Clearly the traditional “RRR” problem for most of the students in America begins in K-12.

Just this morning I heard Ben Stein on “Fox and Friends” saying we needed more H-1B visas in the US. This is plain bosh. Stein said that Americans are majoring in music and poetry and not in the hard sciences. In other words, Americans are the reason that Americans are faring so poorly in the workplace. As much as I like Ben Stein, you can do better than that Ben.

Policymakers and consultants and economists like Ben Stein apparently think American high school students, as a group, are not choosing science in college and this is why four years later we need foreigners to take the best jobs we have to offer. If these experts really think this way, why are they not suggesting we solve that problem? How about instead of $535 million for Solyndra-like national rip-offs, we offer substantially more tuition assistance and perhaps work-study internships for American college and graduate students who engage in the hard sciences?

Boone Pickens has no problem telling Congress that we need to provide every rig-operator in the country $67,000 to convert their rigs to natural gas so he can make his next billion off the American taxpayer. How about instead, we give $67,000 to some bright college students and help them know that we won’t let corporations stiff them four years later by giving the Ben Stein best-jobs in America to foreigners and we won’t let corporations outsource the jobs for which our American students have trained.

Who are we kidding? If left to their own devices, US corporations would in fact outsource every IT or engineering job they could, even if countless of hard science, A-student graduates were available. If we produced all A-students, Bill Gates and other un-American phonies would be moaning that America needs more B-students to justify his predisposition that American college graduates are worthless. Bill Gates cares about Bill Gates, not Americans. Ben Stein says we have a problem to solve in not having enough qualified graduates to meet the work demands. If we have a problem we need to solve, let’s go ahead and solve it. If Bill Gates is the problem, let’s solve that one too.

Do you believe that a country that put the first man on the moon needs engineers from Pooh Bear, simply because we have grown incompetent and we don’t know how to train good engineers anymore?. Come on! Isn’t that really just a lot of baloney that permits the progressives to keep putting America and Americans down?

Why not look around and say it like it is. We are giving our country away to foreign nationals, whether here illegally or legally by invitation. Sorry Ben Stein, I do not think the answer is to invite more in. In fact, it is just the opposite.

I recommend eliminating the Department of Education as it is a local matter anyway and the funding from the federal government has in fact taken results and moved them in the opposite direction. Before we were wasting $150 billion a year on this useless agency, America produced enough engineers to be the top tech country in the world. We can use whatever dollars are saved to prop up the unemployment fund or to give small businesses that choose to expand the loans they need to do so.

College graduates move home

One of the bleakest statistics about the college graduate class of 2011 is the low percentage of new alumni who can afford their own housing. In 2011, I had a number of seniors in my classes. As a professor, I helped prepare students for their future in business. It is hard to believe the statistics on college graduates finding it tough in the marketplace through no fault of their own.

In 2011, in the US, over 85% of the college graduates were forced to go back home to live with Mom and Dad shortly after graduation. They did this mostly for financial reasons. For the 2011 class, there are different income studies about different college groupings from elite schools to below average schools and in no case are the statistics good; and worse than that, they are not improving.

These different studies show some different results based on the type of graduates. For example, some studies show that the average salary for a college graduate was $37,000 in 2011. Just two years earlier in 2009, this same group had an average salary at $47,000. Another study shows the median salary for 2011 at $27,000 and that too is down from the low thirties with the same group in 2009. The point is that no matter which schools are in the sampling, things are bad for college graduates and they are getting worse.

Is it worth going to college?

Salaries of recent college graduates are now so low and the cost of education is so high that some analysts are looking at the economic value of a college education. Is it really worth going to college anymore? Just like listening to government statistics, don’t expect to get the truth by reading material produced by the college and university sector as they have a lot to gain by students continuing to attend college even if it is no longer worthwhile.

The huge loans that students need must be paid back, and this puts them at a lifetime disadvantage when they cannot get a job after graduation. Consequently, parents and students need to evaluate the cost / benefit of a college education that prepares students for the unemployment line. If colleges and universities believe they are serving America, then let them put a guarantee on their product. How about if the university pays for half of the loan if after ten years the student is unemployed or underemployed? Watch the statistics get better overnight if our eminent academicians have some skin in the game.

