Chapter 5


The RRR Jobs Plan Summary







It All Started at Fish’s Barney


As you know, the saga of the three R’s began as I was telling you all about my speech at the Barney Inn on October 21, 2011. I did not share all of the information with the Barney Inn crowd in the speech. As we continue to explore the positions that I had already painted, new notions are sure to pop up. Perhaps this is quite obvious.


I have a great number of friends and I love them all. Many of them chose to come to the Barney Inn, run by Joe Fisher, and Joe Predo for my October 21, speech. My friends and family came simply because they love me and that is what keeps me going in life. I can tell you this. Whether they came to the Barney or not; whether they ever choose to hear a speech of mine ever, I am so lucky to have these wonderful people in my life. I love them all immensely.


The secretive side of me says my cohorts and even some Wilkes-Barre strangers wanted to see if I could give a speech and remember all my lines. The audience members were all old enough to remember the immortal words of Jackie Gleason. Have you ever heard these three words right in a row? You would remember these if you had: Humma! Humma Humma!  Every time I recall these words and Ralph Cramdon stumbling to get out a coherent sentence, I smile. If it ever does happen to me, I know exactly what I will say. 


I surprised these potential constituents, who came on my behalf, with not one Humma—not even one. But, my message was still confusing until the crowd tuned in to the fact that this first RRR speech was not a speech about academic achievement or Jackie Gleason. It was a speech about the economy and jobs, and how jobs could be made available to ordinary American citizens in this country. A few good R’s can make America a much better place.


Let me say it here before you begin to think I am promoting job creation by government. I do not think government can create one job on its best day. Government thinks its job is to aggregate confiscated wealth in something called the National Treasury so that it can pillage it from the treasury for its own purposes. It also thinks it can provide it for those who choose not to work or take care of themselves. The type of plan, where nobody is expected to work, creates zero jobs. That is not my plan.


If the "solution bird" landed on the doorstep of our government, a minister with a big US label on his or her lapel, would quickly stomp on the solution bird, as if it were simply a rat. Governments are not trained to recognize solutions as solutions. So, there is little hope that any solution will ever come from our government, as they choose not to recognize anything that can help America.


The reason this seems like a recent phenomenon is that for more than seventy years, things have not been so tough. Few remember the great depression. Over the last seventy years, things overall have gotten pretty good. There was so much wealth to be confiscated by the government that even those giving it up did not care as much as today and those that received it stopped appreciating it until finally those on the receiving end of pure welfare believed they were entitled to it.


Today, many Americans are simply broke and America is so broke if it could not print money, it would be bankrupt. So, maybe we would all feel better if we were to shout at the top of our lungs:  “We’re broke!” Say it again if need be: “We’re broke. We’re stinking broke. There is no more left for government to take.” Dear Congress: stop spending! Please stop spending and please stop giving our contributions away to those who have not contributed.


This government is failing because with so little coming out of the economy, everybody wants to keep what they have and what they earn. Americans begrudge anything today that is taken from their wallets or purses because most of us are running on “E.” Americans especially hate having to satisfy a government that is greedy, and whose appetite for other people's meager possessions and limited wealth cannot be satisfied.


The economy is in bad shape, and no business savvy people are being called on to offer advice to a very “suggestion-needy” government. Therefore, unless the RRR plan and other R’s coming up are followed, it is apparent that the economy will stay sick for a long time to come. Robert Reich, as noted previously thinks the economy will take about ten years to recover, and his estimate is not based on any cause and effect policies. “Sick” is a good way to explain where we are today, and the people know it is from gross government incompetence.


Americans have learned from experience to balance their own checkbooks and so we can offer fine solutions to a government that could work if it were directed to do the right thing. Unfortunately, this government does not accept solutions. One could easily conclude, based on the behavior of this government that it intentionally wants to fail.


Now that we have worked our way through learning about the first set of R’s in the RRR plan, if we adopt them all—in other words, if the three R’s are heeded, soon, more and more Americans will be working and the economy will make a big positive turn.


So, let’s make sure we get the first set of R’s done while we are learning about the second set and a third set of R’s and a few stray R’s after that. In fact, let’s go ahead and pretend we have already solved the problems outlined by the first three R’s. What would we do next?


Thank you for asking. There is a lot to do and it all begins with the first R of the second set of R’s. The good news for all of us is that there is a three by three set of R’s that if implemented, would do wonders for the economy and the character of our country, the land that we love. No, this is not the Cain 999 Plan, even though Cain is a good man. Overall, there are 9 R’s and maybe more in three sets of three followed by some stragglers. The RRR Jobs Plan gets a lot of help when the other sets and the separate “R” pieces are implemented.


Let’s go fishing for some more R’s.