Preparation & Speech from Feb 21 in Lebanon PA.

This is the speech delivered by former Senate Candidate Brian Kelly at All About You Catering in Lebanon PA with annotations. At the bottom there is a link to the expanded handout for the meeting.

The annotations are because I got some questions from the audience about what I really meant by such and such. So, the annotations are explanations that were not in the speech.

This speech was written to convince the US Senate candidates at the meeting that the RRR plan had both the substance and the appeal of the constituency that any candidate who would accept RRR as his platform  (only males running), would have a better opportunity for success in becoming a Senator and the AMerican people would have a better chance of coming out of what can only be called, the "Obama Funk."

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Here is the speech: 


Ladies & Gentlemen,  [Annotation. Some folks told me they did not know who I was because I did not say I was Brian Kelly in my opening.]

Thank you for the opportunity to address you all this evening.

I am a conservative Democrat, and so, I have gotten accustomed to saying things my party does not like. Quite frankly, I don’t like what my party says most of the time.

I don’t have to tell you that the Pelosi and Reid led 110th and 111th Congresses were the worst of all time. Pre-Pelosi unemployment was just 4.7% and the deficit was just about $250 billion. Even Edith Bunker would call those the good old days. 

Now, unemployment is 8.3% and the Deficit is $1.5 Trillion. Progressive Democrats did this to us!

Obama conveniently forgets that Pelosi started the big slippery slide. He lies; blames Bush; and then the biased media swears to it.

Tonight I would like to thank the Republicans in the 112th House from preventing the progressive Senate from destroying the country.

I am looking for about 33 new conservative Senators for 2013.  Sayonara to Robert. P. Casey. Jr. the unknown Senator from Pennsylvania

My congressional and senatorial campaigns were both endorsed by the Independence Hall TEA Party. I told you I was a conservative!

After a few campaign speeches, my closest advisor, Dennis Grimes said to me, “Brian why not just say what you mean in simple, specific terms so people will remember. He said: 

Reduce taxes, Reduce immigration; Reduce regulation; Reduce spending. From then, the list went on and on -- one R after another.

The RRR plan is ready right now to be used to help save our country —to rescue America from the progressive socialist / Marxists that have taken us all captive.

One thing, to which all will agree, RRR is as easy to remember as pie and 9-9-9.

I analyzed what needed to be done to turn America around from the devastation caused by the current administration and then I built RRR as my 2012 Senatorial campaign theme.

As an aside, any candidate who wants to use any material on my web site, or the handout or the RRR book, adopting all or part of the RRR plan….. you have my permission to do so without citations. 

America is worth the best solutions that we can offer.

George Burns, one of America’s best comedians; died in 96 at 100 years of age. Like you and I, he was always concerned about the best people running the government. Burns once quipped:

“Too bad the only people who know how to run the country are busy driving cabs and cutting hair.”

RRR is not just for barber and cabbie chatter & economic recovery, it is for long-term success.

When the RRR plan is introduced in the Senate by one of these brave Senate candidates here tonight, Americans will know that the new Senate is pro-American and that it means business.

Here are the four full sets of RRR.

Set 1 Reduce Taxes 
GDP for 2010 was $14.5 trillion. The share of the federal income pie provided by corporations in 1950 was about 30% -- very substantial. Now it is closer to 7% of total revenues. In 2010, this amounted to about $188 billion. From a GDP perspective, revenue from the corporate income tax fell from between 5 and 6 percent of GDP (30% of tax revenue) in the early 1950s to 1.3 percent of GDP in 2010 or (188 billion). That means that corporate income tax dropped from about one-third in the early 1950s to less than a tenth in 2010. The bottom line is that the actual corporate income taxes paid in America (not the 35% rate) are very low and falling. From this it is easy to see that the corporate income tax can be eliminated entirely but I do not recommend that. I suggest a 5 to 8% domestic corporate income tax on domestic profits and a 15% rate on foreign profits, with the latter percentage not being reduced at all for the amount of foreign profits.