The Occupy Wall Street crowd, the national protest movement that began as anti Wall Street in late 2011, consisted of a lot of college graduates who may very well typify the results we just discussed. They should not be blaming Wall Street, however. They should not be blaming their huge student loans, which they cannot pay back. Besides themselves, they should be blaming the universities that placed them in the workforce ill prepared for what they needed to know. Maybe they should be blaming Bill Gates for taking all his jobs overseas.

Additionally, and the main thrust of this chapter, is that students should be very upset with our government for bringing in so many top students from other countries and then permitting them to work in the US after graduation thereby taking the jobs of American graduates at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

The raw facts are beginning to show that the economic value of graduating in the middle of the class may just not be there anymore. What does that say to students who have a great time and simply squeak by with a degree? It says borrow less money and have fun for those years but do not add a college loan to the cost of your fun. Those at the bottom of the class will be paying their loans off forever, never having gained what they needed to be successful.

They do have a beef with the educational system but again, not Wall Street per se. Manual laborers such as plumbers, electricians and other skilled laborers, for example, in many cases are doing lots better than today’s college graduates. Most skilled plumbers for example are making well over $50,000 per year.

Analysts are suggesting that the average citizen may be better off entering the workforce if they can get a reasonably ok job and forego the four or five year break on earnings and the huge student debt burden. A four or five year college education is now a very expensive proposition without a major return.

The American dream is slipping away from American college graduates and all young people are suffering. Among other factors, the evidence suggests that a big part of this problem is because foreign students / workers take the jobs that Americans would have had. Just as their illegal counterparts, legal foreign nationals also accept substantially lower salaries. Over time, and perhaps sooner than later as the statistics indicate, the average wage declines as the foreign nationals drive wages down and down and down. Corporations are happy, and government is unperturbed, while graduates, who once armed with a degree would have had bright futures, now are finding lights-out on opportunity.

When students graduate from college today, despite what they know, and despite how smart they are, and despite how well they did in all their classes, there are forces in the US that work against their opportunity to gain employment. From the statistics, when they do get a job, it is on the average, not a great job. And so it is very common today to have engineering majors tending bar; social studies majors working in daycares; and IT majors delivering beer and soda. They may be really smart, but these employers do not really care about that.

These jobs are jobs for sure; but, they are not great jobs. Moreover, in addition to not getting good jobs, and having to live at home, the class of 2011 has the highest level of debt than any graduating class ever. More debt and less salary while living at home—what a legacy for our young people?  And we wonder why there is a housing crisis. In the past, there was a whole class of graduates to buy these homes. Now, without jobs, the new entrant to the business world often does not have enough to get a beer on Friday night. A home purchase is out of the question.

Go to graduate school?

Ironically, since a college degree and respectable college performance is no longer enough to get a good job, recent undergraduates have been flooding graduate schools in a despairing attempt to avoid the reality of the labor market in its current state. Some look for MBA degrees; others look for the next degree in their field; while still others are prompted to go to Law School to improve their lot. Having two young sons as lawyers who took on that debt and the rigors of the BAR exam, I can say that it is not a picnic route and the competition is very tough for law positions. MBA’s and others fare no better.

All graduate students are having trouble getting employed as more and more students try to get more credentials to help assure getting a job. But, unfortunately, there are no real assurances. And, to make matters worse, there are the foreign graduate students who come out with a graduate degree and steal jobs from Americans when our government chooses to give them a six-year visa or a green card.

The numbers

In 2011, about 700,000 graduate degrees were awarded. If all degree holders were able to go out and gain employment in their field at acceptable salaries, then such a large number of master’s degree graduates would not be a problem. But it is a problem in these times, nonetheless. The problem is that over the last thirty years, the number of advanced degree graduates has doubled. Moreover, the rate of increase has accelerated substantially in just the last couple of years, and that too is not a good sign. Rather than give up when they cannot get a job, college graduates often try to redeem their mediocre college experiences by excelling in masters’ programs. It does not always work.

