Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania – December 20, 2011 - Brian Kelly announced today the availability of his new book titled, Kill the EPA. Kelly subtitled the book, “So Humans Can Live.” The subtitle is intended to convey the notion that Americans can be assured that the EPA cares a lot more that your lawn and shrubs survive, than that you survive the economic calamity in which we all live. Kelly would also bet that the EPA has a lot more concern for the grubs eating the roots of your grass and plants, and the whiteflies that are killing your personal tomato gardens, than it does about keeping you and other Americans healthy. There is this thought brought forth from studying environmentalists that the more humans that are made healthy, the more the healthy humans are enabled to pollute the environment and thus harm Mother Nature.

“If more Americans were willing to die gracefully and quietly, and not force the environment to endure human pollution, nature would surely have a better chance, and of course the EPA would be extremely pleased,” Kelly said.

“But, do we Americans fund an EPA so that more Americans should die because of its existence or so that more Americans can live and live longer and longer?  I hope it is the latter. Does the EPA prefer that more Boll Weevils and other predators, who work against human needs, should live instead, under the fully protected umbrella of a Mother Nature based EPA mantra? The EPA is documented for its support of extending the life of human predators so that the predators can live long lives. Is the EPA’s love of plants and animals and its hatred for human polluters based on the fact that the plant and animal world do not litter the highways?, Kelly wonders.

“Who is it that throws out gum wrappers and gummy bear boxes, juicy fruit containers, McDonald’s hamburger bags, and of course the utterly worst¬loaded disposable diapers from a miniature human, who simply cannot stop creating noise pollution, onto our precious roadways? Moreover, who is it that burns fuels that are harmful to the air just to keep warm and light the lights?. And, now of course who is it that exhales CO2, a banned EPA substance?” Can it be the human beings who live on Planet Earth?”  Kelly asks.

“The EPA believes that Mother Nature’s creatures of all kinds, harmful or not to mankind should be given the advantage. They slot the animal kingdom with free rein and free dominion over Mother Nature’s earth, and humans are quite annoying to their lot. Of course their philosophy has no notion of God in their preaching as God creates humans to have dominion over animals and plants, and God cares nothing about this fictitious notion called Mother Nature. Would you not expect if God were given a voice that the EPA would be the first government agency that the Lord would eliminate?” Kelly opines.

Kelly says that “Nobody wants life to be so bad that we cannot breathe, but we solved the major problems with US air way back. And, no I am not talking about the airlines that took back all my earned air miles credits simply because I had not flown in a year or two. And, of course I no longer fly US Air.”

Clean air is very important. In the 1960’s, for example, people on the freeways in Los Angeles could not breathe. With the middle class enjoying economic liberty, America had become more affluent and for the first time in American history, many families owned two cars or more, and they had room in the garage and driveway for all of them.

Gas was cheap at 20 cents a gallon and nobody seemed to care if the smoke out of the back of the car was white, clear, or black, as long as the “wheels moved,” and the experience was “cool.” Yet, some days, a human could not even see across the street.

In LA, the Interstate Highway System took on the name, “freeways”. They were great but with overuse, they soon became smog congested. Smog was a fog produced mostly from the smoke from car exhaust. It looked like fog but it was a lot less healthy than water vapor.

One day the worst that could happen actually happened. More than twenty people were killed on the freeways and none were involved in an auto accident. They simply could not breathe the air with all the smog. That's how bad it was. The media feasted on stories of California smog and it was highlighted on the news every night. The nation was alarmed since pollution had never before become a headline event. President Nixon and Congress were forced to take action, and from this, a new entity was born. It was called the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Before the EPA was fully staffed, Congress passed the Clean Air Act! And poof, the air was clean. Well, not exactly! But it was on its way to being clean. Today, Californians can see across the street and even further. The air has improved so much that the experts say, [really] totally clean air is within sight. Since the Clean Air Act, there has been a lot of good breathing going on, especially in the Golden State. California in fact, in all respects, is well ahead of the EPA standards today. The Clean Air Act did its major job in record time. Yet, despite its success with minimal staffing, the EPA continued to grow.

In the 1970’s the EPA was just a handful of dedicated people and they had the Congress on their side to get the right things done. These good natured lovers of nature camped in old wooden sided station wagons nicknamed “Woodie” back then. Over time, things have surely changed.

By 2012, from the simple Woodie, and a pack of dedicated America-first employees, the EPA has grown to over 18,000 nature-first shock troops. They always seem upset about something you or I are doing. The new EPA seems to hate mankind and it loves Mother Nature. They blame humans for pollution and sins against nature, and when they choose among a woman, a man, or a tree, the tree always seems to win.

President Obama has given this group of nature-first zealots immense power to regulate “We the people,” even when the US Congress disagrees. Today, for example, the EPA regulates silly stuff, such as light bulbs, farm dust, manure, and other non essentials, and two-ply toilet paper is definitely on their watch list. “Can we really afford this claptrap?” Kelly inquires.

Kelly writes that “If left on its own, the EPA would dictate a lights-out, energy deficient America.  A lights-on American is not a desire from this agency, which is more concerned about limiting personal freedom and ignoring the cumulative economic damage that their new regulations cause on the people and the economy in general than doing anything good for anybody. “

“The EPA has never once said they were hopeful that Americans would sustain or could gain jobs. So, perhaps this agency is honest as none of its regulations appear to be tuned in to the fact that Americans must work to survive. They are just inept and incapable of helping America. Ironically, the EPA, who claim to be environment first, fosters a Mercury-infested cfl bulb over Edison’s incandescent. They well know that when breakage occurs, it requires a haz-mat investigation. Is it possible that the EPA itself has become corrupt?”Kelly examines this possibility in this book.

“If the EPA was completely perfect in the 1970’s for all the great work that was done for clean air, it is now completely imperfect. It is actually ruining the America we all love. The pendulum has sprung and it is on its own, way out of control. This job preventing agency must be shut down for at least the next 20 years!” Kelly states

About The Author: Brian W. Kelly is one of America’s most outspoken and eloquent conservative spokesmen. Kelly wrote this book to help Americans know how bad the EPA has become in preventing America and Americans to live normal lives. Brian is frustrated with the devastation that the EPA causes in so many areas of life that are intrinsically important to humans.  Americans, like most people, need heat, light, and food. The EPA suggests that in providing that to Americans, nature is harmed. You make the call yourself. Brian Kelly has already decided that it is time to Kill the EPA and Kelly tells you the details of why and how in this book.

Kelly is the author of Taxation Without Representation, Obama’s Seven Deadly Sins, Americans Need Not Apply, Healthcare Accountability, RRR, and many other books. Like many Americans, Brian is fed up with this progressive / Marxist agenda in Washington that places the needs of everyone and everything, including Mother Nature in front of the needs of Americans.

Brian Kelly is running for the US Senate in Pennsylvania as a Democrat against incumbent Robert P. Casey, Jr. His campaign has made most of the chapters of this book, Kill the EPA available for download for free on his campaign web site, www.kellyforussenate.com. Hard copy will soon be available at his major distributor, www.itjungle.com/store.html Please make press inquiries to Dennis Grimes This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..