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I would like to thank many, many people for helping me in this effort. A list of most of the people is included in the hard copy of the book.

To sum up my acknowledgments, as I do in every book that I have written, I am compelled to offer that I am truly convinced that "the only thing you can do alone in life is fail."  Thanks to my family, good friends, and a wonderful helping team, I was not and continue to be --- not alone.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The “God” of the EPA is Mother Nature........................ 1

Chapter 2 Barack Obama Has Awakened a Sleeping Nation?.15

Chapter 3 Was Silent Spring Too Loud?....................................... 23

Chapter 4 Obama Snake Oil........................................................... 49

Chapter 5 The Delta Smelt.............................................................. 69

Chapter 6 The EPA Is Obama’s Tool to Marginalize America... 75

Chapter 7 Who Thinks the EPA Should Die?............................... 85

Chapter 8 The End of Incandescent Light.................................... 95

Chapter 9 Humans are EPA Enemy # 1..................................... 111

Chapter 10 Obama Is the Master Game Player........................ 121

Chapter 11 We’re Broke!............................................................... 129

Chapter 12 Turn EPA Over to States........................................... 147

Chapter 13 DDT & World Population Control............................ 165

Chapter 14 The Truth about CFCs............................................... 187

Chapter 15 The Best Solution to the Freon Non-Problem...... 199

Chapter 16 Some Final Thoughts............................................... 219

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Jobs are hard to come by anywhere in the world today including the United States. Even some liberals are starting to say that “you can blame the government for that.”  In this day and age, you can blame the government for lots more than that, and nobody would think you were kidding.

Despite no jobs for anybody else, the US government is growing in terms of employees at a record pace. Yet, there is less and less real work for government workers. And, so agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that originally did good work in its advisory role to the President have taken more than one step into what Rod Serling would call the Twilight Zone of “regulation theory.” Before we go there, let’s look at the EPA in its best light, as provided for us all from Wikipedia:

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA or sometimes USEPA) is an agency of the federal government of the United States charged with protecting human health and the environment, by writing and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by Congress. The EPA was proposed by President Richard Nixon and began operation on December 3, 1970, after Nixon submitted a reorganization plan to Congress and it was ratified by committee hearings in the House and Senate. The agency is led by its Administrator, who is appointed by the president and approved by Congress. The current administrator is Lisa P. Jackson. The EPA is not a Cabinet department, but the administrator is normally given cabinet rank. The agency has approximately 18,000 full-time employees.”

That is just about 18,000 too many. My original statistics showed the EPA at 17,000 but the Wikipedia quote above is just a bit more current.

The EPA was once a small agency that cared about humans first. The original EPA took its charter seriously and did its best to do all it could for America and Americans. Those days are long gone.

This new EPA cares very little for our country. The EPA of today is working on a number of new best sellers; one edition is even more silly than the next, but equally harmful. When you are introduced to the new EPA regulations in detail in this book, in the media, or on the Internet, they will appear to be even sillier than the list of “about to be released” EPA best seller titles that we show immediately below. The list below is facetious but telling. The real list is dangerous and it threatens our freedom and our sustenance as a country. Ask the EPA about it while they exist. I hope this book places them on the endangered species list.


The EPA’s Top 12 Hits

The Clean Toilet Act

The Better Urine than Mine (pronounced my-in) Act

The Mother Nature First Act

The Single Ply Toilet Paper Act of 2011

The Don’t Drive after Midnight or Noon Act.

The Chinese Light Bulb Act

The Greenhouse Gases Are Not Found in Greenhouses Act

The Sulfur Dioxide Restroom Purity Act.

The Rotten Egg Act.

The Rotten Tomato Act a.k.a. the Leachate Act of 1979

The My Globe Is Warming Act

The Act Act

And many others.

So much for EPA humor for now!

It really was not too long after its inception that The EPA became a monster in size and in its intrusive tactics. The typical victims of the EPA are small businesses who do not have the legal staff to withstand the continual onslaught. People had been affected indirectly through increased costs but with the Light Bulb act, the EPA now even terrorizes US households.

Lately, to gain even more notoriety the EPA is trying to become a monster to large businesses. Around the time of year when I wrote most of this book, when Halloween was close by, it would have been natural to create a mask about the monster EPA. However, nobody has ever seen the entirety of this 18,000 headed hydra. But, we can imagine how ugly and frightful it would be.

The EPA has also become a monster to other large US agencies. For example the Environmental Protection Agency EPA likes playing big sister to the Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Energy (DOE), and others. . In addition to other missions, the DOT is responsible for minimizing the exhaust gas emissions of automobiles and other vehicles. The EPA stepped in recently and gave DOT a new assignment.