Additionally, there shall be no subsidies or breaks. The rates are low enough. Moreover, because the rates are so low, the notion of capital gains tax protection for investors is not really important as even 5 to 8% is inconsequential compared to the onerous 35% tax. In essence, the revenue can be more than made up by adjusting the capital gains tax closer to the personal income tax rate and by removing all breaks and subsidies, and tricks that permit corporations to take this years issues and go back years to find credits for taxes. More revenue would be generated by repealing the preferential treatment for dividends.

The foreign tax rate should be set at 15% because it is a deterrent to offshoring and the need to protect real domestic industries (Those with plants in the US who hire Americans and pay a decent wage).from faux domestic industries like Apple that have $100 Billion in cash with 2/3 of it untaxed in foreign banks.). There would be no deferral on this tax, A tax holiday could be used to bring cash back at a 5% rate but ultimately, those who made their money by taking American jobs offshore should pay the rate back five or ten years on deferrals and of course from here on in.]

Reduce Taxes continued 
–Reduce the domestic corporate rate to 5 to 8%, and the foreign corporate rate to 15%. 
Making it in America will cost you less in taxes.

Big incentive from 35% tax today. No deferrals, direct expensing, and no depreciation.

Restructure the tax code from 75,000 pages to less than 100 pages. No special favors, no subsidies, no crony capitalism in the code.

I like a modified FAIR tax so everybody pays. It includes the ultra-rich, plus the underground, and many, who pay nothing today.

[Annotation  the prebate in the FAIR tax provides a monthly check per person based on expected spending so poor people do get credit for dependents]

Reduce Immigration – Over 2 million American jobs a year go to foreign nationals. We know how to solve the illegal issue. My 2011  book titled Americans Need Not Apply! spells out the solution.

Each year, over a million legal immigrants take the best American jobs. Do we choose to educate our children so foreigners can take their jobs?

To solve this, reduce visas and green cards, & enforce the laws so overstayers and intruders are given a wholesome good-by.

It is no longer a secret that 85% of 2011 college graduates moved home with mom and dad. Jobs are scarce & wages are lower.

To make matters worse. While we are all losing jobs, our jobless children are carrying huge student loans that will haunt them for life.

[Annotation: A "legal" immigrant is loosely defined as someone who comes to a different country from their country of citizenship through the legal process in place by the target country. In the US example a "legal immigrant" is anyone who comes to the United States on any form of visa (be it for Temporary Residence or Permanent Residence which is also known as a green card) and maintains their legal status while in the country. My analysis does is not referring to immigrants who have become citizens. The number of illegal aliens per year is estimated at one to three million.

Over the past 20 years, the United States has granted legal permanent residence (green cards) to an average of more than 1 million persons per year: This number does not include the many foreigners who come into the US on work visas and are sponsored by American corporations thereby lowering the pay rate.] .

Reduce Regulations---Larry Ellison of Oracle, the Database Guy says it is not taxes and wages but government regulations and rules that make it difficult to do business here.  Maybe he is on to something!

My December 2011 book called Kill the EPA clearly shows that most of the EPA’s job killing regulations in America hurt Americans.

The SBA says it costs small businesses $10,000 per employee to comply with all the federal regulations.

“Each federal regulator destroys avg of 98 private sector jobs/ year.”

“Each federal regulator wipes out about $6.2 million in economic output each year.”   Conclusion -- less regulators…

Set 2  Reduce Spending  -It will solve deficits, unsustainable debt, bailouts, porkulus, insolvency, and other major economic ailments.

Why have we not reduced spending? Democrats buy votes by spending. They need the money.  Votes are not cheap. We must balance the budget with an amendment to stop progressive fiscal abuse. 

Ron Paul says: “We need to understand the more government spends, the more freedom is lost...Instead of simply debating spending levels, we ought to be debating whether the departments, agencies, and programs funded by the budget should exist at all.” 

At a minimum, we should eliminate all government agencies that have made things worse since being formed.

We’re broke! Any questions?

Repeal Obamacaree -- You already know why!

Reindustrialize America --

Our #1 need is strong defense.  Can we count on China to make our planes, missile systems & our spare parts?

Sad commentary:  Not long ago, Apple boasted its products were made in America. Today, the 70 million iPhones, 30 million iPads & 59 million other products Apple sold last year were mfgd overseas.