Eight percent of the people who are 25 and over now have a master’s degree. If all were doing well, we would be bragging about that statistic. Unfortunately, that is just about the same percentage that received a bachelor’s degree or higher in 1960. Times have changed and just like the price of gold would go down if it were discovered that the whole state of Pennsylvania was a huge gold mine, unfortunately the value of a graduate degree is diminishing each year.

Universities are not doing their part

The only people today who are really benefitting big-time from the rush for advanced degrees are the officials in America’s universities. Ironically, despite universities doing so well in these times of dismal economic conditions, from teaching in graduate schools for many years, I know first-hand that more and more institutions of higher learning are adding legal foreign nationals to their employment numbers rather than Americans. And some fire existing professors to take advantage of the excessive numbers of foreign professors who will work for less than American-born professors.

Recent college students see it in the classrooms. Colleges and universities often hire foreign nationals to fill faculty positions. Most foreign nationals who enter the United States for this purpose enter as non-immigrants in temporary status. There are many different types of nonimmigrant visas, each having its own specific rules about length of stay and permissible activities. The most commonly used legal path is a visa called the H-1B and for some reason Congress has decided that the number of H-1B visas permitted for colleges and universities is unlimited. There is no cap on the number who can come in and take American jobs.

I have seen first-hand that Americans are being fired and being replaced by foreign nationals. Nobody wants to talk about it but in order to eventually get a permanent alien status in the US (green card), those wishing never to return to their home countries are happy to work for a lot less money than Americans. Of course this lowers the wage for all Americans as it becomes much more difficult to gain a job as an American, without accepting far less in wages than the degree warrants.

It is tough to be an American today

While more and more young Americans attempt to find jobs, as noted in the beginning of this chapter, our Congress continues to import over 1.5 million new legal foreign workers into the United States each year, while another million or more are granted green card permanent resident alien status after using up their time on their other visas. We really cannot keep this up!

Non-immigrant visas are now turned by trickery into immigrant visas because the lobbyists for foreign students have the ear of our Congress, while there are no lobbyists for the parents of bright American children or displaced faculty.

Therefore those with student visas are most often immediately granted six year worker visas and then when their time is up, they look for green cards so they can stay permanently in the US. Perhaps if Americans were not out of work this would be OK, but while Americans are not working, neither illegal nor legal foreign nationals should be taking jobs and lowering the average wage at the same time. Thank your friendly Congressman and Senator and even good people like Ben Stein for not seeing the whole picture. My pledge is to reduce both types of immigration if elected so that Americans can go back to work.

The verdict on Congress: GUILTY!

This is very unfair to Americans of all ages and all skill levels. If your children, who are college graduates, are finding the workforce unreceptive to their need for a job, I would recommend that you call your Congressman and see why he or she is not taking action on this matter. If you get the wrong answer, make sure you vote next spring and again in November, and let your unresponsive Congressman know that next year, they will be looking for a job. Maybe a less expensive foreign national has the same skills as your congressperson once in industry, and they will work for less.

I have said this before but this is the essence of the issue. Unfortunately, there are no lobbyists for parents and so there is no countervailing power to push Congress into working for Americans. There are many lobbyists for corporations and there are many lobbyists for educational institutions, and there are many lobbyists for foreign students and foreign visa holders. All of these lobbyists make well more than the average wage of a Congressman, and their expense accounts make life much more pleasant for our esteemed representatives.

Since there are no lobbyists for American students or American parents, how should Americans fight the insidious effects of lobbyists brought on by our legislators? It actually would be simple to wage an all-out fight. After you complain and bring the matter to your representative’s attention, you can expect them to send you a propaganda sheet via the United States Post Office (USPS). When you get this, make a note that lobbyists don’t vote for your representatives; you do. Send it back to them and let them know that you can and you will vote against them. The citizen’s vote is always the final word.

Right now we all are outmanned because most of us did not blame Congress originally for the jobs problem caused by foreign nationals. Now, we all know better. Americans can gain back the big edge only by doing the right thing in the voting booth—but first we must believe we can. It is our best source of national strength. Lobbyists may buy a lot of dinners for our representatives, but they cannot add one vote to the victory margin needed by any representative or senator to trek back to Washington. Remember that you and I have the edge. Let’s use it.