The agency was forced to add greenhouse gases to their list of things that must be OK with your automobile when it is inspected. Considering the science on greenhouse gases is incomplete, many wonder exactly what will be measured. In all silliness, but truthful nonetheless, CO2, a gas humans freely exhale when breathing, has been declared a noxious greenhouse gas. Clearly the EPA has gone wild. They do not mention whether the exhalant must contain garlic or other malodorous scents in addition to the CO2. For right now, CO2 exhalant may be just enough for the car to have a problem passing inspection with this picky set of regulators.

You may recall the government-sponsored Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS). You and I knew this as “Cash for Clunkers.” It was an economic porkulus program that ran between July and August 2009. Owners of drivable, registered vehicles less than 25 years old and rated at 18 mpg or less (EPA combined) were able to scrap those cars and trucks in exchange for $3,500 or $4,500 credits toward the purchase of more fuel-efficient new vehicles. The only sure long-term winners were those who cashed in low-value clunkers for $3,500 or $4,500 new-car credits. The air sure does not seem much different.

Quite suddenly during the program, you may recall, Obama’s EPA ran out of money because Americans can recognize a deal when they see one. Thank the EPA for saving the air from all those clunkers.

By the way, I know some families who have adult children who are college graduates but cannot get employment in the EPA-controlled Obama economy. They were not happy with the Cash for Clunkers program for non-environmental reasons. They thought the program was to help Americans get better cars. They did not tune into the rationale for the program, which was to kill all the old exhaust emitting clunkers so the air would supposedly be cleaner for us all. So, now, when these frugal new college grads who have to live with their parents to break even in the new economy, go looking for their next car in the $3000 to $5000 range, there are still few choices. Obama’s EPA took them off the road. They had their engines frozen and then were crushed. Those left are actually more expensive than they would have otherwise been.

Obama literally crushed all those cars. So, overall, who did the program help? In typical EPA fashion, it stole from taxpayers to put something into somebody else’s pocket so that somebody else, another taxpayer, would be left without, when they needed transportation. Thank you EPA! Did the taxpayers benefit by this EPA driven program. No, we did not.

This is a serious book. I take leave of a serious tone periodically and more often in this preface because I cannot believe the EPA thinks the things it does address serious problems. Moreover, their solutions are never harmless. They prescribe preposterous things and then they dig in and make sure that they are enforced. All Americans lose.

Why did I write this book?

The quick answer is because it needed to be written.

In all my years of eligibility to vote, I cannot recall voting for any of the powerful brood of 18,000 members of the EPA. Yet, they have become more important than the President and the Congress in 2011. That is simply unconstitutional.

The President and his coterie figured out ways to get “legislation through the Congress without Congress even being in session.” The notion of an executive order is a Constitutional privilege of the President and has been for some time. It is to be used as a gap-filler. Executive orders are not intended to create battles over separation of powers. They are not intended to overrule the Congress of the United States.

All of that made sense until now, forty-three presidents after our founding. The difference now is that the President is Barack H. Obama. As a former Constitutional Law Professor, he has decided that he need not have any regard for the Founders and their chief work, the Constitution of the United States. Perhaps this President is the first of many to come that never received the proper grounding in American History. Perhaps Obama wants his way or his minions get to go on the highway. Perhaps he has instructed his team to act accordingly. It does not matter. This President has become a tyrant. That makes the EPA a tyrannical agency, and indeed they are, and indeed they must be eliminated.

I wrote this book not because of any nice Obama qualities but because he is an avowed progressive Marxist and his actions show disdain for our country. With his executive orders, the unaccountable czars, and the many agencies that mindlessly do his bidding, he has intentionally usurped the power of Congress. This has permitted his major enforcer agency, the EPA to accomplish what he could not accomplish with Congress when he tried working with them.

As you read this book, think of two phrases. In our future, we have but two choices: 1 “Kill the EPA,” or (2) Bring on the Donald and “Fire the EPA!”  Either choice works for me.

I hope you enjoy this book and I hope that it inspires you to take action to help change the members of the government of the United States by replacing every member of Congress and the Senate (up for reelection) unless you haveverifiable statements that they are not responsible for perpetrations against the people. Also, think seriously about replacing the big head of the EPA, today’s President, Barack Hussein Obama. You can help make the US a far better country.

I wish you the best


Brian Kelly (For US Senate)




About the Author



Brian W. Kellyis a retired Assistant Professor in the Business Information Technology (BIT) program at Marywood University, where he also served as the IBM i and midrange systems technical advisor to the IT faculty. Kelly developed and taught many college and professional courses in the IT and business areas. He is also a contributing technical editor to IT Jungle's "The Four Hundred" and "Four Hundred Guru" Newsletters.   


A former IBM Senior Systems Engineer, he has an active consultancy in the information technology field, ( He is the author of dozens of books and numerous articles about current IT topics. Kelly is a frequent speaker at COMMON, IBM conferences, and other technical conferences and user group meetings across the United States.


This is the sixth political book Kelly has written and it joins his other great informers: Taxation without Representation, Obama’s Seven Deadly Sins, Healthcare Accountability, Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! and Americans Need Not Apply! This is Mr. Kelly's 45th published book