Apple has only 43,000 people in the US with 20,000 direct employees overseas.  In making all those i-whatevers, it uses about 900,000 additional full-time contractors working in China & Indonesia

Apple blames America and Americans for the loss of 920,000 jobs. They think we are not good enough…… I blame Apple

Set 3 Reduce Offshoring
[Annotation: This is a goal by itself and will be a result of reindustrialization, having a higher foreign tax rate than a domestic rate. For businesses that do not come back home, tariffs on their imported products will be enacted.]

This is a major factor for reindustrialization It is part of the RRR Mercantilism solution as described after this section on the RRR plan.

Raise Tariffs –
[Annotation: For businesses that do not come back home, tariffs on their imported products will be enacted. All products from any non-American company will have a reasonably low tariff but American companies that manufacture offshore will have a higher tariff than foreign countries. Once the tariff is imposed on a company, unless the company becomes domestic, the tariff will be imposed on a rolling ten year basis. Thus if corporations change their home country to lower their burden, their import tariff will remain in effect for at least ten years.]

This is a major factor for reindustrialization. It is  part of the RRR Mercantilism solution as described after this section on the RRR plan.

Revitalize Energy --

[Annotation: There are two major problems with starting up a real strong energy industry and possibly a third. 1. Government interference by not permitting expansion. 2. Energy monopolies that collude to set the price of energy, and 3. The potential impact of unions attempting to stop the expansion with excessive demands before the projects get underway.]

The US has more oil reserves than the entire world – most sources are newly discovered. We can make a huge industry out of energy and create a million + high paying American jobs.

We should then thumb our noses at people who want to kill us.

Obama hates fossil fuels and now he hates pipelines, so energy as a vital US industry won’t happen on his watch. 

That’s why we have elections.

Set 4 Reduce Redistribution --
Margaret Thatcher said that “eventually you run out of other people’s money.”
…We’re there. We’re broke.  We must help helpless people but not make people helpless.

Obama single-handedly got rid of the 1996 Clinton Welfare reform. Now welfare is on the rise again big time.

We must reverse course.

Reduce Lying. Does the White House or Congress lie? The President’s budget is a lie—not a budget it is a campaign strategy!

What happened to truth in government?  Lots of governments choose to lie. As kids, we were taught to believe that lying governments are all communists. Maybe they are.

[Annotation: Lies can be very frightening.

Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda in NAZI Germany- the biggest liar in the Reich, understood the power of lies more than any body: Here’s Goebbels perspective on the state lying:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.

It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”]

Reduce Government --

Why not reduce government to a size we can afford to maintain a strong defense and to protect our borders? 

Obama wants a huge government.

With 2.7 million federal employees, not counting military, it is time to put government & government intrusion on a diet.

Remember Mistakes --  Our biggest mistake was in 2008 when we elected the most progressive Marxist / socialist president of all time. 

We need to undo the Obama mistake & the Senate mistake in Novenmber, 2012.


That, ladies and gentlemen is the short version of RRR – all 13 R’s!

How can a conservative argue with the RRR plan?

A key part of RRR is its focus on Mercantilism. Adopting this philosophy moves the US  from pure capitalism to a modified capitalist/ Mercantilist economy. This is a good thing for regular people conservatives. 

Elitists do not like Mercantilism. They like free trade which hurts US. Yet, most of capitalism is a core ingredient of RRR Mercantilism.

RRR Mercantilism is designed to help the home country.

The US needs the big bounce that RRR Mercantilism can provide.

We still control the world currency. But, everyone in this room knows we are declining.

Free trade plus 1-sided trade agreements are a major part of our problems.

Other countries are eager to take our place as the world leader.

The RRR plan stops others at the gate. It is good for the economy. Good for the people. Good for jobs. And, for those corporations ready to sign up to be American-centric, it is good for corporations.

It is the solution balm that offers a gutsy, unique, real, and workable path to get America back on its feet and Americans back to work. There is nothing like it anywhere else. 

All we need is the guts to do it

RRR is not warmed over 999 from Herman Cain, though his notion was quite innovative. Many still don’t know what Cain’s 9s stand for. The idea had a great ring to it – 999. It was only tax restructuring

For all political candidates, 999 and RRR have two very important similarities; they are both very catchy phrases, And,  

When any candidate adopts either of these – 999 or RRR, they will gain lots of public attention overnight if not sooner. 