Is it OK for legal aliens to take your job?

I keep hearing in the media that legal aliens are OK. “Come here legally and all will be well!” But, for whom will it be OK? There has been a lot of attention about the illegal alien community coming in and taking the low and medium skilled jobs, especially in occupations such as meat packing and construction. I estimate there are 50 million illegal aliens in the country and that substantially more than about 10 million of these have jobs that American high school graduates and even those who have not graduated could easily fill.

In 1980, meatpackers, who were organized at the time, enjoyed an average wage of $19.00 an hour. Today in many cases, the wage is less than $9.00 per hour. What has changed? You know the answer. Corporate moguls can now join even finer country clubs.

Though George Bush said there are jobs Americans won’t do, the fact is that illegal aliens work so cheaply that it is tough for Americans to compete and still feed a family. In America’s farms it is estimated that well over 1 million illegal foreign nationals are employed. Americans need not apply on the farms because the farmers have figured out how to pay dirt cheap wages to illegals and they do not have to worry about government interference because the illegals are happy to be quietly employed in this country. Do you really think illegal aliens are paid well compared to the US minimum wage?

Americans for all the years we have been a country harvested crops and picked berries and American stores were filled with produce. Then, the farmers realized others in the underground community would get the job done for less. Sorry George (Bush) Americans are not only willing to do the work; nobody but Americans has been doing the work for many, many, years. The corporate farmers decided to play wage games with illegals and that changed the whole game. Americans will not do hard work for less than the proper wage.

It is an economic problem, not a philosophical issue. To repeat; it is not caused by Americans not willing to work; it is caused by the willingness of illegal foreign nationals to work for substandard wages with no benefits and no protection that is afforded by US industry laws.

NLRB is not for Americans either

Obama’s National Labor Relations Boardshould be busy making sure the minimum wage law is defended on all farms rather than engaging in unconstitutional acts such as prohibiting Boeing from building and operating a non-union plant in South Carolina. What is that all about?

Then, let the farmers hire cheap labor but at no less than the minimum wage. What illegal foreign national would complain about a pay raise? So, let’s say we permit these one million plus people to work in the US with impunity with a six month temporary guest worker status and they must agree to go home at the end of the season. Well, if we choose to do this, we still must be concerned about the other 49 million who have no growing season to end.

By the way, regarding all forms of immigration, George Bush was not pro-American at all. He was pro Bush and pro-business-barbecue attendee; he was anything but pro-American. Most Republicans like legal and illegal immigration because it helps keep wages way down. Has anybody considered that houses cannot be afforded and purchases cannot be made as in the American past in this country because the wage scale is now so low nobody can afford anything nice?

Conservatives, who may be members of any political party, are for Americans first. Democratic leaders of my Party, choose to ignore the atrocities of the grist mills that hire illegals. They pretend to be beneficent and munificent and then the notion of quid pro quo is expected to compel the lowly poor illegal immigrant to vote Democratic if ever elevated to citizenship. It is all very dirty.

Foreign nationals receive most of the publicity because they are mostly illegal. Yet, it is well documented that for many years our U.S. Congress has also been importing high-skilled workers. As noted, these people compete directly with graduates from our colleges and universities. I think it is simply because the media and our politicians choose not to pay attention.

Of course they may get payoffs; but I would rather not go there now—at least today. The downward pressure on high skilled wages comes about because corporations know they can get a skilled legal worker for 45 % to 65% less wages than an American would demand. And, Congress does not take the time to assure that Americans come first. As hard as it is to believe it is not politically correct to suggest that anybody should be for America first!

Americans have been forgotten by our own government. The progressives love to take taxpayer money to use it against the taxpayers. These leaders keep giving more and more to non-citizens while they put a masquerade on what is wrong with the economy. These percentage wage losses are harmful and the fact that corporations are permitted to do this hurts not only the prospects of the return of the American dream; it is a harbinger of a continual American nightmare. Can American parents handle this nightmare as an ongoing reality as their children consume more and more of the family pie and government does not permit them to have a good job? I sure hope not.

When elected, I will Reduce immigration and assure that Americans come first.