Look how popular Cain became when he declared 999 was the cure for everything from constipation to toothaches to athlete’s feet. 999

Well, maybe not athlete’s feet! 

The point is nobody cared what was in 999-----   It sounded good and it was unforgettable.

RRR is a similarly contagious notion built within a contagious marketing phrase.

It is designed to make any candidate successful while America becomes successful.

For every major political campaign, a great slogan is important for success.  Remember these-- I like Ike. Are you better off than you were four years ago? It's the economy, stupid!-- Compassionate conservativism,  And of course the short ones:  9-9-9, & now there is R-R-R.

Admittedly, sound ideas are more important than slogans.

Adopting RRR gives a candidate a great slogan; sound ideas; and a perfect sound bite to sell ideas. 

The label RRR is as important as the plan.

People will remember the label & associate it with whoever adopts it.

Whichever candidate for whichever office adopts RRR will be known by the people forever----without having to spend campaign cash.

RRR is not really new. It is a catch-all composite phrase for the solid principles that made our country successful and kept it successful.

RRR Mercantilism helped America overtake England as the greatest industrial power. England lost 50% of its economy moving from Mercantilism to free-trade.

By 1944, the English pound officially lost its role as the reserve world currency. The US dollar took its place

The US still represents ¼ of the world market. And, we control the currency? For now, everybody wants to do business with US.

Free trade is killing the US economy!

The progressive President Wilson moved US away from Mercantil-ism 100 years ago when he brought in the Personal Income Tax.

It has taken 100 years for us to feel the full impact of free trade. And, it does not feel good.

RRR Mercantilism puts the interests of the people of the US—the  home country, ahead of the interests of strangers. It is America 1st!

The details of RRR Mercantilism provide a huge carrot to encourage businesses to be good Americans,   

It also has a big stick to discourage businesses from playing against the home country.

What real American is happy that we have given up over 20,000,000 manufacturing jobs to foreign countries?

RRR Mercantilism encourages companies to come home.

If they choose not to come home, it will cost them.

Analysts predict that over the next decade or two, our corporations will offshore 40 million more American jobs.

The jobs we lose will be the best white collar jobs that exist today—engineering jobs, accounting jobs, even radiologist’s jobs. You won’t believe the projections.

Technology enables offshoring. When I taught Health Information Technology in the Healthcare Administration Department at King's College, I taught students how remote controlled robots could perform telesurgery.

Using robotics, Surgeons in NY today can operate on patients in LA

In ten years, will there be a surgeon in Shanghai operating on a patient in Lebanon, PA. Operation paid by Obamacare- lowest cost?
I hope not!

How do we get back all the jobs exported in the last 30 years?

If we want to re-industrialize America, we have to protect our markets and support our domestic industries.  It is that simple.

BTW, China practices Mercantilism. That’s why our free traders lose everyday with China.

As the US weakens, economists predict that the Chinese yuan, aka renminbi will overtake the dollar in the next five years as the world’s reserve currency.

Three weeks ago, the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, who is running for reelection this spring, fired a big cannon shot at the failing Brits. He said Britain was a country with ‘no industry.’ When will he say that of US? 

Strong countries use Mercantilism, not free trade. 

When you fly, they tell you in the event of cabin decompression, put your mask on first so you can save your children.

The American economy right now is in decompression mode.
Average wages have gone down every year since 2000.

The United States cannot be helping other countries of the world get stronger while we grow weaker. It is a death strategy.

We have had our oxygen masks yanked from our faces by poor trade policies and poor politicians.  It is now time for Americans to put our masks back on so we can recover and grow!

When we don’t need the masks anymore, let’s have a great big party. Maybe we can serve some TEA.

We can’t do it alone as citizens. We need a truly people-oriented representative Congress to help us get that job done.

Ladies and gentlemen, RRR Mercantilism is your oxygen mask for both survival and great success. 

We need to convince the Congress that RRR can save America!

I wish you all the best!

This is the handout from the Lebanon 9-12 presentation